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Time. What is time? How much of it do we have? Is everything (or anything) timelessness?

The spiritual self has a deep and phenemonial relationship with the concept of time.

Time. What time is it? What time do we have to be there? Do you have time to hang out? I don’t have time for that! The physical questions and statements on time (and excuses with time) we have as human beings play a large role in constructing our reality.

Time is something that can fill up out heart, mind and body with ease, joy, balance and relaxation. Time is also something that can cripple us in fear, panic and illusion. What is your relationship with time? How does it affect your mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional health?

Thyme as plant medicine is a punctual friend. He comes when you are ready (and he is always on time!). He will always show up when you need him, and right now, here he is in your presence.

Thyme teaches all of the lessons of the preciousness of time. Time itself is not precious because it is limited. Time is precious because it is precious. Thyme teaches us to get in alignment with time, honor time and hold deepest reverence to time and our time with all things. Thyme told me so!

If it is...

  • time for you to let go of something or get over something

  • time for you to make a change

  • time to step up and actually do what you always wanted to do (instead of just thinking about it).

  • time to move forward

Thyme is a plant friend to invite in your life.

If you need...

  • help making time for things that are important to your health and wellness/greater good

  • are constantly yearning for time/don’t feel like there are enough hours in the day and need to learn how to manage time

  • tips to help you from procrastination

Thyme should, for sure, be a teacher of yours.

If you have...

  • a lack of respect for other’s time

  • a lack of respect for your own time

If you…

  • find yourself wasting time

  • looking for a way to use your time better

  • hear yourself say “Ok, it’s time to *insert what it is time for you to finally do*

  • are completely overwhelmed with to-do lists/tasks

  • are an impatient person/have trouble waiting

  • waste or abuse time

  • find yourself questioning the meaning of time

Invite, Thyme into your life.

What do you allow to take your time? Anxiety? Pain? Worry? Depression? What is your relationship with time? What can you make time to do? What is time to do in your life now? Thyme is plant medicine that will answer all your questions relating to time and the issues you may have with time.

Aside from this, Thyme is connected to the thymus gland: this important gland in the endocrine system is part of your immune system, it produces T cells, and helps to fight off sickness. Physically, the thymus is one of the pillars that helps support our health. For the body, Thyme is highly anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-parasitic and supports your Thymus gland. Thyme will defend and protect you physically helping you stay or become stronger and healthier.

Mentally, emotionally and spiritually, Thyme does the same. The thymus gland also holds strong spiritual, mental, and emotional growth. In fact it is said to be “the seat of spiritual growth.”

The thymus is a very real and powerful part of our amazing body. It actually stops growing after childhood: upon birth it is the size of an adult man’s fist and in adulthood it shrinks down to the size of a toenail. As adults, it grows when we are happy and literally shrinks when are stressed. It is directly related to the 5-senses, awareness and consciousness. It is an organ that is extremely susceptible to images colors, smells, features touches and sounds. Love and hate are emotions that can affect it greatly.

The Thymus Gland’s purpose is to absorb the higher vibrations from the inner heart (the spiritual world and spaces within) and then share it with your physical beating heart. The heart then shares it with the blood which shares it with the body. When it’s working, it is sending messages to all realms that you are working in the service of love.

Thyme is plant medicine that helps the Thymus in all it does, lifting your heart and throat chakra to higher vibrations, helping your blood stay in positive vibration, protecting you from what you don’t need, and engaging your senses to understand and appreciate the time you have in your body.

Some other interesting information about Thyme:

  • Thyme has been used for thousands of years. The ancient Greeks used it in their baths and burnt it as incense in their temples, believing it was a source of courage.

  • Thyme’s essential oil contains 20–54% thymol and additional compounds, such as p-cymene, myrcene, borneol, and linalool. Thyme’s components were studied then mimicked in the lab to created medicine and commercial products. Thymol, an antiseptic, is an active ingredient in various commercially produced mouthwashes such as Listerine and before the advent of modern antibiotics, oil of thyme was used to medicate bandages.

