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Full Moon Tarot Reading: King of Swords

The King of Swords: July 9th

With the July 9th full moon at 17°09,′ Capricorn is only one degree away from Pluto. Pluto is the energetic force of power and intensity. It honors transformation through destruction. With this, traditionally, for many American Indian tribes, July’s Full Moon is known as the Full Buck Moon (it’s the time of year the Buck Deer start to grow their new antlers); it was also known as the Thunder Moon because of the intense thunder clouds forming during this month.

Reflect on those two schools of thought for a minute: the astrological perspective and the Native American tradition based on nature: a Full Buck is an animal force of power: it’s antlers growing is the natural exemplification of transformation: change through growth and maturity (release of the immature, younger self). Thunder is the energetic cry of INTENSITY: the symbolic “pay-attention-to-me-now-release-what-you-don’t-need” song of Mother Earth orchestrating as it rains yearning to bring cleansing and renewal. The buck and the thunder are living natural forces of what Pluto represents: change so supporting that what happens above in our universe, reflect below here on Earth.

A tarot card was chosen for you for this moon cycle. It was channeled through a powerful lunar ritual asking the angels to pick a card that would directly speak to those who clicked on this blog and

are reading this message right now, during this cycle. A million people won’t read this email: only a certain group of souls destined to hear this message will. Know you were divinely felt when this card was drawn and you are being called on now to hear this message.

For this intense, powerful full moon, the card of King of Swords was chosen and is here to give you the following advice to support you over the the Full Moon and the conclusion of this June 23-July 22 moon cycle:

Because the sun opposites the moon to create a full moon, full moons generally highlight polarities in your life: logic vs. emotions, work vs. home, expectation vs. truth, what you want vs. what you need. The lunar qualities of emotions and instincts reach their peak at a full moon with the position of this full moon astrologically, and its symbolism from Native traditions, King of Swords is here to support you in a POWERFUL transformation as an important part of you changes in this moon cycle with mental growth as you understand and balance the polarities that exist around and within you. He is here to remind you that you are the KING of your mentality, and using your clear, intellectual knowledge will rule as you symbolically grow your “antlers” and release a younger version of yourself and step into a more mature version of you: someone who is the KING and ruler of their life in the smartest way---not one that is bogged down by duality.

The card brings the prediction of the gifts of:

*clear thinking

*intellectual power



These gifts are will help you transform like the butterfly that sits in between the two crescent moons on the back of the King of Swords’ thrown. It sends the message that you know you are here to grow: you mentally see and understand the value of this change, and so your emotional self won’t bring havoc through fear or other negative, disillusional feelings not based on truth. This card is happy news of mental stability over the stressful see-sawing emotional game our brain likes to play sometimes.

The King of Sword wears a blue tunic, symbolic of a desire for spiritual understanding, and a purple cape, symbolic of compassion combined with intellect: you are encouraged to use your knowledge to navigate your path ahead of you throughout the remainder of this moon cycle: stand firmly and tall in being a ruler of your life (and not someone to be ruled over).

This card also evokes the message of courage and ethics: you are now seeing clearly through the polarities that bring confusion (ie: what someone wants you to do vs what you want to do) and will have the guts to do this and live this, this week. This card is inviting a pillar of strength to your AURA, so meditate with this second half of the moon cycle, and trust the clarity your mind is bringing now.

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