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The land is sacred, the area is vast, the sky is open and if you listen, the desert has many listens to give. Coming to the desert provides a prolific healing energy that leaves you feeling rejuvenated when you go home. It is a special place that dries out all that no longer serves you, lets the wind blow away your worries and ignite the sunshine within. The sky is brighter in the desert. It feels different here. It is quieter here. It is a place that teaches abundance + gratitude. Everytime you leave the desert, you are different. You are better. 


Combined with being on a land that holds a special vortex of energy, you will engage in various daily holistic activities including various styles of yoga, meditation, sound healing, aromatherapy, breathwork + Reiki. 



Joshua Tree National Park is distinctly named after the trees that inhabit the park, the Joshua Tree. This National Park is the place where two deserts meet: the Mojave and Colorado. The park itself is like its own world protected from the rest of the world. I have literally been in the park and it was having a snowstorm: I drove 5 minutes out of the park and was back in 60 degree and sunny weather. Something magical happens on these close to 800,000acres of land.


I call this park an adult’s playground! With rocks to climb and hide in, trees that look like cheerleaders cheering you, and the vastness and diversity, there is so much to do here. It is the perfect place to hike, climb and meditate. It is the perfect place to get away from it all and be immersed in nature.  We will  take a 30-45 minute hike on a flat service to Heart Rock + Arch Rock. Here we will explore + meditate and be open to all this place has to show!



This is a unique, relaxing and rejuvenating, rustic experience in nature. Wonder Valley has an underground hot springs river heated naturally through a thermal fault line. A private property has three wells from 125-135 degrees tapping into this line filled with 10 private monolithic granite tubs for soaking, stargazing or sunrise watching, healing and contemplating. 


This raw, open desert experience is more like finding a soaking hole in the middle of nature than a resort or spa. Each granite tub is filled on demand to any temperature you desire between 90-105 degrees Fahrenheit with the springs thermal mineral water. From each tub you have views of the wide open desert and the mountains surrounding our valley. 


Soaking in this large solid rock provides many healing benefits. It has been proven to relax and calm your mind, heal + nurture your skin, improve  circulation, reduce pain, and lower stress levels among many other things.



 The retreat property has been rated “A+” for star gazing as one of the best star viewing spots in the country. With minimum light pollution, the night sky will inspire you to think bigger than you ever could. We often spot shooting stars, planets and other “space stuff” that gets you thinking. It is inspiring. Lay on a hammock and look up or if the  weather and night sky permits, look through our 12.5 Dobsonian Telescope and see the brilliance of the moon + its crater up close and personal. 

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