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“as so above, as so below"

Elemi is an angel on Earth disguised as a tree. Her medicine teaches humans the concepts of quiet, calm, and peace. Just a few drops of her will invite stillness to your body and mind. She will be a friend to you if suffer from a chattering mind, have trouble being still or are yearning for peace in your life. She is the teacher of these things.

Elemi is a tree the grows in the Philippines. Her medicine is made from the resin of the tree. The resin is the sap or the blood of the tree. It is the tree’s life force. Essential oils made from resins are very potent, some say they are as potent as gold. Just as our blood feeds, nurtures, affects and holds all parts of our human body, the resin is the same from a tree. It holds all the secrets of the tree’s power: it holds its life.


Important to Know about Extracting Resin from a Tree for Medicine/Aromatherapy:

The specific essential oil bottles I sell at the studio hold resin from Elemi that was taken in not only a sustainable way, but a ritualistic way. Those who harvest her medicine use traditions for harvesting her that has not changed for tens of thousands of years. This ritual has been handed down from one generation to the next to those families who have been “called.” Those who harvest her have an understanding of the tree: it is built in their DNA.

The tree is not simply robbed of its medicine and left to die. It is synergistically given, with permission, in a way that keeps the tree healthy and strong so its medicine can benefit the people year after year. The harvester and tree talk to one another: the tree will even let the harvester know when is the right time to come back for more resin in the future. Sustainability and love is the process the precious “blood” of the tree is extracted.

Please note that this is not the case many essential oil companies even when they claim to be sustainable. This is of high importance. Energetically, the plant medicine will hold all of its memories and share them: the way a tree is harvested lives on in its resin. A tree that is wrongly killed or unrighteously robbed of its resin can feel trauma, and that trauma can follow the person who ingests the medicine, that is why it is so important to know exactly where/how your essential oil is harvested and not just buy anything off the shelf, buy something blindly off the internet or even trust these big corporate, pyramid style oil companies making you buy memberships and seling you propaganda as opposed to simply getting the plant medicine you need at the time you need, no strings attached. This is why I have decided to speak about the plants and now have a place to offer pure, high quality essential oils.


Elemi is a part of the Frankincense and Myrrh family: she was often called the “poor man’s frankincense.” This is for a few reasons. Frankincense and Myrrh were discussed in the bible along with gold as the highest power of gift. The rich, royal families honored these sacred trees due this biblical reference. There were only 3000 families who could extract the medicine of Frankincense making her rare. Elemi, on the other hand, was used by the common people. It was said to be more “simple.” The irony is Elemi holds almost all the same healing properties of Frankincense (they differ in only a few slight ways, each holding a power on it its own making them special and important all to themselves.) One can not replace another, and I suggest using them both as they are both gift here on Mother Earth. Today you can purchase Elemi for $25 while Frankincense is close $80. Elemi vibrates accessibility. She is here for the people, and preaches that health is everyone’s birthright. She is well worth the $25.

Please also know Elemi is not anyone’s poor man’s anything. Use a bottle of Elemi and you will quickly learn feel her healing powers. She teaches it is not ok label or judge. She is the vibration of AUM in a bottle. She reminds us we are all the same. Society can do what it does and create labels, stereotypes and hierarchy. Elemi is a harmonizer who teaches something new: we are all as valuable as gold. Befriend her especially if you are one who easily judges others or if you are person who has been stereotyped or labeled.

Elemi also reminds us of the spiritual nature that lives in all of us. Her name came because of this vibration. In Arabic “Elemi” comes from the phrase “as so above, so below.” She is the plant medicine that benefits both the physical body and the spiritual body. She bridges heaven and earth. If you are looking for spiritual medicine, she is a great teacher of this. She brings you deep in your meditations, profoundly improves spiritual environments, and awakens your soul. She will have you contemplate: Are you a human being having a spiritual experience or a spiritual being having a human experience? If you are looking to dive deeper in your spirituality and strengthen your understanding for God and the higher world, she is here to walk with you on this spiritual quest.

I like to describe Elemi as an entire medicine cabinet in a bottle. It is said her antiseptic property protect against “every possible infection” including those from microbes, bacteria, fungi, and viruses, along with providing protection against septic and tetanus. She has amazing power on the immune system and is great for fighting cold and flus. She has the ability to loosen phlegm that clogs the breathing passages in the lungs and nasal cavity. She is gentle for the lungs and can also ease coughs and clear congestion to make it easier to breathe. She protects and heals wounds on the skin, internally and emotionally. She is effective in preventing infections in the urethra, urinary bladder, urinary tract, colon, kidneys, intestines, stomach, and other internal organs, whether there is some form of wound, ulcer, or other potentially hazardous conditions. I include her in a my “Sacred 4”: a team of four resins used to fight cancer as her healing properties are potent and real.

Elemi is a very popular ingredient in skin care product. Using her rawly (simply place her on your skin as opposed to in a product) is deeply beneficial. She is amazing skin medicine, helping aging skin, repairing trauma and rejuvenating the face and body. Elemi tones and firms the skin, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It normalizes your skin’s natural oils, shrinking pores and supporting a balanced, even complexion. Her resin brings a glow of beauty whereever you put her.

Living the rainforests of the Philippines, Elemi withstands extremes in the environment and weather standing tall through immense amount of EXTREME dry heat and heavy torrential rains. She can handle any weather and any condition. In fact, it has been found she actually produces better resin and crop the more she is shaken and battered by the winds, rains and heat. What does this teach? She holds the strength and resiliency needed to weather tough storms, reminds us we are as sweet and powerful as our past battles have taught us to be, and helps us become resilient everyday in our life. She shows the rewards in not being shaken by any outside force and simply standing tall, holds our hand when we face environmental stress, helps us through transitions and is our friend when we need to weather deep emotions.

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