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Thank you Father Sun

Living on this Earth, we all know that the sun, well, he is everything. He is our life force and he is what keeps us (and all living things) alive. I truly feel that the sun’s importance in this world is one topic that universally binds us all: regardless of what language you speak or culture you come from: the purely logical scientist is going to defend the sun as strongly as the hippy yogi who dances Sun Salutations every morning.

Science has proved that the winter time blues are real: seasonal depression affects many people. There is an energy of the light of the sun that fulfills us and makes us feel happier on days that are bright than days that are gray.

“Atapa Snana” is the yogic phrase for the healing science of sun bathing. Ancient yogis and civilizations throughout time have honored the sun and its healing benefits against numerous illness, mentally and physically, inspiring us to (no pun intended) shine and be our brightest self.


The answer for the logical scientist:

The sun’s rays:

  • Lower blood pressure

  • Lower cholesterol

  • Cleanse the blood and blood vessels

  • Increase Oxygen content in human blood

  • Feed humans Vitamin D

The answer for the hippie yogi:

  • Human beings learn from example, and so being in the presence of a big, bright ball of light will only remind you that you are that too.

  • Everything is energy: when you’re in the dark, you will take on that energy. When you are in the light, you will be light. Light is freedom and from freedom comes happiness and health.

  • We are particulars made up of light: hanging with the light will remind you of all tht you are and from that memory comes bliss.

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