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Are you a person who learns best in group settings and want to be a part of a community + work with others? Sign up for a group training where you learn with other likeminded people interested in yoga or becoming a yoga teacher. The other students that you meet in the training can be so important to your education, your personal growth and your business. Group training expand your social circle, start your yoga network and establish a bond with others. We become a family + you gain not only new friendships but new colleagues and people who inspire you in the yoga field. 


Trainings can be taken both in person or online. In person trainings are tangible  experiences where you met + learn at the studio space. They are designed for those who prefer to learn in person and can get to the space for class. Trainings are offered in various location from Shawna's studios in Imperial Beach, CA + Oakhurts, CA along with sister studios in Joshua Tree, CA + Tulum, Mexico.


If you do not feel like waiting for the next community training to start and want to start now or have a specific start date in mind sign up for a private training. Private trainings include you working one-on-one with Shawna. Together you pick the schedule + pace that works best for your education. You can start when feels right + complete the training at a pace that makes sense to you. Private trainings are private for people with busy or unique schedules or those who just learn better in a private setting. 


Trainings can be taken both in person or online. Online trainings are offered live via zoom and ideal for those who prefer to learn from the comfort of their own home or on the go. Trainings can also be done in a hybrid fashion both online + in person.



Summer 2024 in Oakhurst, CA

More information coming soon. 

Private trainings are open enrollment.


Yin Yoga is a powerful style of yoga that teaches us how to "be." These teachings are necessary for our current world state. This training is highly therapeutic. It is created for those who want to deepen their yoga practice and for those who want to be a yin yoga teacher. We will sit in each pose for anywhere from five  to ten minutes to gain deep insight to your self through the medicine of the poses. If this is not something you are comfortable with, it is ok. This has been shown to, at first, stir up feelings of extreme  discomfort followed by pure. bliss. Through sitting in discomfort, intense comfort follows. This lesson will follow you off the mat and into your life. Take this training to make serious, positive shifts in your life and then help  guide   others do the same. It will focus on you helping you be ok with being in the moment, teach you how to nurture inner patience and support others in being present, patient, and slowing down.



This training is open to all beings focused on finding  balance and peace and helping others do the same. You do not need to have any formal yoga teacher training in any other style of yoga to take this training. All you need is an open heart and mind.  This training is a nice addition if you are already a yoga teacher or holistic health provider. It is also a great place to start if you are wanting to become a yoga teacher. In the same, this training is perfect for people who just need some balance in their life and want to learn to slow down. 


 "It was a wonderful experience that shaped who I am and taught me about the kind of life I want to create for myself. I grew so much, not just as a yoga teacher but, as a person altogether."  

-Graduate 2022


This comprehensive program will be a transformative journey that will provide you the skills + community needed to become a confident + inspiring yin yoga teacher. 

The training will cover how to properly do and teach  the 26 yin yoga poses, while understanding the energy associated with the style of yin yoga. Along with this students will understand the appropriate counterposes when teaching yin yoga. The curriculum deeply dissects the 

emotional, physical energetic, spiritual and mental benefits of practicing yin yoga. Students will learn how to make yin yoga accessible to any any body including teaching alternatives and modifications, addressing contraindications and ways to safely get your students into the poses. The training explores the use of props in an effective and purposeful way while also addressing how to teach a safe yin yoga class when there are no props around. Students will understand how to sequence a yin yoga class and use thoughtful, safe and clear cueing of each of the poses. The course also explores music in yin yoga, breathwork, mudras and ways to make the class your own. 

Graduates will leave understanding of leading an effective and safe class and be given optional internship opportunities to practice applying the teachings in a real life setting that will help you jumpstart your career or just give back to the community. 






Includes 26 yin asanas, Teaching: 1) analytical training in how to teach and practice the techniques and 2) guided practice of the techniques themselves.




Includes practicum to practice teaching, receive feedback & observe others.




