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 In person trainings are tangible  experiences where you met + learn at the studio space. They are designed for those who prefer to learn in person and can get to the space for class. Trainings are offered in various location from Shawna's studios in Imperial Beach, CA + Oakhurts, CA along with sister studios in Joshua Tree, CA + Tulum, Mexico.


  Online trainings are offered live via zoom and ideal for those who prefer to learn from the comfort of their own home or on the go. Trainings can also be done in a hybrid fashion both online + in person.



Summer 2024 in Oakhurst, CA

More information coming soon. 


Stress can waste your vitality and deplete your personal energy resources that could be used for enjoyment. You can become negatively influenced in your attitudes and feelings about yourself more easily. In addition, medical research estimates as much as 90 percent of illness and disease is stress-related. Gentle stretching that deeply releases tension and stress in the body along with mindfulness and relaxation has proven to release stress and therefore better the health and wellness in your mind and body. This course creates teachers who help people fight stress and better their health in a relatively simple way. 

This training teaches a special sequence of 6 different stretches + mindfulness exercises to create a class that is 50 minutes long. This specialized sequence is highly accessible + proven  to reduce stress levels and improve overall health + wellness. 

This is a straightforward training that is 15 hours and completed over a few days. You will learn exactly what to teach, how to teach and in the order to teach it to get the results that you need. It is like plugging in an equation and always getting the right answer. Why is this important as a teacher? Because the results are always the same and those results are successful. 



Because this training has written out the exact procedure providing a script and provides everything you need to cue specific   stretches in an accessible way, it is easy to learn and easy to teach. This training can be understood quickly.  The class sequence is applicable to be practiced by people of all ages and provides modifications to make it accessible to all in creative ways (even those bedridden). This course is applicable to be taught by people with little to no experience in teaching. In the same, if you are already a yoga teacher or in the holistic field, you know that many people do not move or stretch their body by coming to yoga because of judgements or confusions (among other reasons) and  as a result, their bodies and minds are more full of stress. This training provides a seemingly fool-proof way to provide relaxation and health to students who do not want to come to yoga but need relaxation and stretching. You will learn how to teach this fast and will be able to provide wellness to others in a profound way. 

 "I did not feel comfortable speaking in front of people and did not feel confident in what I should teach or how I should help people. I took this training because there were people in my life I wanted to help with stress relief. This training is easy to follow and straight forward. After the first 5 hours I felt ready to teach. I began sharing this special type of stress relief class to others immediately and the results have been incredible. I am a full time instructor now and my classes are constantly full. It feels good to be able to help people and have a simple protocol to share that I feel confident in and can rely on. Shawna reminded us that things can be simple if we let it and this has been proven to me."  

-Graduate, 2023


Yoga + the exercise world can be very intimidating for people.  The reality of the state of  society is that we are too senditary and too stressed. As a result, we are sick and tired. According to a 2022 survey, 72% of American adults have experienced additional health issues due to stress, including feeling overwhelmed. 74% of people have felt so stressed they have been unable to cope in the past year. 35% of Americans say stress affects their daily lives several times, and 52% say they felt stressed to the point where they felt they “could not cope or deal with things” at least once. 36% of employed Americans report having felt so stressed that they could not go to work for a period of time at least once in the last year.


Graduates will learn to teach a specific style of stress relief  by offering a class called Deep Stretching and Relaxation. Graduates will leave  this training with the understanding of leading an effective and safe class and will be given optional internship opportunities to practice applying the teachings in a real life setting that will help them jumpstart their career or just give back to the community.  This training helps people. It takes the intimidation out of moving the body. It makes the experience enjoyable and accessible. This class an be  taught  anywhere from yoga studios to corporate offices to schools. The sequence is easy to learn and the body and mind are effected in a way that brings positive results in health + well being. 






Includes learning the 6 scientifically proven and supported "deep stretch" exercises with use of props to lead a deeply healing and rejuvenating stretching and relaxation class. 




Includes learning the scripted 50 minute sequence to lead a deeply relaxing class that safely and adequately stretches the body from head to toe while adding mindfulness + holistic health tools in an accessible way as both a teacher and student. 




