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The Particles Within

Deep within you is the symbolic, metaphorical key: the thing that will unlock the answers to all of the questions that plague your mind in worry, fear, and depression. This “key,” like magic, will tell you what to do, where to go, who to go with, and when to go. It provides the answers to all you are yearning for: whatever you are wondering, whatever you need: this key has clarity. If you have a problem---any problem in the world--you can trust this key is there unlocking the door to the answer providing the solution you need.

Two issues currently plaguing the human population are (1) lack of connection to the self and (2) lack of belief in the self. If you currently feel you have no clue who you are, what you are supposed to do with your life or why you are here on this spinning rock called Earth or if you currently believe that you are not worth a peaceful or happy life, things will never go your way, or you will never get all that you want (yet deep down--every particle within you knows this can’t be true), you are not alone.

My job as a yoga teacher and Reiki Master introduces me to hundreds of people a week who are experiencing this angst. It seems, these days more than ever, people are trying to find purpose in this world and discover who they are and how they can bring this purpose to their life, but they have no clue how to do it so they find themselves stuck.

It can be a beautiful thing to feel stuck because this life lesson can inspire movement and change. So many of us used to be ok with suffering or were once content with being complacent. Now, we are evolving. A profound spiritual shift is occurring in the world: people are waking up and trying to walk away from the sufferings in their lives:

  • the 9-to-5-rat-in-a-cage-job which belittles the sense of their existence

  • the lack-of-passion-full-of-expectation-and-obligation relationships which build massive walls around their hearts

  • the pressure from the outside world as depicted by the media and society making us scared to death to truly be who we are

This awakening is making us aware but we are not sure what to do with this awareness or where to look for guidance. So many of us are starving for answers and yearning for direction on how to find and live our purpose, yet, like any person who just wakes up from a place of unconsciousness, things are blurry: we can’t see straight and since we live in an urgent society where we can get whatever we want whenever we want it in this physical world at a click of a button (literally), we are looking outward to find answers and we want them now. This leaves us googling, reading books upon books and hiring therapists and business coaches to tell us what to do with our lives. Bluntly put: we want to know who we are and the only way we think we know how to do is by being urgent, by looking at our cell phones and computers and asking others to tell us who we are.

The reality of the situation is: google can find almost anything, but it won’t help you find your purpose because it can’t help you find your soul: there is an inward “google” search that needs to be done in the master computer and motherboard of all things which is your heart and soul: every particle that is you.

Within every protein, every subatomic particle in the nuclear atom, is all the information of all others atoms in the universe. This is a mathematical and scientific fact (google it).

This means if you split open a cell you will find it is made up of everything: since we are nothing but particles--cells--this means you are everything and you have all the answers you need within you. So, if you are feeling urgent and want to know anything about yourself or your life now, all you need to do is sit with yourself.

Deep within you is the symbolic, metaphorical key: the thing that will unlock the answers to all of the questions that plague your mind in worry, fear, and depression. This key will help you find your purpose. This key is located in every single cell and particle that is you. It is within you and can only be found within you.

We must stop trying to distract ourselves from trying to look for answers anywhere else but within. We must stop the conversations of wanting and wishing and wondering. We must stop the googling madness. We must stop listening and talking to everyone else in the world but ourselves. We must sit with our self, listen and learn. We must meditate and reflect.

Many people have many excuses on why they don’t meditate and many will say they can’t do it or they are bad it. This brings us back to the human problem in most of us having a serious lack of connection with the self. So many of us just don’t know how to connect with ourself because we are connected with so many other things and so when we sit with ourself or try to meditate, we feel we are doing it wrong. Bluntly put: you can’t be “bad” at or sit with yourself wrong. Meditation doesn’t have to be intimidating or something you need to learn to do through someone else. Getting to know yourself can be really simple if you let it: just sit down and be quiet. Observe your thoughts. Learn who you are. Listen to yourself.

It used to be super hard for me the meditate because I used to be scared to sit with myself, so I would distract myself with hiring therapists to tell me how I should live my life or reading books on what to do with me. These tools were priceless in giving me much needed inspiration but I didn’t really find the answers I needed until I turned everything off, stepped away from everyone else, and listened to me.

Meditation is a practice. I encourage you to sit with yourself in silence if for nothing else than 60 seconds a day. Meditation is also something that gets easier each time you do it. I began to practice daily: literally just sitting with myself in silence. Now I can sit with myself for hours throughout the day, and since you are made up of the same particles that I am made up of, you can do this too. I promise. Every day sit in silence for a little bit longer than the day before. See what you learn.

Everything I have learned in meditation and from sitting with the particles of me has changed my life profusely. It has been the most meaningful education of my life. It has provided me answers far better than any website or therapist has ever provided me. It has healed my anxiety, played a large role in getting me off antidepressants, made me money, saved me money, and brought relationships and people into my life. Meditation has taught me to connect with the deep wisdom that exists within my particles: and scientifically speaking, since we are all made up of particles, we all have this same knowledge: so you can find this too.

Last year, I was meditating for 45 minutes to a live drum: in this meditation I got great clarity on many parts of my life and I also got a strong message: the message was to bring a yoga festival to San Diego (the city where I live). I listened to the particles within me that brought me this message and I began creating this festival. Now this event is happening and positively affecting so many people in so many ways, so more than anything else: know that you can change the world by doing nothing but sitting with yourself.

San Diego Yoga Festival is selling 1008 tickets and it would be a great honor for me to sit with you as we listen to ourselves together in the various classes offered throughout the weekend. The aim of this festival is to provide inspiration and tools for people to understand how to get to know themselves: to hear themselves, to look inward, to sit with themselves, to connect with themselves and to trust that is all they need. This festival, will offer non-stop yoga and holistic healing experiences over 4 days straight offering over 90 classes led by some of the most powerful healers in the country. The classes will be indoors and on the beach at the end of January in sunny, southern California. The purpose is to help others find their purpose in this life and to do it from inspiring others to find stillness and sit with themselves. My particles would love to silently sit next to your particles and gain some more clarity and purpose at this festival this year.

When you connect with yourself, you start to listen to all that you are made up from; from here you start to believe in yourself and in turn believe in the world and all things as we are made up of the same stuff. Here, truly, is where magic happens. This key unlocks all the doors to all the things you ever need and helps others do the same.

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