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Are you a 200-hour certified yoga teacher looking to deepen your practice and elevate your  teaching skills? The journey to becoming a more profound practitioner and a more equipped yoga teacher can start today. Join one of the upcoming Advanced 300-Hour Yoga Teacher Training programs or take the training privately working one-on-one with Shawna. Courses can be taken in studio  or online live via zoom. You will get the personalized attention you need and work closely with Shawna,  a dedicated mentor passionate about guiding yoga teachers beyond the fundamentals of their initial training so they can help the community on bigger levels. Shawna has been a teacher since 2004. She has a BA in Education, BA in Sociology, + MA in Writing + Curriculum Development. She has written over 15 books + manuals. Many teacher training programs  hire teachers to teach the programs who are not the author of the training. Shawna is the curriculum developer + author of every training she offers and she  personally teaches every training.  As a child, her favorite game to play was "school." She used to teach her stuffed animals and now has dedicated her life to education. She is not only a great yoga teacher and owner of multiple successful yoga businesses,  she understands  people + learning styles + has provided a variety of ways for you to take the training to meet how you learn so you get the most from your education. 



Are you a person who learns best in group settings and want to be a part of a community + work with others? Sign up for a group training where you learn with other likeminded teachers who want to advance their knowledge. The other students that you meet in the training can be so important to your education, your personal growth and your business. Group training expand your network and establish a bond with others. We become a family + you gain not only new friendships but new colleagues and people who inspire you in the yoga field. 


Trainings can be taken both in person or online. In person trainings are tangible  experiences where you met + learn at the studio space. They are designed for those who prefer to learn in person and can get to the space for class.


If you do not feel like waiting for the next community training to start and want to start now or have a specific start date in mind sign up for a private training. Private trainings include you working one-on-one with Shawna. Together you pick the schedule + pace that works best for your education. You can start when feels right + complete the training at a pace that makes sense to you. Private trainings are private for people with busy or unique schedules or those who just learn better in a private setting. 


Trainings can be taken both in person or online. Online trainings are offered live via zoom and ideal for those who prefer to learn from the comfort of their own home or on the go. Trainings can also be done in a hybrid fashion both online + in person.

Yoga Class

“Reading the sacred texts was the best part! I couldn’t understand them myself but reading them together… they changed my life giving me tools of self love, my understanding of life and death and how to be healthy and positive and free. It was so therapeutic and now I have these tools the rest of my life.”


-Allison, graduate 2021


Yoga Practice


March 19-August 13

Tuesdays, 5:00-7:15 PM PST

Private trainings are open enrollment.

Which ever way you decide to take the training, you will feel connected.  What set's Shawna's Advanced 300-Hour Yoga Teacher Training apart is not just the depth of he curriculum but the sense of community and support it fosters. The program limits its intake to ensure that each student receives personalized attention and guidance. As part of this close-knit community and direct focus and attention from Shawna, you will have the opportunity to learn, practice, and teach within a supportive network of fellow yoga enthusiasts and internationally recognized teacher.

Yoga Class

“Shawna is the most incredible teacher and the opportunities she gave me made me feel unstoppable. I am forever grateful to her and her training because now I am helping others and myself better than ever before and making more money than ever! I cannot believe it.”


-Graduate 2022


 The term "advanced" often conjures images of daunting challenges, hard yoga poses and elite standards. However, Shawna's approach to the Advanced 300-Hour Yoga Teacher Training is rooted in inclusivity and accessibility. This program is designed as a natural progression for those who have already embarked on their teaching journey with a 200-hour certification. It’s an invitation to deepen your understanding of yoga, broaden your teaching repertoire, and enhance your personal practice. 

Embrace the Advanced Journey with Confidence

This training is fun and informative. It allows you expand and stretch your spirituality and open your heart to help others while working on yourself. When one becomes a “master” of something it means they live it as best as they does not mean they are perfect with it. This course improves your health and wellness and expands your spirituality as you learn to live the yoga off the mat. From here, your business will expand and the way you help people and impact the world will expand. You will be a better teacher.








Incudes exploring (and expanding) the wisdom on the 8 limbs of yoga, the Koshas, the paradoxes of yoga, the ways to define yoga,+  the gunas, advacned Chakra knowlege + more. 

Reading a Book



​Includes deep study of this text and applying its teachings to your practice and your offerings including advanced level asana, pranayama, mudra and meditation.​




Includes exploring Nada Yoga, chanting, mantra, japa + engaging in leading with meditation + advanced meditation classes.




Explores the past of yoga + where it came from to lead us to how to keep the tradition alive, honoring its roots while making it applicable to the modern person. 

Yoga Mates



Includes vast comparison of various translations of this work along with translating the text to your interpretation and applying its teachings to your every day life.​

Yoga Equipment




Includes understanding how to teach to various population of people, allowing to explore teaching to specialized groups + making yoga accessible to all. 




Includes dissecting and meditating on this powerful text, sharing its wisdom with others in an applicable way and using its teachings to practice and teach Karma Yoga and connect with the symbolic lessons of this epic text.​

Image by Mohnish Landge




Includes advanced understanding of various mythology provided in yoga to elevate the practice.​




Includes creating and/or refine your yoga business plan, set  goals for yourself and your business and develop the tapas necessary to take your business to the level you intend.

