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Simply Energy Tip #2: Your Pillow

Energy Tip for February:

Your pillow holds so much energy -it holds the vibration of your thoughts, your dreams, the conversations you have within that dictate your reality...cleanse your pillow regularly to break habitual thinking patterns, especially if you have trouble sleeping or get nightmares...

*Put crystals in your pillow case or on your pillow while you aren’t using it. Clear quartz for general cleansing works well, but any crystal that you are attracted to is most likely what you need.

*Once a week, place your pillow out in the sun or moon to charge it with spiritual light; this will charge your head with spiritual light

*Change your pillow cases often: use color therapy to have a pillow case that serves you for whatever you are going through—-

Red: grounding, security Orange: passion, creativity, flow Yellow: confidence, will power Green: love, compassion, forgiveness Turquoise: truth, clarity Dark Blue: trust, intuition Purple: faith, aspiration White: call in positive energy Black: absorb negative energy

*Place a sachet of dried mugwort in your pillow for lucid dreams or dried lavender for easy rest

*Use Spikenard essential oil for third eye and opening dreams/conversations with your soul. Rub on the bottom of your feet!

*Spray your pillow with lavender or chamomile if you just can’t fall asleep

*Get a new pillow at least once a year —-more if you have a heavy head full of heavy thoughts

. *Use organic, bamboo pillow cases; natural and clean materials call in a natural and clean sleep—dirty pillows bring dirty thoughts (and not the good kind of dirty)

*Put organic chocolate on your pillow once in awhile -why shouldn’t your home feel like a fancy hotel?

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