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What is Reiki?

The health of a human is much more than healing the physical body and its bones and organs.  Health imbalances can be a physical but it can also be energy related. Humans have both a physical body and energy body. Science and research have proven this to be true.  Reiki is a Japanese style of healing that brings healing to the energy body within humans. The energy body (EMF) or Aura is the part of the body that is unseen but exists on average about 5 feet out in front of us. This part of the body is responsible for many things including subconscious patterns and habits. Reiki addresses this part of the body as it works as  a healing tool for acute and chronic illnesses along as a stress reliever and an effective form of preventative medicine.


Reiki is spiritually guided life force energy. “Rei” means cosmic knowledge or spiritual consciousness.  “Ki” is life force or non-tangible energy that animates life. Although energy and energy healing have been around since the dawn of time because everything is energy, this organized healing module was channeled about 100 years ago from a man in Japan and passed down from person to person.

It is said the Reiki calls the person when he or she is ready: like a magnet you were drawn to this website to be introduced to this type of healing through  a long distance healing session and/or becoming a certified practitioner. Trust the medicine is already working as Reiki is an energy that attract those who want positive energy in their life.

Why should I get a Reiki session? 

Why should I get a Reiki session?

Reiki is relaxing. It has been proven to do many things! All you need to do is lay there and the medicine will do exactly what it needs to do. It has been shown to:

  •  clear out energy blockages from the physical body and energy fields

  • provide mental, emotional and spiritual healing

  •  restore  power to the physical body and to all levels of the spiritual body

  •  re-establishesspiritual, mental, and emotional balance

  • cleanse the physical body and our entire being of poisons and toxins

  • work in co-operation with our Higher Self

  • successfully and loving treat animals, plants, insects, and inanimate objects

  • energize everything we ingest: food, water, medicine, vitamins, herbs, etc.

  • induce feelings of peace and profound love

  •  assist in the release of stored emotions, memories, and old, useless belief systems

  •  enhance personal awareness

  • act as a gentle aid for the dying: enabling a person to leave their present life In peace and open to the new life before them

  • is a natural, holistic form of health and wellness

  • is done by connecting with positive energies outside of us and administered through the hands, eyes, pineal gland, heart, therefore can be done with touching or not touch the person or self

  • can be learned by anyone (we all have a natural power to heal ourselves)

  • has been passed down from masters to students for almost a hundred years starting in Japan

  • connectswith the “bio field” a term medical science uses now to show that there is a vibrational energy field within and around all of us as we are all energy as is all thing  

  • connect our higher self with everything around us

  • is both scientific and spiritual providing a potent healing experience

What are some proven benefits of Reiki? 

What are some proven benefits of Reiki?

Reiki supports the body’s natural ability to heal itself and for that reason can bring healing to many conditions including but not limited to:

• Migraine headaches • Asthma • Skin conditions • Flus and colds • Ulcers • Anxiety • Backaches • Low Self Esteem • Depression • Poor Self Confidence • Medication side effects • Cancer or chemotherapy treatments • Surgical procedures (before, during and after) 

It has been shown to:

• Aid to better sleep • Relieve pain • Promote creativity • Increase energy levels • Reduce blood pressure • Support the immune system • Detox and assist the body to release toxins • Clear the mind and improves focus • Release old patterns and addictions •Induce feelings of joy and calm

What should I expect?

What should I expect?

Reiki teaches us to expect nothing and just be. From here you will always get what you need. You don't need to wear anything special: come in a dress or sweatpants. You don't need to come at a special time. It can be on your lunch break or a night off. All Reiki sessions are different and unique to the healer. Reiki session given with Yoga With Shawna are patented to a powerful and unique healing experience created by Shawna. There is nothing like this special and potent experience.  She  or her practitioners will not only use the medicine of Reiki but also other energy medicine tools. You will receive healing from sacred sound: individual headphones will be placed on you as you listen to a healing frequency that was chosen just for you to bing your body into balance based on the imbalance you are having. Tuning Forks, Gongs,  Crystal Bowls, Drums and Chimes may also be played over your energy body.  Unique crystals will then be placed on your body to bing in extra healing and color therapy. With this, plant medicine will be massaged into your Aura. You will not feel light to no touch.  Reiki goes into the AURA body (the part of the body that is 5 feet around you), so the healer spends most of their time there. You will feel light touch as the crystals are placed on you. Messages are then channeled through the higher world and you are left with an oracle card and "homework" for you to meditate on to continue your own healing at home. 


Can Reiki hurt me? 

Can Reiki do bad?

No. The Reiki is spiritually guided energy so it is used only for good. The Reiki is healing from the higher world: the healers are not magic, voodoo or ego-centered. They are simply a channel inviting in all the positive energy that exists in the universe. Reiki cannot be done wrong and will not cause you extra pain or bring on any negativity that did not exist within you. You should feel leaving relaxed, peaceful, calm and lighter. 


Whats the difference between the $25 Reii Clinic and $108-$120 private Reiki Sessions?

What is the difference between a $25 Reiki Clinic Session and $108-$120 Private Reiki Session?

$25 Reiki Clinic Sessions are personal but done in a community style way. You will lay on one of 11 massage tables and receive a 45-minute chakra aligning and healing Reiki session. As you lay and receive the medicine of Reiki in our powerful healing center, you will be given headphones to listen to a 45-minute healing frequency chosen just for your personal healing. Crystals and plant medicines will be placed on you as Reiki is given. A special oracle card message will be given at the end of the session to leave you with something to meditate on it. A free smudging on the balcony before your session is included! You will leave with a "prescription" on what you can do the rest of the week to keep your vibration high and healthy. This is the only Reiki Clinic in the entire USA (and possibly the world!). This style of Reiki was channeled through Shawna and destined to be provided to anyone in the San Diego area. 


Private Reiki Sessions are done in a room with only you and the healer. All the great healing you will receive in a Reiki Clinic session is the same only this time you have one healer working on you directly for 45-60 minutes. You will  listen to a specially channeled playlist for you personal healing, get a full chakra reading, plant medicine and crystals will be used, and you will have time to individually talk with your healer about what came up. Drums, gongs, rain sticks, tuning forks, and crystal bowls may be played over you. We will work on the front and back of the body.  This private sessions also provide the opportunity to cut cords, be led through Past Life Retrieval, use emotional coding to release blocked emotions in the body or do a Tarot Reading. You can request to book a session with Shawna or one of the Yoga With Shawna healers. You will leave with a prescription to keep your energy body high and also a special Reiki gift--something the angels told us to give you: may it be a crystal, plant medicine tincture, oracle card, mantra, etc. 

Who should come?

Anything that is made of energy is open to receive an energy healing session: since everything is made of energy, everything is welcome! All ages, sexes: Reiki has been proven to benefit all types of and have a huge success rate with children, plants and animals/pets. All are welcome at Yoga With Shawna. 

Who should come? 

How many sessions should I get?

It is recommended to get at least one 45-minute session a month, but is strongly encouraged to come once a week. If person is dealing with serious or chronic illnesses, they are advised to get Reiki daily (up to two times a day). Shawna gives herelf Reiki every day. The Reiki Clinic makes it affordable and applicable to come once a week, while being Certified as a Level 1 Practitioner teaches you how to give Reiki to yourself so you can do it every day.

How many sessions should I get?
Still have more questions?

Still have more questions?

Come in for a session! We learn only through experience. But, do always feel free to contact Shawna with any other questions you have. She is happy to be here for you and bring clarity to this medicine that may be new to you! Also, read the articles and watch the video below!

Ground Breaking Scientific Study on Reiki
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