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This is an official, multi-accredited certification.

  • Internationally Accredited  through the Yoga Alliance (YACEP, 200 HOUR+ 300-HOUR RYS)

  • Board Certificated through The American Association of Natural Wellness Practitioners (AANWP)

  • Board Certification by the AADP (American Association of Drugless Practitioners)

  • International Association of Reiki Professionals (IARP)

  • Programas de certificacion disponible en español.

  • Program can be completed in studio or live online via zoom. Sound Healing Practitioner Program must be completed in studio.

  • The training is limited to a set number of students to ensure your educational experience is supported fully. 

 The Holistic Health Practitioner (HHP) program is a full, comprehensive  program that provides the education necessary for success for employment in the field of holistic health. It is an official board certification in 1,000 hours of various holistic health courses  and trainings. The coursework adequately  prepares the graduate to offer   various modules of healing for the self and others and are prepared to work at or open a holistic health center, yoga studio, Reiki center (etc.) and lead classes, retreats, workshops and events.


This is an official board certified program that is a one to three year commitment in which students can enroll as a full or part time student.   Those enrolled in this dynamic program will take all 11 certification courses offered at  our institution. Courses are offered on  a semester by semester basis and can be chosen to be completed at the pace and subject matter. Courses are offered online + in person. Courses can be completed in groups and certain courses can be completed one-on-one. Graduates will leave with 11 separate certificates + a diploma of 1000 hours as a board certified Holistic Health Practitioner. Different from taking each certification course separately, the program provides a clear guideline on taking the program at a discounted rate of saving around $10,000. This is a broad but unique program that works as a "one stop shop" for students to get all the credentials necessary for a successful career in holistic health. 







The Board Certified HHP program is and dynamic  and diverse program that will expand the student's perspective, knowledge and job desirability once enrolled. Enrollees can have any (to no) experience with holistic health. This program expansive provides the certifications necessary for a career  in the ever growing field of  Holistic Health. 



Course of study includes certification in each of the following courses:


A comprehensive course of study offering certification as 200-Hour Yoga Teacher . The course provides understanding how to properly do and teach over 80 yoga poses, various pranayama (breathing exercises), Mantras, chants, mudras, and  how to meditate and teach meditation using various meditation techniques. You will do deep inward studying learning 10 yogic principles that help cultivate inner and outer peace. These topics vary and discuss how to bring peace to money issues, relationships, self esteem, self discipline, etc. You will  connect deeply with the 7 chakras, understand food as medicine and the yogic diet, explore Ayurveda (ancient Indian Medicine), altar making, goal setting,  and many more transformative life skills that you will be able to pass on to others. 




The advanced coursework will foster an enhanced understanding and experience as compared to the content of  the RYS 200 training. It goes above the understanding of  foundational techniques, training and practice sessions. The enrollee should have a strong understanding on the 200-hour level concepts but also a great dedication to expand and advance in the field of yoga. This 300(plus)-hour journey is a diverse and advanced mix of  analytical training in how to teach and practice the techniques of yoga,  while providing guided teachings and experiences for the enrollee’s own healing and growth as a human, and internship and mentorship practicums in which the enrollee provides an opportunity to embody and practice the concepts discussed in the conscious lecture portion of the training to diverse and specialized populations. 



The yin yoga teacher training prepares to be be a certified Yin Yoga teacher. The program focuses on deeply understanding the 26 yin yoga poses, the philosophy associated with yin, teaching techniques for leading a safe and effective yin yoga class along with understanding the anatomy and physiology of the poses. 


The sound healing facilitator program enables the individuals to provide diverse and varied sessions that use sound healing to balance the body, mind, and energy.  Students will learn to play and use various sound instruments and healing frequencies for healing. 




This course teaches how to engage in a meditation practice with the specialization of the use of mudras.  It will help   cultivate a regular or steady meditation practice with mudra practice. It will  explain how to effectively instruct others to  meditation and  use  mudras to heal and better a person's life. 



 The Breathwork Facilitator Program provides the tools necessary to lead others in engaging in various breathwork exercises that bring health + wellness to the body, mind and spirit.


Learn all about energy, the Chakra system and how to read, understand and heal your energy body in this Level 1 Certification course focused on self-healing.


The Reiki & Energy Work Facilitator Level 2 Certification course teaches how to use Reiki & Energy Medicine to help balance and bring energy healing to others. This course provides the opportunity to start a new business, expand the holistic  business you already have or make a difference in the world by selflessly serving others helping them find balance through the use of Reiki + energy medicine.


