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Yarrow (Blue, Bulgaria)

Yarrow (Blue, Bulgaria)


Yarrow is the "crystal ball" of plant medicine: she will take you deep into your mind's eye. If she was a person, she'd absolutey be a legit mind reader, tarot card reader, psychic..she can see deep into the layers of all that is and will teach others how to do the same and trust their self and their visions if they want to. 


Achillea millefolium (Bulgaria) also known as Yarrow, facilitates and helps with balancing blood pressure. She relieves gas, gout, hemorrhoids, and  insomnia.  Yarrow is highly anti-viral and  helps with flu symptoms. One of the most beneficial effects of this powerful plant is its ability to soothe symptoms of the respiratory system: she is great for Asthma. Yarrow is also healing for  skin conditions. This herb plant was first used by ancient Greeks over 3,000 years ago for treating external wounds on the skin. Scientists have credited Yarrow for its benefits relating to almost every organ in the body. 


This dark blue oil awaken's our mind's eye and provides healing for the pineal and pititury glands from an energetic level. Yarrow is known to  "bring our intuition front and center.” She allows us to SEE our third eye and trust our intution. This plant is amazing medicine for channeling. I highly recommend her  energy workers and those looking to channel or get messages from a higher level. She teaches how to open the third eye and  build our trust in heart-based knowing. She does this in a playful way that is nonintimidating. 



Chakras: Third eye, Crown, Solar Plexus

Chinese Medicine: Kidney, Spleen, Liver

ArchAngel Energy: Michael (Protection), Uriel (Enlightenment/Wisdom)

Dosha(s): Pitta, Kapha



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