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7:00 AM Access to  coffee substitutes and various teas fruits and light breakfast snacks will be provided.

9:30 AM: Yoga + Breathwork: Experience a warming + restorative yoga practice with sound healing. 


10:30 AM: Cabin Breakfast: Enjoy a warm + hearty breakfast  together in the main cabin.  

11:30 PM: Meditation + Sound Healing 

FREE TIME: Explore the town, get famous Thai food lunch, go dog sledding, get a massage, shop, or come back to the property to read, relax, take a sauna or another hot tub soak (daily sauna sessions are recommended while on the retreat) or hang out. The day is yours. 

6:30 PM: Dinner: Enjoy a warm and grounding delicious dinner at the cabin together. 

7:30 PM:  Confider Tree Aromatherapy + Meditation: Learn all about the local trees (spruce, pine + fir) experience a "plant bath" with them in this 30 minute  sense-evoking meditation experience. 

8:00 PM: Northern Lights watching, hot tubbing, suana sessions, alone time or enjoy a warm, healthy drink from our cabin's bar.



7:00 AM Access to  coffee substitutes and various teas and fruits/light breakfast snacks.


Today is our "Christmas" together: it is about finding the magic and believing in it! We focus on manifestation and playfulness.

9:00 AM:  Magical Yoga Practice

10:15 AM: "Holiday" Breakfast 

12:00 PM: Peppermint Meditation  

1:00 PM: Go to the city of North Pole. Here we will explore the fun little town, stopping at the "North Pole (an actual pole)," Santa Claus house (you can sit on Santa's lap and tell him what you want), shop + then see the Reindeers next door. 

After we will go to a famous Chinese restaurant for a good old fashion Chinese Christmas meal! Just like in the movies!

Then we will make our way back to our cabin for a polyanna and then the night is yours for watching our favorite Xmas movies, exploring Fairbanks, or suana/hot tub + Norther Lights watching. 

*Note if we have not seen the Northern Lights by this part of the trip we will take an excursion to a place known to see them. 


4:00 PM:  Meet at our property + check in at our cabin + treehouses. Get settled + grounded to take in all the magic the week has in store of us. 

5:00 PM: Yoga for Travel: a great class to uwind aftter travel 

6:00 PM:  Group Dinner:  Enjoy a hot, grounding + comforting meal + meet your new friends for the week. 

7:30 PM: Intention Setting, Meditation + Journaling by the fire 

8:00 PM: Sauna sessions to detox + rejuvenate the mind + body. Hot tub under the stars to release muscle tension + look out for the aurora (the Northern Lights!)



DAY 3 


7:00 AM Access to  coffee substitutes and various teas and fresh fruit and light breakfast snacks will be provided.


9:00 AM: Yoga + Meditation: a 75 minute experience of yoga + meditation 

10:30 AM: Breakfast  

11:30 AM: Chena Hot Springs Exursion begins. 

We will carpool to the hot springs. The journey is about an hour + the drive is beautiful where there is often wildlife sightings of eagles + moose! At the springs we will (included in price):

  • entrance fee to soak in the healing waters

For an additional cost you can:

  • go snowmobiling 

  • get a massage in private cabins 

  • shop at their small giftshop

  • enjoy warm drinks at their lounge 

  • go to the ice bar + get an optional Aurora Martini

  • have a late lunch / early dinner at the restaurant on sight or a drink 

  • take a geothermal greenhouse energy tour

  • take a Chena Kennel tour

We will organize various carpools so people can leave or stay as long as they wish. The springs are open until 11:45 PM. There is an aurora viewing room to watch for the aurora indoors at night time. Soaking in the springs at night under the stars is a beautiful experience.



8:00 AM: Yin Yoga + Journaling 

9:00 AM: Breakfast + reflections of our time together

10:00 am: Check out

*Part of your retreat experience is a one-on-one Reiki, yoga, or plant medicine bath with Shawna. This private session will be scheduled sometime during the trip and given on the free time allotted.  

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