The Reiki & Energy Work Facilitator Level 3 Certification course expands + refines the students knowledge and interaction with Reiki + Energy Medicine in a deep way. It is a mastership program that includes 75 hours of dedicated study in which leads to a certificate of Mastership. The course is comprised of understanding different types of energy medicine and ways to use Reiki through different learning modules.


The Reiki & Energy Work Facilitator Level 4 Certification course prepares the seasoned Reiki + Energy Worker to lead and/or create Reiki and/or Energy Work Certification courses to certify others and expand their education. This course focues on mentorship + the teaching of the Reiki and Energy Work medicine. 



The Certified Aromatherapist Program will allow  you to gain a solid foundation of aromatherapy and introduction to herb use. You will interact with over 80 essential oils hearing their stories and seeing how they speak to you as teachers. We will meditate with the plants and understand how they serve us. The course discusses safety and plant medicine, self responsibility and wisdom with plant use, how aromatherapy is made and used, various application methods and the understanding of the plant systems and body systems.



 This program expands on the knowledge gained in the Certified Aromatherapist program exposing you to becoming more subtle connected to the plant medicine + giving you experiences with unique + rare types of essential oils + hyrdosols.

Internship: [70 HOURS] (INT-70)

Additional to the internship in each of the programs.


Yoga With Shawna (The Holistic Health School of San Diego) is a 5 star rated

accredited institution offering various programs + certifications in the science of

holistic health. The school was founded in 2012 and has certified thousands of

students locally, nationally and internationally. The institution provides accreditation

internationally recognized through the Yoga Alliance + board ceritifcations through

The American Association of Natural Wellness Practitioners (AANWP) Board

Certification by the AADP (American Association of Drugless Practitioners)

accreditation through the International Association of Reiki Professional (IARP).

What is unique about this institution is it is also a community center and yoga studio

offering the opportunity for the school's graduates to intern to gain real life

experience. Dependent on the program, the student's education will be fostered +

supported through interning either during and/or after the completion of the

program(s). We learn from doing and this institute provides the space to do.

You will be learning directly from the founder, writer, and creator of the curriculum,

Shawna Schenk. While many other schools hire others to teach programs they have

created, Shawna, the founder,  both writes + teaches the programs. Aside from

having thousands of hours + certifications + diplomas in various holistic health

modules, has a BA in Education, BA in Sociology + MA in Rhetoric + Curriculum Development. Shawna has been an educator since 2006. Prior to opening her own school, community center, and yoga studio, she was a post secondary professor at 10 different colleges in universities online + on the east + west coast for 7 years. 


Shawna has experience in understanding teaching pedagogy and understanding learning styles and human interactions

to teach all levels of students. She has certified students with various learning disorders, physical disabilities and PTSD

along with certifying students as young at 12 and "old" as 76. She is a published author of over 12 books, workbooks + manuals.

The main thing about Shawna is she will always be genuine with you. She started this work on her own journey of finding health and wellness after battling anxiety and depression + being medicated for it for many years. Through holistic health

she has found her peace and restored her health. She cares deeply about passing this on to others and believes it is a priceless tool that saves lives and that it is everyone's birthright to feel peace + happiness.

Different from many institutions, as a student in these programs you will work with the person who created the curriculum. Shawna is lead [and sole] instructor in every program offered at the school. She feels this is very important because she wrote the program, and she knows the program. This school focuses on nurturing and enriching your education with a

highly competent instructor. With this, Shawna is also the founder of San Diego Yoga Festival + the co-owner of the yoga retreat center in Twentynine Palms, CA, Desert Dimension which  provides students the unique opportunity to be a part of these successful projects through interning or working there.




​   $20,000 + plus cost of learning materials

  • $1000-$2500 deposit reserves your spot + is applied to full payment.  

  • $5,000 scholarship opportunities

  • Payment plans available (1 year, 2 year + 3 year plans)

  • Extra fees include learning materials + manuals not included in tuition 

  • Certification processing fee: waived for students who complete the training by due dates and do not need an extension. 

  • Course is non-refundable + nontransferable. Students are required to complete coursework by required due dates + fulfill all requirements to earn the certificate. One extension may be requested in writing. If approved, students will have to pay an additional $99 certification processing fee. Failure to complete the course results in failure to earn 

  • Space is limited.



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