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Yoga Inversion Bench

Yoga Inversion Bench

$149.00 Regular Price
$100.00Sale Price

This special yoga tool is an investment to teach you how to safely do inversions while also practicting other poses and getting deeper in your practice. It is highly recommended for those wanting to learn how to do more challenging poses. 


The Bench can be used for many poses and exercises giving you a lot of flexibility in how you use it. These include the Forwards and Backwards Bend, Shoulderstand, Upward Plank, Plank Boat Pose, Pigeon Pose, Triangle Pose and all of the. inverisions including HeadStand, Handstand and Scorpion. The Bench allows you to explore and creative poses through practice. It strengthens your core muscles, improves blood circulation, and serves as a form of meditation by reducing anxiety and stress. The Inversion Bench also encourages healthier skin, helps to straighten the spine, boosts the production of sex hormones, improves your digestion and metabolism, and generally develops the quality of your overall health.



 The Inversion Bench is constructed from a single bent piece that allows strength and flexibility in one. The frame itself is made from high-quality multi-layered beach wood, and the support rest is made from faux leather packed with foam. The back legs have also been designed at an angle to provide maximum stability for the user. The Inversion Bench measures to the dimensions of 25.6”, 14.5”, and 13”. With a recommended maximum body weight is 300lbs, the Bench also comes with a 12 month manufacturer warranty. It is simple and condensed. 

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