Violet Leaf (Absolute)

Violet Leaf (Absolute)


Violet Leaf is the pure essence extracted from the leaves around the precious Voilet flower. She holds the pure essence and natural smell of the Violet Flower in  an adulterated way. Please know she  does smell perfumey like tradtional Violet Essences do. This is because,  to date, there is no voilet flower essentail oil that is pure (perfumes have been added because its natural state has lost the smell it once had) and so the Voilet Leaf option is a way to experience the Voilet plant without it being manipulated.  When you distill the leaf instead of the flower, you get the lungs of the plant while having Violet's subtly still there. 


This plant reminds us to stay true to who we are, be proud of what we are, and change with changes. She helps us breath easier knowing that who we are. She is not timid. She teaches to be secure and confident and guides us that the answer on how to do this is within the heart. She is earthy and grounding as she provides us stablity. 


Her leaves are shaped like hearts and so she tells us to come back to the heart and operate from there only.


Chakras: Heart, Solar Plexus, Root


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