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"For the first almost 3 months of yoga, I remember taking really sweaty, hard classes and I would be super dramatic and run to the bathroom to splash water on my face or just rest and breathe heavy because I felt like I couldn't keep up, or I was going to pass out. I remember falling in love with yoga the day Downward Dog stopped "hurting" and actually felt good. Before that moment, I often felt like I was the worst in class. I would compare myself to everyone and laugh at myself thinking I didn't belong. 


After I became a yoga teacher, I ran a studio for a year: here I heard many people say, "I haven't been back to yoga since *inset terrible yoga story here.*


Please note that every yoga class is different and will allow you to feel different things. Trust the medicine of yoga is working. Also, know that I am sensitive to all of these things based on my own personal experience and for that reason, the classes I offer to people are one's built around trust and comfort." -Shawna

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