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Vanilla (Oleoresin, Absolute)

Vanilla (Oleoresin, Absolute)


Vanilla planifolia (Madagascar)/Vanilla facilitates and helps the Central Nervous System (CNS): she is amazing to calm the nervous system and  aid  in easing tension and frustration.  Use Vinallia in the bedroom: she helps with dream retention! Place some of her on your feet or pillow before you go to sleep and in the morning take a smell of her and start to journal about your dreams. She will help connect you to your dreams which are your soul's direct way of talking to you. 


Vanilla is also an aphrodisiac. She is "sexy loving in a bottle." Ha :) 

 She is warming and heating and will ignite the fire between lovers.  She makes you say "MMM."


She is beautiful and will remind you of your sweet beauty. 


ArchAngel Energy: Jophiel

Chakras: Heart, Sacral, Crown

Dosha(s): Pitta, Vata

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