You must list "Yoga With Shawna Inc." as additionally insured on your yoga teacher/holsitic healer insurance. You are encourage to get this ASAP but are required no later than 2 months after signing your contract.  If you do not have insurance by this time, you cannot intern at the studio. 


Insurance is important, easy to get and relatively affordable (less than a few hundred dollars a year). You can purchase it online and have it instantly. I use the company, Alternative Balance and would recommend this for you as it covers a lot and is one of the most affordable for what it goes us. Please use the links below to see purchase the insurance. Listing someone as additionally insured costs $10 extra dollars. You must list:


Yoga With Shawna Inc

600 Palm Ave

Suite 220

Imperial Beach, CA 91932

Phone: 609-377-4264

You will be emailed the insurance document. Please forward this to me via email so I can have it on file. 

Insurance is valid for a year and must be renewed each year.

600 Palm Ave, Suite 220, Imperial Beach, CA 91932

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