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The Spruce family is ancient, medicinal wisdom. Their lifespan is long, their heart is big, and their vibration is that of grounded stability. The Spruces are a resilient group of beings and they grace the beautiful earth to teach us one valuable and important lesson: how to take care of ourselves and how to take care of others and how to do this in balance for the best of humanity and all of Earth’s creatures.

The Spruces are my friends: they have taught me to understand my place here on Earth. We are here to serve. The notion of being on Earth simply to serve can be overwhelming. Spruces remind it is easy....

To serve is to…

Take care of the self first and to understand when you do this you take care of the world:

Spruces teach teach you to show up for yourself in a big way and stand tall in who you are. The Spruces first remind us to grow tall individually. They can grow anywhere from 60 to 100 feet tall. Their roots go deep down in to the Earth. Their branches reach out wide and their “crown” shoots high towards the heavens. They take care of themselves knowing how to receive the nutrients that Mother Earth provides. From here they can grow to unfathomable heights. If you have a problem receiving all that is provided for you here on Earth and taking in all that is your birthright as an Earth being (may it be food, sunlight, community, love, peace, or joy, for example), Spruce teaches us to take in because it is our destiny to grow as big as we want: it is actually a part of our make up and we are able to do this from what Earth Mother provides. Spruces reminds us we--as all are--are worthy to live and receive on this Earth and this is the only way we will grow. Spruce more than plants the seeds for growth: they teach how to grow constantly. The growth I am referring to in is in love, light, and mental/emotional/spiritual balance and harmony. When we operate from this place of bigness, we serve the world.

As a “servant” Spruce will also teach you to:

  • Be grounded and place your “roots” firmly into your present life so you feel safe, nourished and as if you have a place

  • Be balanced in your root chakra, the energy center responsible for stability.

  • Be present in one place (in the moment) but be connected to all. Spruce trees talk to each other through the soil/fungal system through their roots. They don’t need to move their whole life but are one of Earth’s wisest, most connected beings.

  • Honor and connect with your ancestral roots and family

Live by example: If the Spruces were a family, they’d be the be the most admired family on your block. Picture it: Papa Spruce would gladly pick you up from the airport (and also would gladly receive a ride from you.) Mama Spruce would gladly bake you a cake (and in the same, with deepest gratitude accept a home-made good cooked from you.) Children Spruce know how to share and inspire others to do the same. The Spruce’s grounding nurture and humble vibration doesn’t tell you what to do: it shows you patiently.

Face our pain: Physically, Spruces have one of the highest levels of cortisol of all of the trees and help with muscle pain, spasms, and is a great anti-inflammatory medicine for all of our aches and pains.

Use the Spruces for pain relief on a physical level and you will see great results. Use them for pain level on a soul level and you will see the same. Spruce calms the nervous system and aides in anxiety, worry and nervousness. They come in and wrap their massive, loving, nurturing, strong arms around you and help you to release. When we can comfortably live in our body, we are more positive and great things can happen.

Understand that giving is easy: Spruces are the giving tree. Spruce cones, unlike most Conifers, face downward as opposed to upward. This allows their seeds to easily fall to the Earth when ready. Giving and receiving is second nature to Spruce and when working with this medicine it will become that way for you too. If you need balance and harmonization in this area, hang with Spruce. Spruces remind us that we cannot be giving if we, ourselves, have nothing to give. Spruce will fill up your cup and teach you the ease (and joy) it is to give back to the world. She takes care of herself so she can take care of the world. I really like Spruce medicine for healers or those in professions where they give all day. It is also great medicine for parents who give to their children over and over again.

Be strong. Spruces is a STRONG vibration. Simply put,they are massive energy that brings massive healing. Physically, they are highly anti-bacteria. They strengthen the immune system as potent antibacterial, anti-infectious, anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic, antiviral, antiseptic, disinfectant, expectorant and stimulant properties. They use their strength to bring healing to respiratory ailments, wound healing, viral infections, arthritis, kills germs and parasites, diuretic, and rheumatism. Historically, she has been used as a powerful source of vitamins for those who are deficient. Mentally, they bring us confidence and help us believe anything is possible. Emotionally, she is very calming to the Central Nervous System and will bring calm to anxiety.

To see the bigger picture: These tree beings tower overhead and have the pleasure of seeing the bigger picture of the world. Call on this medicine if you are experiencing pains that are coming from a place of close-mindedness within.

There are 35 species of Spruce. Meditate or understand where the root of the pain you feel is coming from and choose the species that your heart feels will best assist you in stepping into a pain-free you:

Spruce, Norway: Spruces live hundreds to thousands of year. In the mountains of western Sweden, scientists have found a Norway Spruce, nicknamed Old Tjikko,which has reached an age of 9,550 years and is claimed to be the world's oldest known living tree! These grand trees have seen the changes of man over time and hold the medicine of adaptability, longevity, and resiliency. If you need to learn or understand any of these three concepts, call in Norway Spruce as a friend to your mind, body and soul. She is highly supportive of the endocrine system. She is also known to help uplift us in our darkest and coldest days (physically, emotionally, spiritually and mentally).


Spruce, Black (Canada): Releases dark, negative energy trapped inside of you causing you pain. Call on Black Spruce to move past the need to be approved by others. She will show you ho to not worry or spend too much energy on the opinions of others, as she vibrates love and acceptance, unconditionally, for ourselves.

Spruce, Blue (Canada): Her appearance is just beautiful: she is a hue of blue energy here to teach you to bring loving harmony to your communication. She helps us to powerfully loving in our speech to ourselves and to others. She will help us be aware when we are talking unlovingly to ourselves (for many of us, it is a habit and we do not realize that we are even doing it) and will be supportive as we clear our throat chakra and step into a place of loving truth. She aides in communication with others in the same way and is great energetic medicine to help your communication skills.

Spruce, White (Canada): She is a spiritual friend of light and love awakening your crown chakra and connecting you the higher world. Call on Spruce, White to bring clarity, purity, and to cleanse.

Spruce, Red (Canada): She helps us manifest our heart’s deepest desires. Use her to make your deepest wishes come true. She is rare.

Spruce, Sitka (France): She is quieting and will do so to mind. She has a towering presence pointing out the bigger picture allowing you to see situations as they really are in a grounded way. A true giver, she teaches you how to be completely full of love in genriousty, no strings attached, simply and purely.

Spruce, Engleman (Utah): This special and unique Spruce is wildcrafted. She is taken directly from nature and is so holds the unique, free energy of Spruce in a raw sense. She is medicine for those who feel their pain because they are unique or different. Instead of feeling like an outsider or that you don’t belong, she will celebrate your uniqueness and hold your hand as you come into you.

To me, Spruce is a guardian angel: she will watch over you, whisper her teachings in your ear, show up for you in a big way, and protect and inspire you to live a BIG life full of meaning and purpose that gives back while giving in. Her teachings provide everything needed for a full and happy life.

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