There are many varieties of Thyme, and it grows throughout the world. Every Thyme is different and has a different message to give to the heart, body, and soul in relation to what area of time management or understanding of time we need help with may it be physically or spiritually.

Here are some great teachers on time:

  • Thyme (Thuyanol) is from France. This essential oil is rare, mild, but powerful. He’s woodsy and strong but gentle and nurturing. He will help remind you that time heals all wounds as he safely and slowly helps mend. He teaches patience and presence. "Be here now" is his mantra. "Take your time. You have nothing but time. Gentle and easy does it." says Thyme *Thuyanol.

  • Thyme (Spike) is from Turkey. He helps us emotionally and spiritually to release from outdated beliefs, and be open to considering other perspectives. He says, "It's time to move on and it's time to think differently and try a new and healthier approach." He is powerful medicine to use when you feel the "thyme" is right to make a healthy change in your life.

  • Thyme (Red) is from Spain. Emotionally and physically, Thyme Red is uplifting and strengthening. Emotionally, he helps us get moving after a setback or disappointment. He is your straight forward friend, the protective brother type that will give you tough love letting you know when it is time to move on. He will protect you from outside harm but give you a kick in the butt to move forward. He looks right in the heart and says, "I know *inset painful past memory* hurt you, but come on! It is time to move on." And then he will take your hand and show you how to move on. Use him to help get over an ex or friendships/business relationships that have hurt you/left you/disappointed you. Use him when you keep replaying something in your head and need to move forward. Note he is HOT so apply the soles of the feet or use with care and wisdom.

  • Thyme (Linaloo) is from Spain. This special thyme comes as support specifically after we have made the decision to release something that we have been repressing: when we are shedding old skin and need help with facing the ugly-ness that sometimes happens when we have to look at what we've repressed, this thyme will help us move on quicker. He helps the healing “thyme” be one of beauty.

  • Thyme (Geranoli) is from (France). Emotionally and spiritually, he aids in clearing one’s self or surroundings of chaotic energy. He works as protective shell protecting you from chaos. He will help you find calm. Thyme (Gereniol) says, "Grab my hand! I'll take you out of the whirlwind!"

  • Thyme (Borneol) is from Morocco or Spain. This Thyme comes when it is is time to clear mental/emotional blocks caused by conflict between the mind and the heart. He helps show how to bring the two close together and working on the same team. He says, “Hey, head! Listen to the Heart. Hey, Heart, pay attention to the Head.”

Thyme is a tough cookie. He can handle a lot and teach you to do the same. He means business. As a plant, you can step on him or “rough him up” and he actually produces more. Sometimes I’ll go to my garden and grab my scissors and cut off a bunch of him. Like I’ll give him a serious hair cut. He doesn’t get stressed, he simply grows more. The next time I go back, He is there with long “arms” saying hi, ready to be cut again! His resiliency is admirable. With this, he is a “hot” oil. He teaches you to LISTEN and to use with wisdom. Do a test patch on your skin before you start rubbing him everywhere or rub him on the bottle of your feet (we have the toughest skin here!). If it gets too hot on your skin use coconut oil (not water) over the area that is “burning” and it will eat up the oil/help make calm the heat. If you purchase any of the Thymes from me, through the studio, he is safe to ingest (not all oils are, so please read your labels if you have Thyme at home).

SPECIAL INFORMATION ON THE FARMER WHERE ONE OF THE THYME’S COMES FROM: Wisdom of the Earth, the company I use and sell at the space, are dedicated to working with farmers who are advocates for the plants. The farmer of Thyme Thuyanol is a man named Luc, a young French farmer. He produces many of the rare essences sold at Wisdom of the Earth (WOTE): this is because he has a desire and a calling to preserve these incredibly powerful medicinal plants/essences, so that they are not lost. His hard labor intensive practice (he grows these plants from seed) are started in small batches and then is transferred to the fields when ready. His strong commitment to the plant kingdom is to cultivate these little-known, rare plants that offer so much to us all. It is a blessing, rare and a special gift to have access to this right now!

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