Yoga Class

“Reading the sacred texts was the best part! I couldn’t understand them myself but reading them together… they changed my life giving me tools of self love, my understanding of life and death and how to be healthy and positive and free. It was so therapeutic and now I have these tools the rest of my life.”


-Graduate, 2021


A Curriculum That Goes Beyond Asanas
This comprehensive program takes you on an explorative journey into the deeper layers of yoga. The training offers a blend  academic study and practical, hands-on learning. You'll delve into advanced studies of Hatha Yoga and
Karma Yoga, examining yoga as a holistic practice that transcends physical postures and integrates into the fabric of modern life. The curriculum is thoughtfully designed to foster an enhanced understanding and experience compared to what is covered in RYS 200 training. From a deep dive into sacred yoga texts like the Hatha Yoga Pradipika and The Yoga Sutras to advanced asana, breathwork, and meditation practices, this training expands your knowledge and skills in profound ways.

Unique from most trainings, this training also includes unique opportunities for real-world application through internship andmentorship practicums. These experiences allow you to embody and practice the concepts
discussed in the coursework, preparing you to teach diverse and specialized populations with
confidence and competence.


Yoga Class


Part of being an advanced yoga teacher is being a leader. In this 300-Hour Yoga Teacher Training program you will be paired up with a novice yoga teacher or teacher in training and work as a mentor to them or a new yoga student or student who desires special  assistance and extra help them with the practice. You will help them with their questions and experiences + truly make a difference in one or more person's life. Commitment is 30 hours


Mentorship roles can include:

  • making a difference in expanding the confidence and skill of a new yoga teacher by:

    • taking their classes and providing feedback

    •  helping them plan classes or facilitate in tasks needed to a run class in a successful yoga studio

    •  teaching them concepts on how to live the yoga off the mat and be an example to the public

    •  helping refine their knowledge of the asana  cueing, sequencing, adjusting and 200-hour level yoga philosophy

    • providing insight and inspiration to their career or role as a yoga teacher

  • Helping someone new to yoga 

    •  leading one-on-ones that break down the yoga practice

    •  creating a practice effective for the new student

    • understanding how to work on-eon-one with someone + be most effective   

Make this yours. Click here to edit the text and include any relevant information.

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Yoga Retreat


This training supports + encourages you to bring what we discuss out into the world. This educational internship experience will have you teaching in the yoga field applying the lessons learned directly to students on the mat and in real life. By focusing on the sacred philosophy of yoga and its relevance in today’s society, this program equips you to contribute meaningfully to the yoga community and to the lives of your students. The internship allows you to bring this to life.

Commitment is 24 credit hours and you will have the opportunity to do one or more of the following:


  • intern  in person at a successful yoga studio

  • create online recordings + yoga channels

  • create + lead  "advanced" yoga classes, workshops, and/or retreats that implement the  studies and wisdom gathered in the training and demonstrate your understanding of it through teaching a class that provides an example of living the teachings.

  • create a real life opportunity to speak about the concepts you are learning and help your students embody them further advancing their practice

  • experiment with bringing yoga out there in "new ways"

  • raise funds for yoga teacher or student scholarships 

  • bring yoga experience bigger than you have in the past

  • collaborate with successful holistic health businesses

  • creatively expand your presence as a teacher


Make this yours. Click here to edit the text and include any relevant information.

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This is an official, multi-accredited certification.

  • Internationally Accredited 300 Hour through the Yoga Alliance (500 RYS)

  • Board Certificated through The American Association of Natural Wellness Practitioners (AANWP)

  • Board Certification by the AADP (American Association of Drugless Practitioners)

  • Course led by founder of Yoga With Shawna, Yosemite Yoga + Wellness, Desert Dimension, San Diego Yoga Festival + The Holistic Health Institute of San Diego, Shawna Schenk who has over 20 years of teaching experience, two Bachelor Degrees, one Master's Degree + over 25,000 hours of yoga teaching experiences + certifications  


the unique offerings of this training


 There are many reasons + excuses you can give yourself to not do a training: that you are not worthy, good enough, or you can't because of *fill in the blank with the reason here.* If you have gotten this far down on the website, you are not only interested but committed. You are ready. Growth can be uncomfortable. Doing new things can be uncomfortable. There are so many other things to do with your time + money. Trust you have been brought to this training for a reason. Know Shawna (who has taken many, many trainings and continues to yearly)  will be your cheerleader routing you along your journey. You can do this + you are ready.  


The training is led by the creator and founder of the training + owner of the business. This is rare and not the case for most trainings. Most yoga teacher trainings source out instructors who did not write the curriculum + may not have much experience teaching or do not own their own yoga school. The studio pays out the instructor an hourly rate + keeps the rest of the money. 


Yoga Teacher Trainings are an investment for a reason + Shawna feels passionately that they are not something to take lightly. 

