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4 spots open for our Desert Yoga Retreat this week!

4 great days+ 3 great nights of togetherness, holistic health and the desert! Escape to the desert in a 3 night, 4 day retreat full of yoga, sound healing, Reiki, breathwork, hiking at Joshua Tree National Park, yummy food, community,  hot spring soak, peace, self reflection + fun! All are welcome! Even your dog! Our next retreat is a few days and we 4 spots left. Please join us and have a blast! Learn more here.

Maybe you have experience with yoga retreats or this is your first one. Why go? There are so many reasons but here are my favorites:

  • This is ultimate "you" time. It allows you check out from real life and have a vacation: in this vacation you are surrounded by healthy things to do. You leave feeling refreshed and rejuvenated and when you go back to real life you are happier, healthier and more efficient.

  • You will be meet amazing likeminded people. The social part of it is inspiring and most people leave with new friends.

  • It is all inclusive so you do not need to lift a finger, worry about cookng or cleaning or anything. Everything is taken care for you!

  • You get to check out a new spot but have someone who knows the area well take you to best you do not need to plan and you can trust you wll have a great time.

Yoga retreats are amazing and fun and a healthy way to vacation

. Come solo or bring a friend. You will not regret it.

What you can expect from our retreat March 21-24, 2024 in Joshua Tree, California:

STAY: Experience a desert’s sleep like nothing else when you sleep in one of our unique Geodesic Domes, camp on the land or stay indoors in one of our theme rooms! We have spaces for everyone (if you want to be inside, we have a 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom home) and if you want to be outside we have 6 domes and 9 campsites!

HEALING CLASSES: Experience daily Yoga, Reiki, breathwork, sound healing and intention setting.  Come to the desert with something you want and watch it be delivered. It is a magical healing place.

SOAK: Experience a healing natural hot spring soak as the sunsets. It releases pain from you body and rejuvenates your mind.

EAT: Healthy food, cooked with love! Aside from your stay and the healing classes almost ALL of the meals are included are made completely organically and to your diet’s needs.

COMMUNITY: Make new friends + be supported and surrounded by fun, likeminded people! We become a family in just a few days.

HIKE: Explore Joshua Tree National Park  with various levels of hiking from easy to moderate. The rocks are HUGE and make you feel small and humbled. They are deeply healing. We all go on a mellow hike to a beautiful heart shaped rock! Then you can explore as you wish. This park is mind-blowing with a beautiful energy about it.

THE LAND: Explore the property and all of it’s offerings from Zen Garden, Hope Pole, Labyrinth, Hot Tub  (open) and Pool (opening May), gameroom, karaoke, fire pits, hanging chairs, outdoor movie theater and more!

OPEN: Open yourself up to all the things the desert can show you. Each retreat is unique and a very beautiful form of serendipity giving exactly what each group needs!

Sign up here!

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