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Everything that is alive is a frequency. Everything of life is made of vibration. Everything exists on a vibrational level. Even though you and your body is very tangible, you are a frequency: you are vibration.

We can heal ourselves by understanding our frequency or vibration. We can uplift ourselves by surrounding ourselves with high frequencies. The rule of energy is “like attracts like” so if we surround ourselves with high frequencies we will become a high frequency. If we surround ourselves with high frequencies, we can transmute low frequencies within. This is how we change. This also explains how when we change, our relationships and environment tend to change too. When we change for the better, we get blessed with good things. When we change for the worse, we get surrounded by more pain. We are magnets attracting all we are, so if we keep our vibration high, we will attract high vibes.

What is a high frequency?

Love, forgiveness, compassion, peace, bliss, joy, natural food, sunshine, the moon, happy thoughts, nature….

What is a low frequency?

Sadness, depression, fear, doubt, jealousy, resentment, sickness, disease, the flu, cancer, processed foods, computers, cell phones, microwaves, air condition, negative thinking...

We can embody these vibrations: high or low. We can choose to be around or not around these vibrations. We can become these vibrations as these vibrations affect us largely. The more low vibrations we are around, the more likely the more low vibrations we will feel and attract. The more high vibrations we are around, the more positivity, health and love we will be, feel and attract.

Many of us, who are sensitive, can feel these vibes. We can feel when someone or something comes around us and they are a low vibration. If you are not sensitive to this or are more interested in understanding frequency and vibration in a more tangible way, vibrations can be measured using a machine. Science can actually tell us what vibration each thing has, including ourselves. It is measured in hertz (Hz and MHz).

The human body vibrates at about 62-68 MHz.

The human body vibrates at 72-90 MHz.

When you have symptoms of a cold, your body vibrates around 58 MHz. This is said to be the vibration in which headaches set in.

Symptoms of the flu start around 57 MHz.

Pneumonia and Epstein Barr have been measured to bring the body’s vibration down to 55-52 MHz.

Diseased tissue is around 48 MHz.

Cancer is around 42 MHz.

The onset of death is 20 MHz.

It is said when someone is in meditation or prayer, the frequency is 83-77 MHz. This is why meditating, or having faith and talking to the universe or your God is deeply healing. We feel better after doing these things, and it is literally because our energy increases.

When we have positive thoughts, it adds +10 MHz to our vibration. Negative thoughts are said to bring us down -12 MHz. This is why it is so important to think good thoughts for it literally keeps our vibration high (which means it keeps us healthy, away from sickness and death). This why a positive attitude can cure someone.

The vibration of food is also very important to consider. Canned foods have a vibration of 0. Anything you put in the microwave also goes down to a vibration of 0. The same is true for processed foods. They have 0 frequency because they have no life.

Fresh produce vibrates at 15 MHz. This shows that we must eat vibrations full of life to shift and uplift our vibration: this shows how foods that are alive, keep us away from or uplift us from sickness. Would you rather eat 0 Hz or 15 MHz? You want to PUT IN uplifting frequencies to your frequency.

Plants have various vibrations:

Fresh herbs vibrate at 20-27 MHz.

Died herbs at 12-22 MHz.

Essential oils at 52-320 MHz.

This is why plant medicine is medicine and works. It is a high frequency: the highest frequency and way to take in the vibration of plants and trees. Essential oils work potently for this reason. They have provided me deep healing, transforming my vibration and do the same for those who use them with wisdom and reverence.

The different plants and trees have different frequencies. Using any essential oil will raise your vibration and to help keep you away from low thoughts, sickness and pain. Some plants and trees are higher than others, but they all work to uplift our frequency. Lavender, for example, vibrates at 118 MHz and Sandalwood at 96 MHz. Peppermint is 78 MHz. These are all high numbers considering the body is around 62-68 MHz. They work to keep us in a high frequency. Of all the plants and all the trees: and more than that, of all the tangible things on earth that are alive, Rose has the highest frequency.

Rose is sacred. She is the closest thing to love in tangible form. Literally.

Her vibration is measured at 320 MHz. She is as high as it gets in terms of “things we can actually see.”

Love’s frequency has also been quantified. It is 528 Hz. Notice everything else we talked about was in MHz, so as a vibrational being of around 62-68 MHz we are far removed from the high frequency of love, but love, it is so powerful that can heal us. It has been said (and proven) throughout the ages: love is the only medicine that is real. Love cures. The numbers I am sharing with you now allow this to be proven. This is why when you are loved or are in love, you feel healthy. This is why, when you operate from a place of love, miracles happen and anything is possible.

Because Rose is 320 MHz, it is the highest frequency of all tangible things that we can literally put in our body and for this reason, it is the closest thing we have access to (to date) to teach us love.

Loving, kissing, caring, holding hands, serving others….this uplifts our frequency. Self love makes us healthy. Cooking with love is food with a high vibration. The more we can live in the vibration of 528 Hz, the healthier we will be, for when our vibration is that high, nothing bad can exist or happen to us. The quest is to live in love….yet this isn’t as simple as to just say “OK I’m going to be love.” Especially when we have back stories or are surrounded by low vibes.

