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Live by the moon.

If you understand what is happening above, you will most certainly be able to live in more harmony here on Earth. For the past few years I have been studying the moon cycles and learning how to live with them, and today, I am happy to share some of the wisdom with you. It has made my life easier and I wish the same for you.

Right now, we are in the New Moon Period. This is a super exciting time to start new things.

We can use the energy of the emerging moon and beginning of the moon cycle to break old habits and start new projects, initiate goals, and set intentions. This week is about starting new things that are good for you and letting go of repeating the same old things month after month that you know are bad or unfulfilling for you. We move on this week.

Advice for Work: This is the best time to start new projects, take on new tasks, and start a new job (or side job); if you’ve been having a thought about doing something awesome (like you have a million-dollar idea (or you just have some good idea!) work-related but haven’t done it, now is the time to stop thinking about doing, and create an action plan and move forward in doing it. The abundance gods will reward you, so freaking get out there.

If you hate your job: Become a yoga teacher :). If not, this is a good time to make a plan that supports you to leave OR create a new thought pattern: acceptance and positivity will keep your organs a lot healthier than thinking about something you hate over and over again if you can’t or won’t leave the situation.

Advice for love: Stop doing what you always do in your love life that causes you problems, and nurture what you do that makes you and the person (or persons) you are in a relationship with happy.

If you're single and looking: Be clear: who is it that you want to date? What do you want? What don’t you want? Make a clear goal to make what you want a reality (so stop dating the losers or those people that are repeating habits that don’t bring you closer to being the best version of you and start opening your heart to what it is exactly that you want and deserve: the universe will deliver when you are clear on what you want.

If you’re in a relationship: What is a nagging, recurring fight or internal thought that self-sabotages your relationship? STOP THAT NONSENSE! :) Get rid of it this week and replace it with a good, healthy, happy, full of love thought and action. Also, mediate on this: What do you want your relationship to look like and be? What is the fantasy? Talk about it together and then set an intention or come up with a plan to make it a reality.

If you're in something confusing: Now's a good time to make it un-confusing (confession gives you wrinkles, you know?)

Advice for health: How many times have you thought “I’m going to go to Free Yoga this week with Shawna?” But then you don't. Shameless self plug: (See you on the cliffs Tuesday at 6:30 PM at Sunset Cliffs and Hill Street). back to my point: how many times have you thought: You’re going to drink less, smoke less, eat better, exercise more (and then pick up the beer and sit on the couch or hit happy hour with the ladies against your better judgement)?

This week is about actually creating NEW healthy patterns and letting go of the stuff that is hurting your mind, body and soul so this week we create new habits:

  • Exercise.

  • Physically Move Your Body.

  • Breathe.

  • Meditate.

  • Eat healthy (or healthier).

  • Drink more water.

  • Laugh more.

  • Journal instead of gossip.

  • Hug and love yourself instead of talk bad about yourself internally

  • *Iinsert whatever bad habit you have here* and replace it with something healthy.

Stop one thing (or everything) you do that is bad for your health and set the intention to create a new, healthy habit.

Looking into the future….

June 30th-July 7th: The week of the Waning Moon (First Quarter): This is the time for action. So, GO. Move forward with all the intentions you are setting this week, and STICK TO IT. We are all adults here, so it’s time to man up and do this damn thing :) It’s good for you to become a new, better person rid of that BS that you don’t want to be.

July 8th-14th: The week of the Full Moon: This is the time for illumination, celebration and ENERGY. Imagine the week of the new moon is when you plant your seeds: well, the week of the Full Moon is when your fruits are harvested. So what did you grow this month? Enjoy it! Celebrate this week and if your poor fruits didn’t turn out the way you intended, learn from what you didn’t do it and move on using the inspiring energy of the full moon to invite more light in your life and work on those intentions again.

July 15th-21st:The week of the Waxing Moon (Last Quarter): Relax (seriously, take it easy. This is the yin time of the month, where the light is getting less and less as it shines on Earth: so this is the time to take it easy, not start anything new, and just be calm and restorative with yourself, peacefully enjoying all the work you did this month. Kick back and breaaathhhhhhhhe, lounge around, take it easy, homies. It’s a great time for a vacation. San Diego is nice this time of year ,you know? (another shameless plug ;) )

The new moon starts again July 22nd and so here we are continue to grow to be better people and create more new healthy habits as we go through the lunar cycle again, but don’t worry about that. Focus on this moon cycle, and I’ll send you another email next month.

Happy new moon :)!

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