Shawna has been a teacher since 2004, has a BA in Education, BA in Sociology + MA in Writing + Curriculum Development. She is not trying to take your money and have someone else teach the training. She  is invested in your education and works directly and closely with each of her students throughout the training (and far after) because she cares. She uses her experience in owning multiple businesses and teaching skills to reach the needs of multiple learners so they get the most out of their education.


  This training empowers your uniqueness and encourages your creativity as a creator of your future and life as a yoga teacher. We remind you are are in charge of what you'd like your career to look like + how to help people. You have power + you can do anything. We will give you the skills to be a teacher: we will not give you a script to memorize to be like every other cookie cutter teacher. We will give you the space to figure out who you are + who you want to help + how to do it.  We will support you as you find your voice and help others through teaching in your way.


The training will break through  blockages + things in the subconscious so you can be your best self + work with others. It is empowering and therapeutic + your self understanding + wellness will increase deeply. 


We are all put here for a reason: start helping others in deeper ways and continue to support the purpose and direction of your life through acts of service.


  You have the option to celebrate your accomplishments in an unforgettable yoga retreat in Joshua Tree, CA and also learn how to lead your own retreats.


 The training speaks for itself with countless 5 star reviews + testimonials on google and the yoga alliance + voted "best of" in various Southern California blogs, readers, newspapers + magazines.  Shawna has certified over a thousand students throughout the world in various holistic health trainings + puts her all in every training. She is excited for the many new teachers + certificate holders to come + finds it an honor to teach and hold space for others and as a result focuses on giving your education a 5 star experience. 


 This is not a robotic or cookie-cutter training training: The training is therapeutic + allows you to  live the yoga + its teachings. How could you sell a car if you never really drove it? How could you be a yoga teacher if you haven’t lived the teachings? The training “makes you drive the car.” What is meant by this is you will be given experience after experience designed to make you an incredible teacher by living the yoga. You will be asked to dissect the sacred texts and apply the teachings to your life, to let go of things that do not serve, to change the things that block you from being abundant or peaceful or fill in the blank with whatever else is holding you back from being your best self. Yoga is medicine. Yoga is a lifestyle. Yoga is a path to peace. The training is fun and informative having you live the material and as a result you not only will be able to teach it easily + naturally (and from your heart) the self work and growth you will experience will change everything in your life for the better.


 Each training is unique + provides special opportunities  for bonus learning experience where we can bond or do self work in a meaningful way  that you never forget! We've done  cleanses, built   labyrinths , wrote books, volunteered to help the community,  attended and/or taught at  festivals, the mall, corporate places and even in front of  hundreds! We've gone hiking, snorkeled to find our breath, made healthy products and even went    on a special road trip to  places like Joshua Tree, Yosemite  and the beach. What will happen in our training? You will create the options that you want + we will make it happen if you are interested in these extra bonding, bonus yoga and business adventures  (Note, these are not required). 


You will have fun + unforgettable experiences that show you that yoga is everywhere + this will allow you to advance your teachings and the way you make it accessible to others.


You will improve your relationship with money + your career, see the back end and understand all the other "stuff" than teaching  that is important to keping a long standing successful yoga business .


 We have various payment plans to meet your financial situation. This training is helps you to bring in more money as a yoga teacher + as a result pay your schooling bills easier. It is an investment in your business + we provide payment plan options to meet you where you are at. The goal is not that you lost money in this training but your investment in the training starts making you more money back relatively quickly. 


  If you are ready, you can enroll  now in a private training and we will create a schedule + graduation duration that is doable for us both  if a community training is not available or just prefer this style of education. 

Yoga Stretch

What you will gain from joining the Advanced 300-Hour YTT


  • Exclusive access to jobs + other opportunities upon graduation

  • Free yoga membership during the duration of your training

  • Discounts on other YWS trainings products + retreat center use for your own retreats

  • Advanced understanding of yoga + how to teach it

  • Advanced understanding of the sacred yoga texts + how to decipher them to your life + the life of your students + community 

  • A deeper and more sustainable long-term yoga practice with a dedicated and strong self practice + daily routine 

  • A refresher of what you learned and a deep inspiration to better serve the community through the practice of yoga 

  • The skills + tools in business to stress + obstacles in running a holistic  business in modern life and be very successful 

  • A  community of students + colleagues who inspire + support you + a yoga family for life 

  • A deeper sense of self, healing, direction in life, alignment, happiness, health + wellness

  • Tools and experience to teach yoga to others professionally or privately, lead and create classes, workshops, retreats, clubs,  own your own studio or  retreat center, yoga school or online community and/or take your business to the next level

Grey Yoga Mats
Yoga Group


$3999 or

6 payments of $675 or 12 payments of $350

“The investment in this training is so little compared to what you get. My business has doubled in income, my practice has doubled in spirituality + commitment + my happiness + well being has more than doubled. I am forever grateful.”


- Graduate 2023


 This advanced 300-Hour yoga teacher training will deem all graduates an official and advanced 500-Hour Yoga Alliance Certified, Internationally Accredited, Yoga Instructor. The training is limited to a set number of students to ensure your educational experience is supported fully. 

Which training are you applying for?
How will you be taking this training?
Which payment plan would you like?

Thank you for your submission. We will get back to you soon!

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