Ylang Ylang (Complete)

Ylang Ylang (Complete)


Cananga odorata (Madagascar) more commonly known as Ylang Ylang is pure heart medicine. She vibrates the sweet smell of love teaching all who are around her to vibrate from this place. She facilitates and helps with heart issues such as rapid heart beat, irregular heart beat, and heart ache.  Ylang Ylang is wonderful bedtime medicine. She is calming and soothingpromotes restful sleep, while also being  an aphrodisiac: she has magical sexual energy helping you unleash your sexual energy and connect phsyically and intimately.


Ylang Ylang helps you find the answer to the question “What would Love do now?” Go to her when you have a heard time choosing love or seeing how Love would handle a certain situation. 


Ylang Ylang honors the feminine and has powerful mother energy. This is because she is pure heart: her vibration is that of mother who love unconditionally and purely  her child.  Use her to help heal wounds or  pains with your own mother. Use her to learn how to mother yourself. Use her to connect with the great divine mother. She will open your heart. 


She is also moon medicine helping with horomones and cycles. She is amazing for pregnant woman, those manifesting pregnancy and after pregnancy (She will also refirm/lift breasts as breatfeeding or as gravity does its thing...).


Chakras: Sacral, Solar Plexus, Crown, Heart 

Doshas: Vata, Pitta, Kapha 

ArchAngel Energy: Haniel (The Moon Angel)

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