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Simple Energy-Cleansing Tip #1 for the New Year

Purchase 12 renewable/sustainably-made toothbrushes (This is my favorite -it’s bamboo so it’s good for MaMa Earth and charcoal infused which is a natural and healthy teeth whitener and detoxes).

Switch out your toothbrush every Full Moon (keep them on hand so that you don’t forget/it doesn’t become a hassle).

Why? Brushing your teeth is not just an important physically healthy act—it’s important for our aura. Every time we clean out our mouth physically, energetically we are doing so too. We say a lot of words. Some not always true or nice.

We must cleanse our mouth of old patterns that lead us into say things that don’t serve us or others for the greater good.

Old habits die hard—so by changing out your toothbrush every month, you are not allowing the old energy residue stay on a brush that is designed to help cleanse you(it’s counterproductive). You are helping re-balance your throat chakra so you can speak words of truth and love—using your mouth for the good of humanity.

Why change on the full moon? It’s the most powerful time of consciousness in the month so you will be more likely to start your new toothbrush off with mouth-conscious vibes.

Extra Tips:

Put a few drops of clove on your toothbrush to cleanse it after every use! It’s FDA approved for oral health and this beautiful plant helps you see love (c-love) in everything!

Put rose quartz crystals around your toothbrush holder to infuse it with love as your toothbrush isn’t being used!

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