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Citrus aurantium amara



Neroli is one of the rarest oils because the oil is distilled from the flowers of the slightly bitter orange. The flowers are very small in size which makes the harvest process very difficult, and the plant keeps growing higher due to which the flowers are more difficult to harvest. A small windy day causes the flowers to wither, and if rain happens then we lose more flowers. The oil of Neroli is distilled at the stake of the orange fruit. Neroli oil works directly on the emotions and the heart center.  In India, when the Neroli flowers bloom then special meditation is performed at the Neroli Gaarden to work with the emotions and heart center. 



Other benefits include:

  • Nerve calmer
  •  Lifts depression
  • Anti-viral
  •  Used for ear infections
  •  Eases feelings of irritability, worry, loss, sadness.
  • Addresses shock/fear/trauma on all levels. 


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