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Singing Bowl Sound Healing


Stay connected as we are deciding our dates for our next sound healing training happening in Oakhurst, CA in Summer 2024. Dates announced soon. 


I loved my sound healing teacher-training experience with Shawna. My passion + understanding for sound healing has increased immensely since completing this training and I owe it all to her and her amazing, inspiring attitude!

                                                                                        -Graduate, 2016


 Sound Healing is using sound in a sacred way to bring healing: it is done through creating a bath of vibrational energy for healing. Mother Earth provides sound healing for us every day: the ocean plays a rhythm to teach us to flow, the birds sing a song to help us  invite back the song of joy and expression in our lives, thunder can bring harmony shaking out all that we are holding on to that does not serve us: all of these vibrations provide healing. The universe is singing. Can you hear it?


Sound Healing works based on sympathetic resonance. All frequencies have a correlating sound. When we play or say a positive vibration, we become it. A sound healer’s job is to provide the opportunity for sympathetic resonance to take place to provide   harmony. Sound Healing affects all things and can be done on all things. If a plant is sick or dying, it can be re-tuned by using sound healing. Just as if you are sick or hurting. Sound can be used to help bring balanced, positive resonance to food, objects, places, things, people, animals, any and all things as everything is vibration and sound healing is vibrational healing.


The sound healing facilitator program enables the individuals to provide diverse and varied sessions that use sound healing to balance the body, mind, and energy.  Students receive free access to sound healing community classes offered at the studio during the time of study. Mentorships + internships available upon graduation to provide extended growth and  job experience while giving back to the community  at a well established, 5-star rated, voted "Best of" Yoga Studios in various publications along with various other accolades. 


 This  course is open to all people with little to none to vast experience with sound healing. Each class focuses on s tuning the self and   learning how to play/practice playing various sound tools in a hands on way for the self + others. The student will graduate with vast knowledge in various sound tools and healing instruments + leave prepared to use this knowledge to facilitate healing sessions for the self + others. Aside from in class learning, trainees will engage in a practicum to gets hands on experience in a real life setting.  The practicum includes co-leading sound healing circles, classes, one-on-ones  at the studio. Graduates also will get the opportunity to apply for  an internship upon graduation. No musical experience needed. It is important to note that sound healing is different than making music or playing an instrument for pleasure or entertainment purposes. 



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 Includes sound and the chakra system and understanding how to use your energy to help heal and balance yourself balance, while using proper energy to play the instruments and bring alignment for wellness.




 [5 HOURS]  

Includes understanding striking technique and gong play including how to make whale sounds and sound of the heart beat, and along with proper mallet uses for providing powerful gong healing sessions for yourself and others.

Sound Healing



 [5 HOURS] 

 Tapping into your own body as an instrument and understanding how to use your own sound for sound healing and why this is important and powerful.



[5 HOURS]  

 Tapping into your own body as an instrument and understanding how to use your own sound for sound healing and why this is important and powerful.

sound healing.jpg



[5 HOURS] 

Includes understanding the science behind crystal bowl healing, how to properly play and proper care for the crystal sound bowls and playing for a group and on others. Other uses of bowls and types of bowls will be shared.

Kundalini Yoga Meditation


 [5 HOURS] 

Correlates deep, ancient chants as far back as the Vedic times (thousands and thousand of years) along with seed sounds, mantra and AUM. Access and exposure to various chants in various languages with various healing benefits and uses. 

Buddhist chime


 [5 HOURS] 

Tapping into healing percussion to connect with the healing sound to bring medicine to the mind, soul and body.

Wave with Dots



[5 HOURS] 

Includes understanding numerology in sound healing and lost frequencies through history + how they powerfully heal the body, mind + spirit. 

Includes receiving healing on a viberational sound bed. 

Healing Therapy


 [5 HOURS] 

Includes practicum to practice teaching, receive feedback, & observe others in Sound Healing Experiences through a practicum  in studio. 

Singing Bowl Sound Healing

“ Shawna had a diverse/dynamic group, with each student taking the training for a different reason & had a varied way of learning. This is a challenge for any instructor, not just Shawna; however, she and the group flexed to get the most of our training. We learned the basics (gongs, bowls, chanting, chimes, drums, tuning forks), went outside of our comfort zone to learn about ourselves and ended up with a honest and supportive sound healing family.”


-Graduate, 2022


Why sound healing?


Sound can be used to synchronize our energetic  body, physical imbalances, emotional disturbances, and fluctuating brainwaves by providing a stable frequency which the brainwave can attune to.

Largely supported by modern science research yet dating back thousands and thousand of documented years from various cultures throughout the world, sound has been used as a healer since the beginning of all things for sound is the beginning of all things


 "By using rhythm and frequency, we can entrain our brainwaves and it then becomes possible to down-shift our normal beta state (normal waking consciousness) to alpha (relaxed consciousness), and even reach theta (meditative state) and delta (sleep; where internal healing can occur)." with spirituality to come back to the source of what you are. 


Aside from the official certification, this course brings the opportunity for self growth and understanding, collective community, and wisdom of your self as frequency.

Sound healing happens even if we do not hear the frequency. We do not need to HEAR it to heal. It is vibrational. So a deaf person and a person with full range hearing, along with a dog, and a plant all have the same effect of the sound healing session on a vibrational level: even if  we cannot hear the same frequencies, the healing still happens. The “hearing” of it makes it more tangible, and brings a whole other string of benefits but it is not necessary.  The teachings and shifts, of course, are individual and based on the tuning of the person, animal, or thing and its frequency but the physically hearing it or not, does not matter.