Includes principles of demonstration, observation, instruction through cueing, teaching styles, qualities of a teacher, the student's process of learning and business aspects of teaching Yin Yoga in a comprehensive way including deep study of the poses and their:

  • Counter-poses

  • Emotional Benefits

  • Physical Benefits

  • Energetic Benefits

  • Spiritual Benefits

  • Mental Benefits

  • Alternatives and Modifications

  • Contraindications/Ways to Safely Get Your Students into the Pose

  • Effective Prop Use with the pose

  • Thoughtful, Safe and Clear Cueing of Yin Yoga Poses

  • Sequencing a Yin Yoga Class

  • Observing a Yin Class

  • Yin VS Advanced Yin Yoga




 Includes both human physical anatomy and physiology (bodily systems, organs, etc.) and energy anatomy and physiology (chakras, and the meridian system on the hands and feet ) in a way that is simple and applicable to yourself and the students.


"Before the training I had panic attacks often, was such a fast person and could not slow down. I was not patient and it seems I was always freaking out. I know I needed to do something to change my life because this was affecting my health. I took some classes with Shawna and I just loved her. She was very relatable. I decided to take the training just to learn how to slow down. This training changed me in every way. My marriage is better. My health is better. I am a better mom. I am so inspired I now want to be a yin yoga teacher and help others do the same."

-Graduate, 2023




 This training supports + encourages you to bring what we discuss out into the world. This educational internship experience will have you teaching in the yoga field applying the lessons learned directly to students on the mat and in real life. In such a fast paced world, we are completely out of balance. Yin Yoga helps bring balance and slow us down so we can be present. The internship allows you to bring this to life: to show people how to bring the yin to their yang. You will have the opportunity to do one or more of the following:

  • intern  in person at a successful yoga studio

  • create yoga classes and/or workshops, and that implement the  studies and wisdom gathered in the training and demonstrate your understanding of it through teaching a class that provides an example of living the teachings.

  • create a real life opportunity to speak about the concepts you are learning and help your students embody them further advancing their practice

  • find your yoga teaching voice 

  • be inspired by helping others 

  • learn the business of yoga first hand in an operating yoga studio 

  • create your presence as a yin yoga teacher

  • commit to something meaningful + purposeful 

  • gain confidence in becoming a yin yoga teacher 

  • gain material for your yoga resume 

  • gain Shawna as a reference for you to use to help advance in your career

  • open the door to for more opportunity in the yin yoga field 

What past interns are saying:

" A spiritually informed yoga studio like this is top tier. There is nothing like this school."

" From the beginning, Shawna's radiant welcome made us feel like home. This training? Completely transformative, beautifully reflective, and life-changing. It's clear Shawna is both organized with a clear plan and intuitive, adapting to the class's energy and flow. The internship? Perfect. I know feel more than ever ready to teach and help others."

"The internship was one of my favorite memories. I got connected with students and really made a difference in people's lives. This gave me purpose + improved my health."

If you have the opportunity to take the Yoga With Shawna internship I highly recommend it as this helped a lot in my teaching and taught me a lot about cueing, general communication and professionalism:" 


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Yoga With Shawna (The Holistic Health School of San Diego) is a 5 star rated accredited institution offering various programs + certifications in the science ofholistic health. The school was founded in 2012 and has certified thousands of
students locally, nationally and internationally. The institution provides accreditation internationally recognized through the Yoga Alliance + board certifications through The American Association of Natural Wellness Practitioners (AANWP) + Board
Certification by the AADP (American Association of Drugless Practitioners)accreditation through the International Association of Reiki Professional (IARP).

What is unique about this institution is it is also a community center and yoga studio offering the opportunity for the school's graduates to intern to gain real life experience. Dependent on the program, the student's education will be fostered +
supported through interning either during and/or after the completion of the program(s). We learn from doing and this institute provides the space to do.

