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Happy Full Moon

Full Moons are a time where our WATERS are high: you can see this in natural bodies of water like the ocean and rivers but you can feel it internally as the body is primarily water and water represents if you are feeling a bit moody or sensitive today, you're not crazy. It's a planetary thing: the universe is affecting our rock, our home, Earth. The full moon is a time of illumination: think about it literally, the sky is the brightest at this point because the moon is lighting it to its fullest capacity. Thus, symbolically, the full moon enables us to see and feel light in the dark. Full moons ask us to check in with our emotions and see what can often not be see in the darkness. It is time of inner illumination to let the soul shine. Each moon cycle sits in a certain planet and astrological sign and so has a message for us to learn as the moon waxes and wanes over the course of 29.52 days. The full moon is--in a sense--a time when its lesson is felt the largest because the moon is at its largest from Earth's prospective. This moon is in Capricorn governed by Saturn this cycle. Saturn is protected by rings creating a healthy boundary with the planet and the universe. Capricorn represents an earthy trailblazer: being steadfast, head strong and heart full. Capricorn is tested by its darkness of guilt, shame and fear when it becomes too head strong or heart full. What does it need? BOUNDARIES (just like Saturn teaches!). The lesson of the moon is to sit with yourself: can you be grounded while creating healthy boundaries: boundaries that are not too safe and therefore limit us and cripple us due to fear or guilt. Are you a person who creates boundaries that are healthy but doesn't stick to them because your heart gets in the way? This full moon asks you to look at the dark side of you in terms of boundaries and illuminate yourself with an epiphany moment of self understanding: can you figure out what you do and why you do it in erms of boundaries, people and your life? Then can you make a change?

Free hOMework:

Sit under the moon tonight: take a moon bath (if only for 2 minutes.) Ask it to help you create boundaries that serve you: that push you to a place of fearlessness and excitement yet keep you safe and connected. Send gratitude for Saturn for being a good planetary example of this. Then, set an intention to keep these boundaries in your life. Vow to not be walked over or taken advantage of (or to not do this to others). See how the next 14 days the message of the moon. I encourge to journal and look at the sky every night. As the moon shifts and changes how do you shift and change in your life in relation to boundaries? Extra things to help: *Sit with a moonstone or have it around you. (TMI (i know) but I have a moonstone in my bra right now). *Use the following essential oils as the resoante with this vibration of the moon: cedarwood, clove, grapefruit, cypress, orris root, and/or galbanum. *Make a special moon brew tea out of any of the following full moon in Capricorn supporting herbs: mugwort, cinnamon, hawthorn berry, kava, or ashwagandha. If you're free tonight (Tuesday, July 19th) I'm offering a donation based mediation from 8 to 8:30 PM in Ocean Beach at Tripower Yoga. We will be doing lots of fun stuff (using crystals, incense and binary beats) to balance your moon energy. If you can't make it tonight, note every Tuesday, I lead a donation based meditation at this time covering some fun topic. I'd love to sit with you and find peace!

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