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Orange, as plant medicine, is second chakra magic. The second chakra is the energy center that exists outside and around our physical body that governs the health of our intestines, kidneys, and womb (physically and spiritually in women and spiritually in men). It directly affects our levels of creativity and our sexuality, and the expression of both of those things. It is also correlated with the diminishing of fear, releasing all that doesn’t serve us. From this, it teaches us how to go with the flow. Orange is the color of this energy center, and the Orange essential oil brings healing and balance to all of these things energetically with its hue and medicinal influence.

As a result, Orange is plant medicine that:

releases fear.

  • Orange teaches us to flow: she takes our hand and playfully guides us through the waves of life with no fear and no regret. She reminds us to keep moving, enjoy the ebbs and flow of life and just ride the wide. She doesn’t allow us to stand still, resist, or become stagnant. She says, “Come on! Just go where life takes you! It’s fun!”

  • Orange helps us process our fears: her sweet smell will show you that there is nothing but sweet, sweet joy in life and fear is just that but an illusion. According to Chinese medicine, the kidneys are the organ that hold on to our fear, and perfectly enough, science and various medical cases have proven Orange essential oil (pure/highest quality grade) to help pass kidney stones. From this prospective, kidney stones are physical manifestations of blocked fear that we have not gotten over. Orange helps us to physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually release fear and move forward. If your kidneys our healthy, she works as preventative medicine to keep us processing and moving forward in joy.

  • Orange helps us to realize that to be alive and to have the capacity to read this right now is simply a miracle. Life is but a joy. If you feel out of alignment with this statement, Orange will remind you of all the miracles and happiness that is life. She is pure bliss in a bottle.

keeps us clean.

  • She detoxies on all levels. If you put a few of Orange on a styrofoam cup, it will disintegrate right in front of your eyes. This is because pure Orange essential oil will eat through anything that is toxin. Orange will recognize anything that is not pure and natural may it be bad foods stuck in our intestines or bad thoughts trapped in our brains, and she will destroy it. She is all about the detox. Use her if you are cleansing (emotionally, mentally, energetically, or physically) or just trying to be more pure on any level. She will eat right through what we don’t need, destroying it on the spot so flow is possible.

  • I particularly like Orange for those working in recovery for whatever the substance they may be addicted to. She not only aids in the detox process, but she helps bring joy and contentment to the void that exists in us in which we are looking for fulfillment and choose bad substances to falsely take its place. Orange will be there for you as one tool helping with sobriety or simply teaching you how to choose and stay clean.

  • Because of all these powers, Orange is also something you can use to clean your house.If she can do this to your insides, imagine what she can do to your kitchen table! Put a few drops of her in a glass spray bottle with water and she will clean your home without the use of any chemicals. Many of our cleaning products are chemicals. It is ironic to clean with things that are toxin. Using Orange essential oils makes things simply clean. Plus, her uplifting scent will also make cleaning a more enjoyable process and make the house smell of positivity.

  • She is anti-viral and anti-cancer. She will help push out sicknesses inside of you.

sparks joy.

  • Orange is antidepressant. She ignites hope, joy, bliss, and pure happiness within you. Just a single sniff of her and you will feel her bright energy. She uplifts and energizes low feelings.

  • Orange is also a nervine. If you feel tired or fatigued because most of your energy is spent in your head (thinking of negative thoughts or self-depreciating ideas), Orange will come in and calm those thoughts. It’s like she is “Super Woman” flying in to spread her positive vibes and kill out the “bad guys” known as fear, worry, anxiety, depression, and angst.

I love orange for teens and for adults healing their wounded teenage self.

Orange has a thick skin. She is tough on the outside and sweet on the inside. During the teenage years (where the second chakra is being refined) the sweetness and innocence of our childhood can be lost as we start to see and feel the imbalances of the world. This reality can leave us cold, dark or low. When we’ve been wounded or hurt by others or the world, we can build walls. Those walls are built out of protection but tend to block love, positivity and joy in our lives. Orange teaches not to build walls that block our happiness but to protect ourselves by making our skin thick: laughing and smiling at the imbalances in the world, not allowing them to cause hurt to us and to stay sweet in our heart and in our insides. Orange teaches a valuable lesson: be strong, don’t be offended or saddened by others easily and don’t let anything or anyone take your essence: the sweet joy that lives inside of you.

I encourage teens to use this essence to help nurture this within them in this pivotal part of their life, and I also encourage adults to use this oil to heal the little teenager in them that may have been hurt many years ago. Let’s be honest: the teenage years are a beautiful gift, but they are tough. Most of us have had some trauma or pain from the teenage years (may it be confusion, rejection, bullying, pressure, hurt, sexual I need to go on?). The body and mind remember. Orange will help you laugh and smile at the young version of you and release those pains so only joy can exist in your present life.

In class last night we used, Sweet Orange ($24) and Orange Petitgrain ($27). What’s the difference between the two? The Sweet Orange is essence made only from the fruit of the plant. It takes the entire fruit and uses all of it (including the seeds and skin). This medicine is potent as it not only invites the sweetness of the fruit but also the lessons of the thick skin and plants the seeds (through the use of its seeds) to allow happiness to grow within you. The Orange Petitgrain is not only the fruit but it is also the branches, twigs, and leaves. The fruit is the end result, the karma of the growing process of the tree. It is the reward after all of the growth and that is why the essence of just the fruit is so sweet, but in using the petitgrain, almost all of the orange tree, you are not only getting the karma or end result (the fruit), you are honoring the entire growth process; the branches and leaves of the tree are very important in the growth process of the fruit: without them, there’d be no sweet fruit, so in this version of the plant medicine, it teaches the importance of the journey (rather than the end result), the importance of growth, and the lesson of teamwork and coming together to make something. It also shows that every part of everything has something to give and everything is important. You are important. The petitgrain is also more grounding over sweet in smell and energy.

If Orange was at a party that you were at, she’d be that friend that was always smiling. The second she saw you she’d call out your name in pure joy, give you a huge wave, a big smile and even bigger hug. She’d be the friend who just brought nothing but pure joy to your life. She doesn’t see any negativity in things: just the up side. If you watched her all night interact with people, you would see not someone who easily got their feelings hurt or talked about negative things, but rather a joyful being of bright, inspirational energy.

Copyright, Yoga With Shawna, 2018

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