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All conifers hold the medicine of magic. This is the energetic reason why they have been chosen through tradition, to be decorated, celebrated and illuminated during the Christmas season: a magical time of year. They vibrate the essence of pure divinity in tangible form.

Ancient Wisdom:

Pine Trees and their cones have been honored for thousands of years. Pine, used as medicine, is one of the oldest known through history. This is because Pine trees are one of the oldest living organisms on Earth living a minimum of 100 years.

Because Pine medicine is ancient, ot embodies that of great and epic wisdom. Most Pines, when left to live freely, will live close to one thousand years. The oldest recorded Pine was approximately 4,900 years old and only died because it was cut down. Currently, there is a Pine alive that is around 4,600 years.

These tree beings have witnessed life over many lifetimes. They were literally food for dinosaurs.They have felt the feelings of humanity and Earth. They have bathed under many, many moons. They have watched as the Earth, its animals and mankind have adjusted and changed. They have seen the evolution of animal, man and woman and Mother Earth. They hold epic wisdom and are here to tell you stories to guide the problems that you face currently today. How? Why? Because they (and their ancestors) have seen them before. Take the time to listen to Grandmother Pine. She will deepen your soul.

When you need to tap into the deep inner wisdom that lies within you, Pine is here to help you. When you need to feel connected or honor your ancestral roots, Pine is your medicine. When you forget how truly “old” and “ancient” and “wise” you, too, are, Pine is your teacher. When you need to connect with an energy that has “had a lot of life experience” call on Pine. She has a lot of life in her.

Pines also bring the medicine of longevity. She will teach you her ways for living a long, full, abundant life so you can live one too. I like to use this medicine when you feel “old” or as if you are “expiring.” She is also a potent teacher when one is faced with a life-threatening disease as well.

Breath and Synergy:

Pines are deeply healing trees to humans because on a daily basis we work together. Our breath keeps them alive. Their breath keeps us alive. Our breaths, in unison, keep Earth alive. The trees are Earth’s lungs, and the trees aid our lungs. Because trees and humans feed each other, we already have an intimate and important relationship: we are already connected. Our inhale is their exhale, their exhale our inhale. Trees, generally, teach us how to give and receive in balance. They teach us how to synergistically work as one. Pine medicine reminds to be this way, in all relationships, all of the time.

We share a breath as partners on earth and Pines, in essence form, continue to help us to breathe. Physically, Pine is a powerful decongestant and medicine for all respiratory issues. Pine medicine reminds the body of the synergy and power of the breath: Pine says, “Breath deep. Take in. Receive. Then exhale.” Place a few drops of Pine on your hands and inhale and exhale. See how she opens you up, helps removes blockages in the breath, and expands your breath.

Cleanse and Detox

Pine not only helps our lungs, our repository systems and helps deepen our breath, but she also tries her best to make sure the air we are breathing is pure and clean. She is a cleanser and deodorizer. She kills germs and microbes in the air that cause odor and sicknesses. She eliminates bacteria and viruses in the air. It has been said “Colds and Flus are no match for Pine.” She is anti-bacterial, anti-viral, and antimicrobial. Diffuse her in the air. Make a spray bottle (a few drops of Pine mixed with water), and spay her as a cleanser or air freshener.

Just as she detoxies the air, she will do the same for your body. Place a few drops of her on the bottoms of your feet and watch her neutralize and detox. She will fight for you when you are feeling sick or under the weather and is great preventative medicine to keep your immune system strong.

Thinking Big and Standing Still:

Pines remind you to stand tall and stand still. This evergreen tree grows from 10 to 265 feet tall. The tallest Pine is a Ponderosa Pine found in Oregon reaching over 268 feet tall! Pine medicine embodies this energy. It teaches us to be foundationally focused, centered and still while growing as big as we want. Pine believe all that you need will come to you. They teach us to be still and stable, feel and connect with the nutrients of where we are, put down roots and find happiness, and reach and grow to unthinkable heights.

Pine towers over teaching showing us our power is limitless, nothing is too big, and to grow proudly towards the light while remaining stable, steady and still.

This tree embodies stability and pure root chakra medicine teaching us to be present, clear headed and grounded. It will help quiet your mind. In the same, she is deeply spiritual. Trees feel each other throughout the world. They reach to grow towards the heavens. They embody crown chakra medicine bringing us closer to God and all things.

Pines, too, are evergreen. They do not change over the year. They vibrate the green color of love supporting the heart chakra.


