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Gandha Bhoomi (Earth Oi) *rare*

Gandha Bhoomi (Earth Oi) *rare*


Gandha means "smell which is nourishing and energizing." Bhoomi means "sacred earth, sacred soil, and sacred land." Gandha Bhoomi is the essence of our mother earth in the form of oil. This oil takes 2 months to distil, and a preparation of almost one year. It is made from special earth from the lotus dry pond at the peak of the summer. This clay is used to distil the oil. In French,  this aroma is called “Petrichor”, and the whole process, right selection of earth, moulding the earth, and distilling its oil is called “Gandha Bhoomi, The Very Existential Aroma of Mother Earth".


The only oil not created from a plant, it is created from mud! When you use this rare oil you are connecting with mother earth and taking in all of our healing, grounding, nurtient rich properties. 


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