Neurons in the brain respond automatically to three things (1) what we hear (2) what we smell (3) what we see. Listening is vital to healing. The neurons in the brain translate the signal of what we are hearing into vibration which affect the center optical nerve of our third eye. This happens regardless of if we are hearing signals of negativity, criticism, gossip or positivity, love and hope. Everything you listen to you become.

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Benefits of Sound Healing

Image by Manuel Cossio

The benefits of sound healing are vast as this  form of ancient therapy is scientifically proven to balance the mind and body providing healing and balance on a mental, physical, emotional, energetic, spiritual, social, and aesthetic level.  


Research has proven sound healing has helped with countless diseases and sicknesses because it rearranges ions on the cell membrane, helps reprogram the subconscious and helps rewrite the DNA. Sound penetrates deep within all the vibrations that make us up and change us on a cellular level. We have 97% of unused (or “junk”) DNA and sound healing speaks to this part of us.  Sound healing instantaneously altars the body’s biochemistry and brings the organs, muscles and nervous system into balance. It creates an altered state of consciousness which sets new thought patterns and creates old habits.

Sound Healing is said to heal all dis-ease.  Here ae some (and not limited to) diseases scientifically proven to be positively affected by sound healing:

·  Cancer

·  Stroke

·  Heart Disease

·  Dementia

·  Aphasia

·  Autism

·  Various psychiatric disorders including PTSD and schizophrenia

·  Premature Infants

·  Alzheimer’s


Research has proven sound healing to:

·  improve heart rate

·  balance the blood

·  reduce anxiety

·  provide healthy stimulation of the brain

·  improve learning

·  lower/relieve stress

·  help accelerating the healing process after surgery (and provide stress release prior to surgery)

teaches pain management

·      lower risk for coronary artery disease and stroke

·      improve sleep

·      decreases mood swings

·      lower blood pressure

·      lower cholesterol levels

·      lower anxiety, depression + worry

·      improve memory

·      increase blood flow

·      enhances immune response

·      creates an alkaline environment within your body

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This is an official, multi-accredited certification.

  • Internationally Accredited 40 Hour through the Yoga Alliance (YACEP)

  • Board Certificated through The American Association of Natural Wellness Practitioners (AANWP)

  • Board Certification by the AADP (American Association of Drugless Practitioners)

  • Course is a part of  the 1000  HOURS Holistic Health Practitioner Program but can be taken a separate certification

  • Course led by founder of Yoga With Shawna, Yosemite Yoga + Wellness, Desert Dimension,  San Diego Yoga Festival + The Holistic Health Institute of San Diego, Shawna Schenk who has over 20 years of teaching experience, two Bachelor Degrees, one Master's Degree + over 25,000 hours of yoga teaching experiences + certifications  


the unique offerings of this training


 As a student of the training you will gain access to take community sound healing classes offered at the studio for free along with small group, personal and one on one sesions.  


  This training provides access to practice with thousands of dollars worth of sound tools so you get to experience, hands on,  the various instruments + practice to see what you like. 


 We have various payment plans to meet your financial situation. This training also helps you establish a healthy relationship with money + invite abundance in teaching that when you invest in your health + value its worth, more comes to you. 


  Shawna has been a teacher since 2004, has a BA in Education, BA in Sociology + MA in Writing + Curriculum Development. . She  is invested in your education and works directly and closely with each of her students throughout the training (and far after) because she cares. She uses her experience in owning multiple businesses and teaching skills to reach the needs of multiple learners so they get the most out of their education.


Through playing the instruments you "tune" yourself. From here you will be more balanced and healthier. The changes experiences in the self are huge as the power of sound will experienced first hand by you.


 Having the right sound tools are important + Shawna hand picks each sound tool sold at the studio + blesses it with Reiki. Students + alumni of the Sound Healing Training program get 15% off all sound tools purchased through the studio + get an exclusive option for monthly payment plans on sound instruments.


 The training speaks for itself with countless 5 star reviews + testimonials on google a  + voted "best of" in various Southern California blogs, readers, newspapers + magazines.  Shawna has certified over a thousand students throughout the world in various holistic health trainings + puts her all in every training.  


 This training is vast + diverse. It teaches  how to teach private and community classes along with one-on-one sessions with various instruments both in person or online. 

Native Drums

"Training with Shawna was great! She provided a very loving, open space for teachers to learn and grow. The program emphasized all of the parts of sound healing."

-Graduate 2023

Sound Healing


$1999 or

4 payments of $505 or

6 payments of $337 or

8 payments of $253 or 

12 payments of $169

“ This was a life changing experience for me-- it was everything therapeutic I had been seeking, and taught me what I needed to provide sound healing sessions and become my own business in doing so with all of the support from the teacher. I couldn't ask for more out of a training + have taken all of her trainings as a result of this first one."


- Graduate 2018


Join a powerful  journey to understand sound energy and viberation and how it affects health + wellness. Learn how to play various instruments to get a diverse understanding of sound healing and be able to provide wellness sessions for yourself + others using various instruments + tools. 

Which training are you applying for?
Which payment plan would you like to do?

Thank you for your submission. We will get back to you soon!

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