Pines can grow in the coldest and hottest temperatures. They can endure extreme heat and the heaviest of ice and snow. They can grow in elevations up to 14,000 feet. They are homes to countless species in the animal kingdom. They provide and they endure and they teach us to do the same. Call on Pine when you need to remember the resiliency of your own body, mind and soul.

Skin Care:

Due to Pine’s resiliency, she is amazing medicine for the skin, particularly: dry skin, helping skin irritation, eczema,and itching skin. She is highly antioxidant fighting free radicals in skin cells that cause wrinkles and fine lines. She is helpful for other skin flare ups or issues including acne, psoriasis, athlete's foot and boils. She is a queen for cell regeneration and that is because she lived that way in tree form: constantly regenerating herself when tough conditions or inhabitants affected her.

Boundaries and Respect:

Pines often grow in a group. Picture a mountain lined with a Pine forest. These magical beings grow with each other. Most grow tall and wide but not in to each other’s space. They live as close to each other as they can while respecting their own area.

When the Pine trees grow together, they tend to intertwine in a way that is inspiring. They teach to grow together, not to grow a part. They teach to live in harmony with others rather than to isolate or separate the self. They teach the value of taking care of one’s own needs while respecting all that surrounds them. They teach to know where they stand, and stand tall in their space, but make room for others. Pine is beautiful medicine to help aid you in your relationships and cohabitating with others and the world. They teach us respect for all beings and how to live with one another. Come to Pine medicine when you need to work on this.

Natural Pain Reliever:

All conifers have a high level of cortisol. Pines provide a natural pain relief. They are anti-inflammatory and will help with physical, emotional, spiritual and energetic pains. Specifically, use Pine for physical pains, stiff or tight muscles, headaches, arthritis, gout, sore joints and other body pains. Rub the oil on the area that is hurting. Listen as she teaches you her wisdom to help dissolve the pain.

Other Pine powers:

  • Pines are symbols of peace.

  • Pines are known to protect and ward off evil. The Iroquois Tribe burn pine wood to pacify ghosts and banish negative energy.

  • Pines are a symbol of fertility and known to bring birth. Ancient Celtic women believed to sleep with a pine cone under their pillow if they wanted to conceive.

  • Pine’s grounding energy have been recorded to help humans “stay the course.”

  • Pines are a symbol of fortune, luck and abundance.

  • Pines are said to aid in new beginnings bringing a fresh, new life.

  • Pines are known to bring a long life.

  • Pines have been recorded to “elevate the mind.”

  • Pines are full of strength and teach humans the same.

  • The sacred geometric shape of the Fibonacci Spiral and the Fibonacci Sequence (the Golden Ratio) appears in the way the branches are produced along with the arrangement within the cone on the sacred Pine tree. This only happens in certain trees, flowers and fruits and is a sign of divinity alignment, and the higher world.

Varieties of Pine:

There are over 126 different pines on our green Earth. Each Pine embodies the medicinal teachings of the Pine with a specialization in an additional area. Here are some specific Pine teachers:

Pine White ($29 for 15 ml): This purifying medicine enlivens and balances the sixth & seventh chakras. She is known as an ancient wisdom teacher through purifying and bringing clarity to the student.

Pine Douglas ($37 for 15ml): Also known as “Ancient Grandmother Wisdom”, she brings illumination through grounding detoxification.

Pine Ocean ($34 for 15 ml): This sacred and rare tree can be found growing on cliffs over the sea. She refreshes the mind and helps one get “into the flow” of things. This tree medicine brings the lesson of the ebb and flow of the ocean as the salt air and sound healing of the waves have taught her these lessons.

Pine Black ($29 for 15 ml): Her grounding spirit helps provide an emotional and spiritual foundation for those feeling disconnected.

Pine Scotch ($41 for 15 ml) : She is known for easing feelings of overwhelm and stress that have overworked the adrenals. She will remind you to take a break and help you be still.

Pine Cones ($68 for 5 ml): Most essences are made with both the needles and the cones of the tree spirit. Some special essence are made with just the cone. Other essences are made without the cone.

Pine Cones are an organ on the pine tree. They are known to live 1 to 3 years. They contain the reproductive center of the tree. They aid in fertility and creation (both physically and mentally/emotionally/spiritually) for mankind.

When you work with Pine essence that use the cone, it provides deep spiritual expansion.

The pine cone, an ancient symbol of the pineal gland, has long been associated with spiritual knowing. Pine Cones work as spirit food, aiding us in dreaming and connecting with our higher self. This medicine works to up and decalcify the Pineal Gland (the gland responsible for the body’s perception of light, ability to dream and seat of intuition). This organ is said to be the center of enlightenment. Pine cones work to open the third eye.

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