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One of the best places to see the Northern Lights is in Fairbanks, Alaska in the months of February + March.  Within Fairbanks, the best places to see the lights are by bodies of water. We will be staying on a lake front property . We will also be visiting a natural hot spring. Although nothing in life is guaranteed, we will be at the right place at the right time. 

In 2022, Shawna + John went to Fairbanks Alaska in March in search of the aurora. Of the five nights they were there we saw them twice. The lights were spectacular. The pictures on this website are taken from Shawna's iPhone! In getting to speak to the locals about this, they said they happen regularly during this season. When Shawna came back, there were Northern Light sightings in Washington + Phoenix. Something that never happens. We joked we brought them home with us beause John is from Phoenix.  The magic is real!

We can't promise anything but we have calculated the perfect time + location with the odds in our favor. And of course, we have a good feeling about the magic and know even if we don't see them, we are planning out plenty of opportunities to see them and enjoy the stars and the wildneress that is the last frontier. 

This retreat provides the perfect balance of wellness, sense of adventure, exploration of nature in once-in-a-life-time-way, relaxation, inspiration, health + fun. 

  • Daily holistic health classes including: yoga, meditation, sound healing, breathwork, and  aromatherapy in our cabin's great room will be provided to keep  the mind, body +soul warm.

  •  Nightly aurura meditation + journaling as we search for the Northern Lights

  • Warming [healthy] drinks served at our in cabin bar

  • Hot tub soaks under the stars and northern lights* 

  • In door + outdoor daily sauna sessions 




We will spend a half day at Chena Hot Springs for peace + fun.  We will soak in healing waters of a natural hot spring (to leave your  body feeling relaxed + tension free and your mind feeling calm, peaceful + centered. We will also go to the famous Ice Bar + get an "aurora martini" (optional) and engage in the tradional to make a wish as we break with our martini ice glass outside the bar!


30 minute massages in cozy, private cabins (for an extra fee) can be booked in advanced for extra pampering. Snowmobiling can also be booked as an extra excursion while at the springs. 



Come for an unforgettable experience  where these cute + strong dogs will take you on a tradtional dog sled. You will get to meet and play with the dogs too!

They pant with excitment as soon to see you + love running in the snow + doing dog sled rides. It is really an adorable + fun experience. 



Christmas in Feburary? Why not? Even if you don't traditionally celebrate the holiday, we will have a fun, childlike experience full of wonder + merriment. The city of the North Pole will bring out the kid in you. We will have a "second" Christmas in the North Pole as we visit the Santa Claus house (you can sit on Santa's lap and tell him your manifestations) + see Santa's reindeer,  get Chinese food for our own traditional Christmas dinner, + exchange a gift to our new retreat friends in a white elephant at our cabin.  

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