You learn from doing. Includes practicum to practice teaching, receive feedback & observe others for teaching "Deep Stretch + Relaxation."


"I  am going to be honest: I did this training because it was simple, fast, cheap + helps people. I just would watch so many people stressed and in pain and I felt helpless. I saw this training advertised and thought "What the h**l? What can I lose?" People who I never thought would engage in exercise love Deep Stretching + Relaxation. It is so amazing to see who this class attracts and to help people who still not go to yoga classes but will attend this class regularly. 

-Graduate, 2023




 This training supports + encourages you to bring what we discuss out into the world while providing the opportunity to cut down the cost of your training. For this training only, upon enrolling in the program, students can apply to pay less for the certification while "paying off" the remainder of the cost of the education by teaching classes at  the studio the course was taken.  Not only is this a cost effective way to study,  this educational internship experience will have you teaching in the yoga field applying the lessons learned directly to students on the mat and in real life. You will have the opportunity to do one or more of the following:

  • intern  in person at a successful yoga studio teaching Deep Stretching and Relaxation

  • create a real life opportunity to speak about the concepts you are learning and help your students embody them further advancing their practice

  • be inspired by helping others 

  • commit to something meaningful + purposeful 

  • gain confidence in helping others 

  • gain Shawna+ John as a reference for you to use to help advance in your career

  • open the door to for more opportunity in the holistic health field


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This course is taught by John Bebbling + Shawna Schenk, owners of Yosemite Yoga + Wellness, The Smiling Sasquatch Center + Desert Dimension: all holistic centers that focus on bringing accessible wellness and health to people of all types. Together, they created this training to meet a need of people: those who were intimidated or turned off from coming to yoga but desperately needed to move their body. The results have been incredible in bringing relaxation and peace in an inclusive way. 

Shawna is also the owner of Yoga With Shawna (The Holistic Health School of San Diego)which is 5 star rated accredited institution offering various programs + certifications in the science of holistic health. The school was founded in 2012 and has certified thousands of

students locally, nationally and internationally. The institution provides accreditation internationally recognized through the Yoga Alliance + board certifications through The American Association of Natural Wellness Practitioners (AANWP) + Board
Certification by the AADP (American Association of Drugless Practitioners)accreditation through the International Association of Reiki Professional (IARP).


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This is an official, multi-accredited certification.

  • Internationally Accredited 15 Hour through the Yoga Alliance 

  • Course led by John Bebbling + Shawna Schenk, owners  of Yoga With Shawna, Yosemite Yoga + Wellness, Desert Dimension, San Diego Yoga Festival + The Holistic Health Institute of San Diego.


This program is perfect for:

  • Yoga teachers who want to expand their teaching and make their offerings feel more user friendly, accessible + inclusive 

  • People with no experience in teaching and are looking for a guideline on how to teach 

  • Those who need to learn to relax and stretch or want to teach others to do the same




$799 with no internship or

$499 +  12 hours of  unpaid internship experience to start upon graduation

$399 + 16 hours of unpaid internship experience to start upon graduation 

$299 + 24 hours of unpaid internship experience to start upon graduation 

  • If a student pays in full but decides to do the internship later, they are not credited any money towards the training. Internship commitment in terms of payment must be made upon enrolling in the program. 

  • If a student commits to the internship but fails to complete it or is removed from the internship due to inappropriate behavior, the student must pay an additional $700 to get their certificate. 

  • Internships must start no later than 14 days within graduation

  • Payment plan available: The payments can be split in half: 50% by first day of school, 50% 30 days after. 

  • Internship hours must be completely consecutively on a weekly basis 

  • Internship hours are not applicable if you cannot teach in person at the studio in which you were certified.  


“A brilliant training and now I am thinking, why doesn't every studio offer this class for people?"

- Graduate 2023


Become certified to teach a "Deep Stretching + Relaxation" class and help others to find peace in their body and mind. No experience needed in this straightforward class where you learn a standard protocol to help others. 

Which training are you applying for?
How will you be taking this training?
Which payment plan would you like?

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