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Valerian Root (Strong Aroma; Use With Caution)

Valerian Root (Strong Aroma; Use With Caution)


Valerine Root is ROOT medicine. This means she helps you get to the root of your problems: from here mental or phsyical distrubances will leave. She is potent and powerful and this is hard for many people, but it provides the oppurtunity to do the deep work and re-establish a healthy foundation: a new normal (a place of haramony and calm.) 


Valeriana officinalis  jatamansi (Nepal)/Valerian Root facilitates and helps with heart pain on all levels, panic attacks, insomnia, agitation, and hemorrhoids.  She helps heal the heart and come back to love. With this, she helps us process and detox letting go of fire energy that cause anxiety, fear, nerves, stress, anger, etc. She is very supportive of the liver.  Spiritually and emotionally, she soothes anxiety and helps one get to the bottom of very old pain.


Her smell is potent. The majority of people who use her think she smells very bad. There are even stories of her being used in a hotel room and guests complaining! Why would someone not like the smell of something that is so helpful? Nature is perfect and so if we think something natural smells bad it is because we are not in alignment with it. SO many of us are stricten with anxiety and past pain we can't let go of: we are not familiar with this viberation. Things we are not familiar with are different to us and sometimes can be interpreted as bad. Valerian Root is far from bad...she helps let go of deep fear. 


If you don't like her smell, but you want to use her as medicine,  put a few drops on your feet and then take a shower immediately. The medicne will work potently this way as water amplifies the plant's power. Your pores will also open in the shower and this will allow the medicine to seep in quicker. Because you are showering, her smell will quickly leave/not affect the others.  Eventually, you will enjoy her smell as you become less connected to fear and more connected to a life full of calm.


Valerian Root is the person you would go to in your life to calm you down. She is who you call in case of emergencies or when you are losing your sh*t.  She says, "It's ok. You are ok. Now let's face this together! You don't need to suffer anymore. Let's get to the root of the problem and look at why you are so anxious. Breath, I am here for you. Everyone is...everything. Fear is a common human emotion but it doesn't need to control you anymore. You are super human." 


Chakras:Root, Heart, Crown

Planets: Moon 

*Because she is moon medicine she is excellent for Moon signs and moody people :) 



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