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Reiki Adventure in Hawaii
POSTPONED until Pele is happy.
Experience Energy Medicine on one of the most energetically powerful places on Earth.
Come as student to study Reiki or a guest to receive daily Reiki sessions: Get Reiki Level 1 and 2 certified, work on your Reiki Mastership or simply receive daily Reiki healings 
See one of the few active, lava-spilling volcanoes on Earth
Play in a sacred Banyan Tree forest 
See a 80-foot waterfall that creates a rainbow, Rainbow Falls
Visit the first Reiki clinic in the United States
stay a "Old Sugar Hill Plantations": each room has a private bathroom and Lanais (small sun deck)
two waterfalls on property with view of the Pacific Ocean and Mauna Kea at its towering 13,796 feet in the distance
Enjoy 3, organic vegan, Reiki inf-used meals a day
Enjoy Yoga for Your Aura, Meditation, Reiki Sessions, Star Gazing

"Shawna! I miss being with you at the center of the universe. Damn I love the jungle. Even more than I ever did before!!! I wanted to touch base and thank you again for taking us there and for giving me the tools so that I truly have the ability to heal myself and others. I learned so much, on so many levels. The personal transformation I experienced is profound. How I eat has evolved, how I react to others has evolved, the love I feel for myself has evolved. I feel like my yoga teacher training in March set a soul transformation rolling and this trip with you solidified completely major life changes within me. I'm drinking fresh tumeric, ginger and lemongrass tea now (for my knee joint) and eating nutritional yeast! It's odd, I have had absolutely no cravings for any meat, toxic food or alcohol. My body and soul now know what it needs to heal and live well. I am eternally grateful, it's an honor to start my mastership training with you. I will be doing a Pele/fire/transmutation session this weekend in nature with hopefully an actual campfire. I feel strong even though my knee is physically still fragile. I am healing her gently and reminding her that she has the strength to move forward towards our dharma and that is what we are doing, we all are healing, and always will be. 


I love you Angel heart Shawna! I love my Reiki family! You changed my life." 


-Testimonial from student at Hawaii Reiki Retreat 2017