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The cardamom plant mostly vibrates green as her large, long leaves shine in green reaching far out in each direction. The flower of cardamom is a white and tubular with red lines down the center that look like they were perfectly drawn on by God. The flower reminds all who see her of the divine beauty, distinctiveness, and perfecton in all things.

The entire plant honors sacred geometry in its lines and uses of numbers in its shape and size; however, the medicine comes from the seeds. Its seed are tiny and held in a paperlike pod that opens in a triangular shape. Because the medicine is made from the seeds, it holds the vibration of hope and power. This sacred pod honors the sacred trinity: the timelessness of all: the past, the present and the future.

Seeds, generally, teach the reality of potential which is an unstoppable force. Seeds yearn to come to the light and must break out of their shell to do so. They are cuddled in Earth to feel safe and protected and from these place can break out and transform. Cardamom Seed Essential oil, first and foremost, helps instill these qualities within. If you are looking for hope, to feel safe to come out of the darkness and transmute into something reaching towards the light, or are need of feeling the superpower of potential and new beginnings, Cardamom is your teacherl.If you need to break out of your shell to bloom and grow but can only do so when feeling safe, Cardamom will remind you of Mother Earth’s presence in your life and how she does this for us, her children.

Aside from bringing the teachings of seed energy, the Cardamoms are love medicine. They are here to serve the heart and teach us how to plant new seeds growing only with the true medicine of all, Love.

There are two main types of Cardamom: Green/True Cardamom and Black Cardamom. These sisters, share lots of similarities but also bring a distinctive healing of their own.

Green Cardamom seeds are light green and smaller. She is mainly found in India and Malaysia.

Black Cardamom seeds are larger and dark brown. She is mainly found in Nepal.

These sisters are members of the plant world’s Spice Girls. If they were humans, they would for sure be a part of the human world’s Spice Girls, yet they wouldn’t be Baby or Scary or Posh; they’d bring their own spice to the group for they are two different versions of the spice of love.

Cardamom Green would be known as Sweetie Spice. Her sweet smell and gentle, warming nature teaches the power of love for all. She is a heart tonic teaching the heart to understand and vibrate the true meaning of love. It is said Cardamom Green introduces you to the door of your heart. After this introduction, you then have the power to open the door or stay outside. She will invite you in with her warming nature, welcoming you to expand and experience all the different levels and continually evolving definitions of love. If you choose to open the door, she will then guide you as a sort of tour guide of your heart, showing you all its power and all the love it is capable of and all the love that lies within you. Come to Sweetie Spice (Cardamom Green) if you are ready to get to know your heart deeper and expand your journey and relationship with the power of love.

Cardamom Black would be Smokey Spice. She is dark and her smell is potently smokey. She is warming and potent and said to come in like an energetic “exorcism” clearing (or smoking out, so to say) the dark energy surrounding the body in regards to understanding and accepting of love. She is the queen of teaching self love. She rings her lesson loud, she makes her presence known and she will help you cultivate a strong sense of self love, or if you already love yourself deeply, will continue to show you the way to live this even more purely. She will surprise you with the levels of self love she will bring you. She has shown me again and again how to love myself in a way that is far deeper than I could imagine. She is excellent in helping release “yuckiness” around the heart--the black energy---that rob us from truly living in love.

Heart medicine is medicine for the entire body. Use these sisters to help the physical, emotional, spiritual, energetic and mental health of your heart. She is good for all cardiac support and pulmonary disease. A healthy heart helps bring a healthy body. In return, Cardamom has other positive effects on the body helping headaches, all forms of digestion issues (including everything from IBS to bloating) and helps improve digestion, eating disorders, fatigue, intestinal parasites and addictions. She is a nervine which will help calm the mind and body. She is also pretty warming (you can feel her heat you up!) and she works as an aphrodisiac. She has been known to “cure sexual weaknesses.” Studies have shown she can reverse the harmful effects of chemotherapy, helps release muscle spasms, helps prevent microbial infections, boosts the metabolism, is good for the skin, epilepsy, spasms, rheumatism, paralysis, and fever.

I really like Cardamom for relationships: they help bring partners closer together in all different ways. In the same, I really like Cardamom for singles as it helps attract in a true love.

A heart full of love, helps bring a life full of love. If you are heartbroken, learning to love yourself, or dedicated to living a life of life, and wanting to learn to love deeper, she is a great plant teacher to have. If you are ready to plant new seeds of love and release the weeds that have grown out of un-love, she is your perfect “garden” buddy. The use of cardamom dates back past the 4th century proving has been used lifetimes over lifetimes for healing for humans. Her potency and the gifts she gives us are ancient. She is here to serve.

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