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Yoga Session

"The first time I came to the mat I felt so awkward + wanted to run away.I also wanted to throw up! But showing up was the hardest thing. Doing yoga, meditation, sound healing + Reiki was the best thing I ever did for myself and it transformed my life in ways I never thought it could. I am so grateful for these practices that I wanted to share them with everyone so I dedicated my life to it! The yoga got me off my anti-depressants + helped me with my anxiety + depression and I have seen it transform the health of people mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually every day. Whether you are interested in yoga to heal your back, help your mind, help process grief, to make you stronger, to release pain + tension, recovery from an inury, use as a counterbalance to more active sports or work outs, to make new friends, to find some hope and faith...the benefits are limitless. My yoga studio reminds people that anyone can do it + just by breathing, moving your body or being still, you can transform your health + wellbeing  so much. You do have power + it s right within you." 


                                  -Shawna, owner Yoga With Shawna 


Many yoga studios can be intimidating, starting something new can be hard + making time for yourself  can be a challenge. Research shows practicing yoga + meditation (even if only one time a month) dramatically improves your mental, physical + emotional health. Movement + connection are necessary for life. Take a class to be healthier, to fight stress, relax, build strength, heal your mind or body + be surrounded by kind + healthy people. 

Shawna knows that  coming to a studio can be hard + so she has created an inclusive + affordable space, where all are welcome, the people are kind + welcoming + the yoga will give you just what you need. Trust if you found this website, it is a sign to try it out. 

The studio is beautiful, the teachers are knowledgable + attentive, the vibes are peaceful + helpful + the space is dedicate to helping you feel safe, welcome, calm + strong. Our classes are rated the "best of" San Diego year after year + the most affordable. We put are heart + soul into our work.

Beginners are welcome + we have mats to rent or purchase if you do not own one. 

Child's Pose

Single Class


  • $20: includes all 60 minute or less Yoga, Meditation, Sound Healing + Breathwork classes 

  • $10 Special:  30-minute Yoga Class at Noon (offered on Monday, Tuesdays + Wednesday only)

 Why do this option?

  • voted  "best" + "most affordable" classes in San Diego

  • pay as you go without any commitment  

  • convenient flexibility

  • great value if taking only 1 class a week   

Yoga Mat

10 Class Package


great deal

  • Pre-purchase 10 classes for yourself + save even more money!

  • Discounts classes to  only $12.50  (saving $6.50 a class) 

  • Expires in 2 months from purchase date 

Why do this option?

  • perfect for those who take 1-2 classes weekly 

  • convenient for those who travel often or do not want to commit to a membership

  • keeps you committed + motivated to practice weekly

Yoga Equipment

Unlimited Monthly Membership

$108 a month 

most popular option

  • Includes unlimited access to all of thr 6o minutes or less yoga, meditation, sound healing, + breathwork classes offered in studio

  • If you are coming to more than 2 classes a week, you want to do this option to save the most money. 

Why do this option?


    • come as much as you want throughout the month, as many times a day 

    • we offer up to 9 classes a daily

    • provides flexibility to try new classes + teachers 

    • encourages you do a lot of yoga + meditation + your health will benefit largely 

    • join a healthy community + make new friends

    • classes are all levels + beginner friendly 

  • No commitment or contracts.

    • must sign up using autopay but can cancel at any time​

Children in Yoga Class

Kid's Yoga Club

$49 a month

  • Our kid's yoga club meets every Monday from 4-4:45 PM

  • Ages 3-10 years old

  • Fosters:

    • creativity

    • leadership + social skills

    •  emotional well being

    • confidence + open mindedness

    •  stretches and strengthens the body 

    • Kids make new friends!

    • Parents can stay or drop off their child(ren)

Why do this option?

Kid's yoga class can be purchased for $20 a class  but this monthly membership provides savings of over 50%. Kids part of the Kids Yoga Club can also join the adult classes with their parents for free!

No commitment or contract + can be canceled at any time!

Yoga Instructor

5 Class Package


  • Pre-purchase 5 classes for yourself + save money!

  • Discounts classes to $15 (saving $5 a class) 

  • Expires in 2 months from purchase date 

Why do this option?

  • great value for those who regularly attend one class a week 

  • convenient for those who travel often

  • keeps you committed + motivated to practice weekly


$25 Reiki

$25 Reiki 

huge savings

  • every Monday 6 PM 

  • 45 minute community Reiki + Energy Healing session led by Shawna or another talented Reiki Master 

  • Provides crystal healing, oracle cards + a personalized message to help keep your energy balance 

Why do this option?

  • It makes Reiki accessible. Private Reiki + Energy Work sessions can cost anywhere from $90-$400. The community Reiki provides the same great healing just in a community setting to make it affordable to get weekly or bi-weekly!

  • It is a low commitment way to try something you may be curious about or do not know anything about. No experience needed. 

  • Bring something to lay down on + get comfy with (pillow, blanket, etc) 

  • Reiki can never hurt you. It is an noninvasive way to bring restore and balance your energy which affects your physical, mental + emotional health. 

Purchase classes or memberships.
Who are you purchasing this for?

Thank you! See you in class! We’ll be in touch.


Are beginners welcome?

Yes! We are a super beginner friendly studio, you do not need any experience + our teachers are here to help you. Ask us any questions at any time. You have to start sometime, so why not today?

What should I wear?

Comfortable clothes that you can move around in.  We do not wear shoes in the studio or on the yoga mat and there is a place to store them when you come to the studio. 

What should I bring?

A yoga mat + water. If you do not have a yoga mat, we have them for rent or purchase at the studio. We also have a  great retail shop to shop around before or after class. 

What time should I arrive + what do I do?

5-15 minutes before class. Doors lock 5 minutes after class starts so be mindful of your time. When you enter, take off your shoes + store your belongings. Then sign in at the sign sheet at the front desk. There will be a friendly staff member to guide you.

What is the parking situation like?

We have a parking lot right in front of the studio. 

Is this purchase nonrefundable?

Sorry, there are no refunds + sales are nontransferable.

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