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The Most Epic Relationship of My Life

The most epic relationship of my life--my life's one, fairy tale, true love story--is with my heart. We are best friends; it took me a couple decades but these past 6 months--like an epiphany--I've finally realized it. Aside from the obvious physical and anatomical unrelenting relationship we have--she is my giver of life---emotionally, mentally and spiritually, our relationship is based on the stuff movies are written out of. I couldn't ask for a better partner... I'm there for her and she's there for me: there's no ending or beginning between us, we never let each other down and we continuously evolve together through communicating. There is no doubt: together we are far stronger than we could ever be alone and we both appreciate each other for that. We make each other laugh and cry: she even lovingly annoys me sometimes as she's been known to make my face get red when I see a cute guy. I understand her like no one else: people can say she is sensitive but I know she's just wise. We've been through a lot together (our relationship really started and got intense the first time she broke, in kindergarten, when I came home devastated because a boy in my class didn't have a library card) it took sometime to understand her but now we are solid. I've picked her off the floor when she ached as a teen (because of boys) and didn't want to do anything but listen to Destiny's Child (these heartaches still happen sometimes but I've inspired her to turn off the "say my name" and start singing "survivor" now) . We've helped each other see the bigger picture when things are sad or confusing. She's what led to me to my family and all of the amazing humans I've gotten to know and love throughout my life: it was her who brought me to San Diego, to yoga, to writing a book, to leave things that didn't serve me, to ultimately be the person I am today. We've learned to work together with our best interests in mind because we are one in the same: people recognize us together now as there isn't a "shawna" and "Shawna's heart"--we are one and as a result our vibration is so big---it's noticeable and we are cool with the fact that sometimes this intimidates/scares others: we know together all we keep doing is becoming deeper in our definition of love and were going to keep being this way--no matter what people try to do. We feel more comfortable around others who have a solid relationship with their heart like we do: but we love all beings all the same as we remember a time in our relationship when we weren't that close or respectful of each other. My heart and I were talking earlier and wanted to make our relationship Internet official and encourage others to do so too. Create a relationship--the best relationship--with your heart: when you do this you'll never feel lonely or empty, you'll know better than to "give it away" and then get mad or bitter because you did--instead together you will vibrate big spreading love everywhere. Most importantly, this relationship will never let you down and will guide you to all other things that will honor and mimic that same love that you guys have.

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