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We all have a past. We all have a story. We all have had a heartache, heartbreak, or hurt heart. We have all had at least one thing that has made us feel yucky, icky...or even have “evil” or bad thoughts. At least I have.

The heart is our powerhouse, and it is the sun to ourbody: it keeps us alive. It is also a sensitive ball of energy. It feels all the feels.

The body remembers. The heart remembers. Good and bad. Happy and sad. Evil and frustrated. Joy and bliss. The heart is there. Your heart is always there.

Tarragon is kryptonite to the heart. It helps us process the bad and move away from the sad. It helps us heal the pain and come back to being and beating love.

Tarragon has taught me that the blood is the alchemy of our thoughts and feelings. The heart allows this magic to happen. Angry blood makes for an angry body so in this way, angry thoughts will make for angry blood. The same goes for happy blood or blood full of love. A heart full of love is a body full of love.

Let’s be real. Jersey girl real. The majority of us are not love, happy-happy, joy-joy all of the time. We are not in la-la-land bliss 24/7. Not only is this normal, this is actually healthy. As human beings, we have the capacity to feel all of the emotions: the darks as well as the light ones. This is our birthright. Tarragon told me so.

I think sometimes when we are learning a lesson from feeling a “bad” emotion, we forget that we GET to have that experience. Having emotions are a privilege. To feel is a privilege and an honor so we are allowed (and designed) to feel all the feels. In my opinion, what we are not “allowed” to do is hold on to dark emotions and not process bad feelings so they stay inside of us and hurt us. We are not “allowed” to have the feelings of the past affect our future or hurt ourselves or hurt someone else (a poor innocent bystander in our life that does not deserve to be blamed or suffer because of past memories they had nothing to do with). If you’ve ever been “blamed” or hurt by someone else’s hurt, then you understand why….

I like to think of Tarragon as the emotional ghostbuster: a few drops of her over your heart and she will go in and work to take the evils out that haunt you, the memories (the ghosts) of your past that do not need to linger and cause any more damage to you and your beautiful blood.

If you are one caught up by your past, allowing it to hurt or ruin current relationships…

If you have built a huge wall around your heart, protecting you from great love to come or causing you to block out or not get closer to your loved ones…

If your blood holds any negative feelings….

Tarragon is here to help you heal. She will teach you the ways to transmute past pain so your heart can be full of love and can connect with others.

Tarragon was known/is sometimes referred to as the “Little Dragon.” Some think this is true because If you look at the letters in her name/the way Tarragon is spelled, you can even almost see the word “Dragon.” It has many of the same letters and so it emits a similar vibration. (Our names are our vibration). Tarragon does work as a dragon! She really goes in and fights the evil lurking in our heart that is hurting us or the world. Ask Tarragon to bring to surface that darknesses within you and then let the symbolic dragon that is Tarragon huff fire and burn out that emotion.

Special note, she is not really a fiery herb but if she feels fiery, this may be the “dragon’s breath” burning away darkness within you. (If it feels too hot, rub a carrier oil like coconut to lessen it).

Tarragon says, “I know, I know. I get it. That *insert painful situation with person, place or thing” was not nice. But, you don’t have to suffer or let anyone else suffer because of that. The suffering stops now. Let the evil be rid.”

As if this wasn’t enough, spiritually and emotionally, Tarragon can also be the answer to that gnawing pain we get in our stomach sometimes. Ever be somewhere or around someone (or think about something) and get an uneasy feeling in the pit of your stomach? Tarragon helps with things that “make you sick to your stomach.”

90% of physical ailments or dis-eases are trapped emotions. Because Tarragon works to release the hurts from the past (that which is a lingering prisoner inside of us), she has many benefits physically for the body. Things our potent Tarragon has been proven to do include (but aren’t limited to) :

  • Increasing appetite

  • Helping with digestion

  • Being helpful medicine if fighting anorexia

  • Helping allergies

  • Aiding colitis, gas and bloating

  • Being a good friend for PMS

  • Stimulating the nervous system

  • Killing intestinal worms

  • She is antiviral so is good for flu, coughs, and gout.

  • She is also anti-carcinogenic/cancer fighter

  • She can be used as deodorant as she is known to eliminate bad odor

  • She boosts blood circulation (remember what we talked about with happy and loving blood?)

Chakras: Heart

Plant Part: Leaves

Planet: Mercury (Communication)

Origin: France

Rituals: Use her with intention to deal with the pains of the past. Celebrate with her (cook her in a healthy meal or share a few drops of Essential Oils of her) with your loved one (instead of fighting!). Use her on New Moon, vowing to let go of the past and live in the present.

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