Pure love, in its experience, is a gift. It is a journey. We love with conditions or expectations. We often love with bounds. Humans are learning love…as we continue to understand love, we continue to evolve and expand and uplift our vibration and as a result, our body and mind continue to heal. When we step away from this, we began to get sick.

I have seen many miracles in my life: but I understand these miracles happened only because the person who received the miracle was opearting from the frequency of pure, unconditional love.

For me, the quest is to stay in this frequency. But the lessons of life often make this challenging, so humbly, every day, I am learning love.

Rose, because she is so high, helps teach us love. Rose is the love teacher. Rose and her high vibration uplift us. Many shamans and plant people call Rose the “cure all”. This is because her frequency is so high. Think about it logically: if your body was sick (operating at around 50 MHz) and you placed a few drops of something that operated at 320 MHz, the math makes sense. This would uplift you back to your healthy state of 62-68 Mhz or at least start the healing journey. And it does.

This is why there are stories of countless diseases, cancers and sicknesses (including those deemed incurable) healed from Rose. This is why Roses are also given as an “I’m sorry gift.” This is why Roses are used to celebrate love (in weddings, proms, special occasions: she is a high vibration and so will attract high vibes). This is also why Roses are often used in funerals (to help uplift the grief and pain). With Rose, there is no room for low vibrations. She comes in and brings the vibration up. She opens the door to hope, positive change, and healing. You cannot help but feel higher when you are around her. The more you are open to the high frequency, the more she will work, too.

It takes 10,000 roses to fill up a 5 ml bottle of Rose Essential oil. There are over 60 roses in one drop of essential oil. Picture yourself sitting in a bathtub of 60 roses. Picture yourself holding a 60-Rose Bouquet. How can you not smile? How can you not feel love? How can this not heal or at least make you feel like things will get better?

Her medicine is potent and real. The benefits of Rose are a long list. Essentially any and all mental, emotional, physical or energetic imbalance, Rose is a medicine for. She will change you for the better, bringing you closer to love. She teaches all that is good in the world from receiving, to giving, to abundance, to safety, to joy, to peace, to physical health to mental harmony. Her name is translated to “forever young” and she is known to keep the skin (literally) young and our insides and outside full of youth, health and vibrancy.

She can be used in many ways (dried in teas, rose water, ate raw in salads or foods or simply looking at a rose in a vase). She is cooling for the body and supportive in countless ways. She will talk to you and show you the ways of love as she opens your heart. The most potent way to use her is as an essential oil due to the fact that essence holds 60 roses in one drop (think about how many cups of rose tea you’d have to drink to reach that same effect) and because essential oils hold the highest frequency in using plant medicine and Rose is the highest frequency of all the oils.

The most important lesson Rose will teach is to be pure. Love is pure but sometimes we must cleanse yourself to realize the purity we are lacking within. We do this often because the world does this often. We look for shortcuts. We get caught in the lower vibrations.

Pure Rose essential oil costs about $160 for 2 ml ($400 or so for 5 ml). This is the price for organic, pure Rose. You can find lots of Rose “knock offs.” Even a 5ml that costs $200 is not pure Rose. Love is limitless: there is no price or bounds on love...and so she teaches us that to her even in her price. It is important for those who use her to honor this. What is the price of health? What is the price of peace in your life? What is the price of those you love? There is no price. These things are priceless.

For years, I’d buy the “cheap” Rose that people swore were pure Rose. Most Rose oil tends to be cut with Geranium or synthetic smells. When I finally started forking over the cash for pure Rose, everything changed. I had lots and lots of blockages with relationships and opening myself to another due to past hurt and frustration. I loved myself fiercely (or so I thought) but never let anyone in. I was scared, protective and felt hopeless. Rose taught me that this was not loving myself. I was protecting myself and holding myself back from connecting with others and experiencing love in its many facets.

I was single (bitter and lonely ) for 7 years and a few months of using the high quality Rose, I fell in love with my now partner. Months is all it took after years of heartache blocking me from moving forward. Our relationship moved fast and is the real deal.

It also was not until I started using pure Rose that abundance and prosperity came into my life. She was one of my teachers who really taught me the more I invest in myself and my health, the more I will have. She showed me abundance is limitless and helped to dissipate the blocks of limited thinking in my relationship to the dollar. When I first started using her, I treated every drop as it is was GOLD. I did not share her and was stingy with myself. I used her only on special occasions. I was attached to the bottle and didn’t want it to run out. She taught me to be giving and that having a full bottle of oil means I wasn’t taking the medicine to change. Now, I continue to use Rose often (I always have a bottle on hand). I will use many drops a day. I’ll share my $400 bottle of oil with anyone who wants it, for I understand that we are here to serve unconditionally and that this exists without fear or bounds. I also understand that love for myself is priceless and helps me love others and all the same way.

Rose will take you to new heights: she will help you be an amplified version of all things that are good within you. She will help you heal and walk away from darkness within. She will (literally) uplift your vibration. You can measure it

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