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Fir helps you step into your bigness. She, as a species, helps you get grounded to first understand that you were put on Earth to do big things. In fact, Fir has told me that all of Earth’s creations and creatures were. You are a creature of Earth. Your affects have an impact on the world: every day, every second, in a big way. There is nothing small about you (and this goes for ALL things including the tiniest and biggest of all things, everywhere, from spiders, crickets, fleas, pebbles, flowers, elephants, mountains, trees...all of us).

Fir allows you to realize you matter and your actions matter and she teaches to stand strong, grow big, vibrate only in love, and be of service. Think of a Fir tree: it is home to many creatures, it is food to many creatures (Drink Fir Needles in a tea: they are high in vitamins A and C) and when she transmutes she still lives this vibration as providing wood for homes, structures, or furniture, paper, or nurturents for the Earth.

Fir serves the Earth for the greater good. This is actually the job of all Earth beings: this is the bigness that is us; some of us just don’t know it yet because we are hanging in small vibrations (fear, conditioning, brainwashing, stigma, anger, pain, jealousy, judgement, resentment, depression…). Fir will help you walk away from these small vibretaions and into those that are big (love,generosity, joy, service, etc).

If you feel small, if you are confused on your effect on society, or if you don’t know why you are here, Fir is great medicine for you. In the latter, if you do know why you are here, or you are getting closer to realizing your purpose, but past traumas, fears, or conditional thinkings are holding you back from stepping in to you, hang with Fir medicine.

You see, Firs are the teachers of showing up for you (which means showing up for the world). They are the teachers are not being afraid to be big and to grow tall. Fir trees can grow a minimum of 33 feet in their maturity but most grow closer to 100-262 feet tall. Their trunks can be anywhere from 1 to 13 feet wide. Firs will teach growth and expansion to your soul.

Although these creatures are massive, they are respectful. They vibrate a huge presence that is giving while knowing their place in their environment. They know how to grow WITH, not against or in a way that harms others, in their surroundings. They know how to keep themselves healthy and strong and keep growing towards the heavens. Fir trees can live hundreds to thousands of years. This is the secret to their longevity: knowing their place, standing tall in it and making a big and meaningful contribution to the world in a way that serves and doesn’t hurt the self or others. They are excellent trees to teach you boundaries and respect.

Walk in a forest full of Firs (or google some images of a Fir Forrest if you don’t (yet) have the privilege to hike in a Fir filled forest). You will see these teachings simply in the way they grow.

In June 2018, National Geographic did a study on the communication of trees. They used a forest of Firs in Canada to find that trees communicate to one another through the soil through a fungal communication network! Here these trees talked to one another exchanging food, nutrients and energy, nurturing seedlings, and sending warning signs when a tree was under threat. A group of scientists analyzed the DNA of the trees to find out that 1 tree is connected to 47 other trees. Trees and the entire plant kingdom teach connection and support: they feed each other (fill each other’s cup up!), stand up for each other, know how to be kind to one another (you don’t see any gossiping on these fungal “chat rooms”!) and feel each other. Use a few drops of Fir Essential Oil to learn from them (and hr 47 other trees they are connected to): learn how to be connected and how to treat others in a way that nurtures and helps them grow.

How can you pick out a Fir tree in a forest of Conifers? Their cones are described as “standing up right” and looking almost like a candle. The vibration of these pineal gland-third eye awakening-super-cones will teach you the same: to be the light and stay upright. Firs, as medicine, have been know to help aid depression and sadness. Emotionally and energetically they are known for helping let go of stress, releasing the past, and walking forward to keep transitioning and finding the bigness that resides in all of us. They help us stand upright and light the candle within.

Firs needles are powerful. They are said to look like suction cups, and I think this is my favorite thing about Fir medicine. Their branches are their arms, and their needles are their fingers. A Fir is here to hold you. She is here to provide you something to hold on to and true to the suction cup needle appearance, she will stick by your side. Firs will be there for you, without condition. They vibrate green heart energy and will love you without question. They will hug you for as long as you need a hug. They will not let go until you are ready, and when you are ready, they will teach you how to move forward (unattached) as a stronger and better creature from their teachings.

