Violet (Reconstituted, Includes Some Nature-Indentical & Syn. Elements)

Violet (Reconstituted, Includes Some Nature-Indentical & Syn. Elements)


Violet is the trauma therapist. She helps us to move past deep fears and traumas: take a few drops of her and lay on the couch and talk to her about your problems. She will show you how to move forward.


Viola odorata (France) (Violet)  facilitates and helps with overcoming fear and trauma.  She is a gentle comforter  and protector.  She helps us embrace our vulnerability and know our strength. She teaches us how to use our strength ato recover and move forward.  This essence is chemically extracted from the flowers and some leaves, as much of the medicine is in the leaves.  


Her fragrance is HEAVENLY but please known this is the only essence Wisdom of the Earth carriers that includes Natural, Nature Identical and Synthetic chemical components; Wisdom of the Earth has   retained her in their line of essences due to the highly beneficial results they have seen over the years specfically with helping with emotional trauma.  For an absolute with no Nature Identical or Synthetic chemical components, please use  Violet Leaf (Absolute): the smell isn't as strong but the leaves are where most of the medicine live.


Energy: Voilet Flame/Aymthest/ArchAngel Michael

Chakra: Crown


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