Verbena (Lemon)

Verbena (Lemon)


Lippia citriodora (France)/Lemon Verbana  facilitates and helps lift the spirits, brighten mood and can positively influence deeper levels of depression, if needed.   She  addresses deficiencies in the gall bladder, liver and pancreas.    Emotionally and spiritually, she gets at “what is eating you” and is especially helpful for identifying and clearing old anger.  She works well with Cinnamon Bark in that regard.


Lemon Verbena helps the heart and mind get in alignment. She will fight for you to move past old frustrations ad anger that are robbing you of your peace in your current life. She says, "Hey hey now: talk to me. Whatever is eating you up inside doesn't need to anymore. Let's walk away from the anger. Let's LET IT OUT and then let it go and then never have to think about it again." She teaches how to do this. 


Doshas: Vata

Chakras: Crown, Heart 

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