Firs are resilient: they can withhold the toughest conditions and high altitudes. They know how to weather the storm: the have learned how to keep their branches strong when snow is trying to bring it down. Their resiliency helps our physical bodies. As a medicine, they are powerful for colds, flus, fevers, and the immune system. They are anti-cancer and have been recognized as one of the natural medicines to fight Cancer successfully. They are also great friends to take care of pain. They are a natural pain relievers and anti-inflammatory medicine. They are also decongestants, help with our respiratory system,, and give back your breath. They are great for the sinuses. Breathe with Fir (try steaming her or simply inhaling her deeply in and out for a few minutes!).

There are somewhere between 48-56 recorded species of Fir. All Firs hold the medicine mentioned above but then each species has separate, special messages to give. They smell different (holding different notes: some fruity, cirtusy, woody, etc). They have a distinctive look about them on their skin (bark) or arms (branches). They are different yet the same, just as we all are.

Wisdom of The Earth has provided a number of species of Fir for use as medicine today. Please note: Douglas Fir is actually not a part of the official Fir family. Douglas Firs are known to grow fast and tall while the various species of the Fir family take a more grounded, maturing approach.

Here are some (not all) of their offerings and what I am giving to sample this week at the studio:

Fir Balsam (Canada): She provides Fir medicine in a sweet, grounding, soft and centering way. She is great for the skin, sinusitis, and adrenal support. When used as aromatherapy, sweetness fills your aura. Call on her if you need this soft but strong vibration.

Fir Noble (Canada): She is giving and regal. She will remind you that you are pure royalty: as we all are kings and queens of our own universe. She will show you how to see others the same. She teaches you to be giving and generous and in the same to receive giving and generous actions towards you.

Fir Needle Siberian Silver (Siberia): She has a silver glow around her and provides a lunar type of grounding and healing medicine helping you claim your true gifts, passions, and lunar visions. Her silver hue also mimics that of wisdom: just as the grey hairs in an aging, wise human.

Fir Cork Bark (Arizona): She is hand-gathered on the sacred San Francisco Peaks in Flagstaff, AZ: she is physically highly anti-viral, and emotionally is the teacher of boundaries and helping you feel comfortable about your place in the world and how you fit in.

Fir Grand: I have been using this medicine to aid me with San Diego Yoga Festival (a movement I created from a vision I was given in a meditation, and now in its fourth year, have the honor of planning and organizing over and over again). The event is far bigger than anything I can fathom (record breaking events, thousands of amazing people, “huge” responsibilities” and a big ripple effect on the wellness of the world): Fir Grand medicine has helped me feel prepared and ready to step into something bigger than I ever thought I could be associated with and feel not just comfortable but normal with massive beautiful energy. This medicine will help you when you feel intimidated by your growth or what you are actually capable of. It will be a mirror to you showing you YOU ARE BIG and you deserve to do big things and help yourself and the world in massive ways.

Fir Hemlock (Canada): To me, she is an energy cleaner (I call her the Reiki Master of all the Firs). She will help restore your physical energy. Use her if you feel tired, defeated, or overwhelmed. She is also known to be “anti-infectious”.

Fir White: This special batch of Fir medicine is wildcrafted and harvested on the Mogollon Rim between Sedona and Flagstaff. She holds the energy of the Sedona Vortexes: need I say more? Go to her for a spiritual, grounding bath.

A few last things about the Firs:

  • Ancient Egyptian would rub Fir in their scalp to stimulate hair growth.

  • Native Americans placed pillows of fir needles under their heads to help fall asleep.

  • Firs are a symbol of prosperity. Use to attract riches into your life and not be scared or intimidated by the dollar.

  • Fir Needle, Siberian only lives about ten years.

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