You will be learning directly from the founder, writer, and creator of the curriculum, Shawna Schenk. While many other schools hire others to teach programs they have created, Shawna, the founder,  both writes + teaches the programs. Aside from
having thousands of hours + certifications + diplomas in various holistic health modules, has a BA in Education, BA in Sociology + MA in Rhetoric + Curriculum Development. Shawna has been an educator since 2006. Prior to opening her own school, community center, and yoga studio, she was a post secondary professor at  10 different colleges in universities online + on the east + west coast for 7 years.
Shawna has experience in understanding teaching pedagogy and understanding learning styles and human interactions to teach all levels of students. She has certified students with various learning disorders, physical disabilities and PTSD along with certifying students as young at 12 and "old" as 76. She is a published author of over 12 books, workbooks + manuals.
The main thing about Shawna is she will always be genuine with you. She started this work on her own journey of finding health and wellness after battling anxiety and depression + being medicated for it for many years. Through holistic health she has found her peace and restored her health. She cares deeply about passing this on to others and believes it is a priceless tool that saves lives and that it is everyone's birthright to feel peace + happiness.
Different from many institutions, as a student in these programs you will work with the person who created the curriculum. Shawna is lead [and sole] instructor in every program offered at the school. She feels this is very important because she wrote the program, and she knows the program. This school focuses on nurturing and enriching your education with a highly competent instructor.  Shawna owns two yoga studios, Yoga With Shawna + Yosemite Yoga + Wellness. With this, Shawna is also the founder of San Diego Yoga Festival + the co-owner of the yoga retreat center in Twentynine Palms, CA, Desert Dimension which  provides students the unique opportunity to be a part of these successful projects through interning or working there.

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" I explored many different options for training and so glad I chose Shawna! Her training is unique and informative. We all became better people by spending this time with Shawna Schenk!  She is so passionate and truly lives and loves Yoga.Highly recommended especially if you live out of state... Check out when Shawna is doing an intensive training!"

-Graduate, 2017



This is an official, multi-accredited certification.

  • Internationally Accredited 30 Hour through the Yoga Alliance 

  • Board Certificated through The American Association of Natural Wellness Practitioners (AANWP)

  • Board Certification by the AADP (American Association of Drugless Practitioners)

  • Course led by founder of Yoga With Shawna, Yosemite Yoga + Wellness, Desert Dimension, San Diego Yoga Festival + The Holistic Health Institute of San Diego, Shawna Schenk who has over 20 years of teaching experience, two Bachelor Degrees, one Master's Degree + over 25,000 hours of yoga teaching experiences + certifications  


This program is perfect for:

  • Aspiring yoga teachers

  • Yin yoga students seeking to deepen their knowledge + practice.

  • Individuals looking for personal growth + transformation

  • If you just gave a gut feeling + want to join 

  • People who need to slow down + relax more

  • Those with chronic pain and looking to understand how Yin Yoga can help 



"I have taken almost all of Shawna's trainings (and am planning on doing all of them). She gets her students. She goes above and beyond. She does more than any other teacher I ever met. You are not just a number to her: you matter. This yin yoga teacher training was hard for me and she stood by me relentlessly and helped me understand and change. Yin yoga saves my life from pain and I am so honored to help others do the same now all thanks to this training."

-Graduate, 2022

What you will gain from joining the Yin Yoga Teach Training 


  • Learn all of the 26 yin yoga poses 

  • Understand the history of yin yoga + why it is important for current society

  • Learn "extras" you can add to make your yin classes unique like mudras, breathwork + music choices. 

  • Cultivate a regular yin yoga practice 

  • Understand the energy meridians and how yin yoga effects our energy

  • Understand what balance means and cultivate a balanced life 

  • Expand yourself to the idea of harmony and the yin and yang of existence

  • Gain transformative life skills that you will be able to pass on to others 

  • Connect with like-minded individuals who share your passion for  yin yoga

  • Transform your yin yoga practice + go deeper  

  • Develop the skills needed to be a safe + effective yin yoga teacher



$1999 or

4 payments of $505 or

6 payments of $337 or

8 payments of $253 or 

12 payments of $169

“I can go on and on about why I would recommend Shawna and any of her trainings. She works with you and your finances to help your dreams become a reality. Single handedly from this woman I am making more money simply because she taught me to value myself. I am healthier because of my time spent with her. Everyone should take at least one of her trainings: they are life school and help you to be a better person." 

- Graduate 2023


Learning to find balance is an art and skill that takes time to cultivate. Yin Yoga is a tool to provide that skill. Learning to live and maintain a life that is full of harmony is a clear path to wellness. Yin Yoga helps provide this. Being able to pass this on to others is a gift. So many can benefit from finding balance. This training provides an outlet to help others in this way. 

Which training are you applying for?
How will you be taking this training?
Which payment plan would you like?

Thank you for your submission. We will get back to you soon!

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