Vetiver (Vetivert)

Vetiver (Vetivert)


Vetiveria zizanoides (Haiti) known as Vetiver  facilitates and helps with insomnia. She is your friend with mental exhaustion.  Her power is vast and many:  detoxifier, nervine, pancreatic balancer, skin parasites, aphrodisiac.  Many use her as a deodorant.  Emotionally and spiritually, she builds trust in the natural world,  and helps us take back responsibility for our own health and well-being.


In her plant form, she gives back to the earth and cleans the Earth's waters. She also creates a protective barrier.  Emotionally and energetically she will do this for us internally: calming and clearing our emotions and protecting us from energies/situations we don't need. 


She helps balance the moon cycle. 


Vetiver teaches to stand tall and strong and move past our fears. The grounding nature of this free spirit brings mental libration. She says, "All is good. All is right. You are alright."


Chakras: Heart, Root

Dosha(s): Vata



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