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Clove Bud

“I will help you c-love (see love) in every situation. ” -C-love Bud

Clove is an evergreen tree that grows up to 50 feet tall! He has large leaves with crimson colored flowers. He was “born” in Indonesia and is primarily found in Bangladesh, Indonesia, India, Madagascar, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and Tanzania (Zanzibar).

Clove Buds have been found back as far as 1721 BCE! More “recently” they have been documented to be used in Indian Ayurvedic Medicine and Chinese Medicine for thousands of years. It was said to be a highly valued substance traded often. The aromatic flowers are so strong that it has been documented that ships coming into the harbour could smell him before they docked. That is for sure the vibration of Clove: he is warming, strong, and noticeable: a medicine of great worth and value full of love.

Clove Bud is powerful medicine for your mouth. He has been proven by the FDA to be safe and effective for oral health. He fights tooth pain as a natural and highly effective pain reliever

(The Journal of Dentistry published a study in 2006 proving that Clove Essential Oil had the same numbing effect as Benzocaine, a topical agent commonly used before needle insertion). He has been proven to rid many oral bacterias. Clove Oil contains a chemical called eugenol, which acts as an anesthetic and antibacterial agent: many medications used in dentistry use eugenol mixed with fluoride in their medications (or a synthetic reproduction mimicking Clove’s property) . Fluoride is a neurotoxin hardening the pituitary and pineal gland and poisoning the brain causing chemical imbalances. Because the numbing power comes from the eugenol, simply using Clove has been proven to not only be healthier but effective. The Indian Department of Public Health Dentistry recently conducted a study that evaluated clove’s ability to slow tooth decalcification, or dental erosion, compared to medications with: eugenol, eugenyl-acetate, ad fluoride and a control group. Not only did Clove Oil “lead the pack by significantly decreasing decalcification,” it was observed that it actually remineralized teeth. Clove Oil is a natural anti-inflammatory and antifungal medicine. Place the oil directly on the tooth or gum or use tissue or cotton ball if you can’t easily reach the mouth ache.

However, its physical benefits for the mouth are just the beginning. The power of Clove is in his name. He spells out his remedy: he spells out clove.The plant medicine helps you see love (C-Love) in every situation. Energetically and emotionally he cleanses away pains in our heart, rejuvenates bitterness from heartache,turns judgement into understanding, and awakens our eyes and ears to the vibration of love. He is the remedy for hate. He is the warm hug after you’ve been slapped in the face by life.

He is leader in the “fight” against hatred: one who stands bravely against ridicule, jealousy, discrimination, and un-love. He is the face of the love and he is relentless. He will show you the way. His warming sensation will warm the coldest of situations. He is your friend reminding you of love’s power and that love is the only medicine that is real.

Clove is a pessimistic person’s kryptonite. If you are a “glass half empty” person, you need a drop of Clove in your half-empty glass every day (yes, you can drink him as an essential oil or warm up some Clove Buds and make tea. He will show you the up side of life, get rid of the “blah” feeling you hold on to, and remove that dark cloud of negativity that hides from surrounding to love around you.

If Clove were a person, he’d be the friend you’d go to when you just can’t see, feel or be the love. If this is something you feel regularly, use him regularly. He will help you out of your funk (even if it has been lifelong). If this is something you feel situationally, use him and talk to him when all you feel is mad, lacking compassion, full of resentment, upset, like a victim or full of fear. These are love’s enemies and Clove will help you to see they are not the way. He is optimism through the lense of love in a bottle.

For this reason, Clove Oil is a blessing to your mouth. He inspires you to speak and think words of love. If you find yourself talking negatively or complaining, come to Clove and he will lift the negative veil from your eyes and show you love. He delivers this every time. I highly recommend going to Clove anytime you have seen, heard or said anything unloving (maybe after you have had a fight with someone!). Know he also works as preventative medicine and will teach you to not go the route of using harmful language to others or yourself anymore (He re-writes your truths in this way showing you how to understand things from the paradigm of love.

