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Meditation Visions becoming reality...

Two years ago, I saw San Diego Yoga Festival as a vision in a meditation I had. It is pure bliss when thoughts become things, and your dreams and direct messages from the angels turn into reality. I wish this all for you: your inspiring and positive dreams to be become living truth.... With year 2 of San Diego Yoga Festival, I am so humbled and stoked for this event. Last year, we had over 1000 people. This year I made it my goal to have at least 4000 people there, and so we will. I sure hope you are one of them. Creating, managing and supporting this new beautiful business has been a gift. It has shown me I can do anything: wear all of the hats I need to: I can design a billboard, write a press release, defend the event to a table full of officials, address the politics, order port-a-potties, manage a team and release judgements or annoyances when things don't go as planned...I can create an epic class, teach it....answer 80 plus emails a day with a literal smile of gratitude, keep going when people say "No" or "I can't" or "You can't". Show them that you can and anything is possible. Since you know me, you know I am a girl who likes to sit on the beach, stretch, try to breathe and talk to flowers. Event planning and managing is not my forte, but you know what: anything can be your forte, and you just need to try. I share this with you to remind you can do anything, and I'd love to witness your positive thoughts become things. I have and continue to put my heart and soul into this event: working hard to make sure it is a healthy party that is safe, inspiring and life-changing all while keeping up my 2-3 hour personal, daily yoga plan and be Yoga With Shawna. Some say "You're busy." I say, all I can do is thank yoga: Without it, this event could not and would not exist. It gives me energy, faith, love, and hope (and endurance!) I, too, hope you live a life where you work hard at your dreams and have something you put your heart and soul in.

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