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Kava Tincture

Kava Tincture


Oragnic Kava



2 oz


Kava is a plant native to the pacific islands that can be used topically or ingested.





It gives a balance of happiness and calm and is a known fighter of depression and aniexty. It is very grounding and spiritually, it opens your heart. It is nonaddictive and it meets you where you are at so you can be your best self. 


This organic kava tincture can be used daily or as needed. Use directly in your mouth, under your tongue or in any beverage. This tincture has the potency of an alcohol extractant with the sweetness and soothing effects of glycerine. Convenient and easy to travel with. 


Fijian Waka Kava  is organically grown, sustainably harvested and lab tested through distribution. It takes about 5 years to cultivate a healthy kava root. It is harvested, dried, and ground into its micronized powder form. The kavalactones are extracted with organic alcohol and vegetable glycerine, then bottled in Southern California with intention for healing and love! 






Consult your doctor if are planning to take kava daily if...

• You are currently taking anti depressants or anti anxiety medication daily

• Pregnant or nursing

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