You can take him externally (simply put him on your skin) or internally (putting him in your mouth). Some claim he is too harsh to put on his skin: do a test patch, but know if you use with love and use a pure, unmanipulated oil, Clove will bring you the warm and fuzzies in the most healing way, not burnin git. Love will never burn you, and Clove will teach you that.

Clove is physical, spiritual, mental, energetic and emotion mouthwash (throw your Scope in the trash): he aides in communication and shifts your perspective to one of only love. He burns the negativities away. To honor the medicine that he is, I make a natural mouthwash with my Clove Oil every morning simply adding a few drops to water to him. I will swish this oil + water mixture around in my mouth asking the medicine to bless my mouth. I will say an affirmation as I am swishing and as I spit out the oil/water mixture it becomes a symbolic ritual! I imagine all my fears and unloving thoughts/words go down the drain. My mouth is left feeling warm and my teeth are healthy. I have not had to visit a dentist since 2012.

This helps not only my voice and mind be full of loving words but also my senses. In a world that sometimes feel lonely, cold, or terribly far from love and full of discrimination, prejudice, and violence,Clove changes my perspectives and helps me to see the love in everything. For this reason, for me,this is medicine to prevent me from going down the cycle of anxiety and depression that is result for me of seeing the world as a scary and not supported place.

Clove Bud is many things other than mouth medicine, but he is able to be these things because he is the medicine of love, and love heals all.

He is known for:


Clove is said to bring in abundance and wealth. It is a money-drawing herb. If you hate money or think it is evil, use Clove. He will show you that money is beautiful and a means to make a change in the world for good when used with love. Place a few Clove Buds in your purse and wallet and see your money situation change.

As discussed, Clove is a pain-reliever. For many people, money brings great pain and hardship. Chew him and you will see: he’ll make your mouth numb. Energetically, this is very powerful: he helps take the pain out of the process of “dealing with” money. Money isn’t a painful topic: it is a blessing, and Clove helps bring that. He does that through love. The more money you have, the more you can help yourself and others.

The numbing properties of him are also very potent to tune into when you are doing that self talk that doesn’t serve you: the illusion of fear or you “can’t” or “won’t” ever be successful or a person with money. If you start to think this way, put a drop of Clove Essential Oil in your mouth or chew on a clove: The numbing will force you to stop talking and listen to your heart.

Relationship Magic/Sexual Pleasure

Clove is great for relationships. Not only is he medicine for your mouth helping you speak lovingly (which we often forget to our partners sometimes) he is an aphrodisiac. He has even been said to give that “extra shot of sexual energy” and is believe to be a great natural way to increase your sex drive. I see Clove as a relationship therapist in a bottle. He will council you in terms of communication and inspire and ignite you in terms of the physical. It is suggested to rub her on you and your partner’s belly to experience profound love and connection /sexual energy


Research has shown he is powerful medicine for the brain, in particular your memory. He is a memory stimulant and will aid in sharpening your memory. Apply Clove directly to the crown chakra--the top of head--every day for 5 days, 2 days off, for a total 14 consecutive days for memory enhancement.

Protection and Seeing the Way:

Clove also brings in protection, banishes hostile/negative forces, and allows to “gain what is sought.” What do you SEEK? This herb friend is here to help you GET IT.

Physical Health:

Virus, fungi, and parasites hates Clove. He will help keep you healthy and strong. Clove aides digestive problems: specifically bloating, colic, gas, and nausea. Clove also is great for skin health, particularly helping acne, skin sores and ulcers.

Blend for Good Luck and Purity:

Place a few drops of Clove Oil and rub it into your skin. On top, place a few drop of Orange Oil. Breathe in their blended medicines. Clove and Orange have been partnered together for centuries: in many traditions their combination is said to bring good luck. They were used together during the Black Plague to cleanse the air. These two power houses will purify your mind, body, and heart bringing you close to love.

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