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Fennel [the sweetheart]

If you look at a Fennel flower it looks like a vibrant, yellow firework bursting with completion and happiness. She, in full bloom, is the vibration of pure beauty and celebration. Just as a person can be mesmerized when watching a firework show on the 4th of July, seeing this playful, bright flower can conjure similar feelings. She is something to notice and can leave you in awe.

A Fennel flower can grow up to 8 feet tall. Aside from being a tall, beautiful flower, she is noted for her super strong aroma. She is very pungent in gaining the attention of humans through our senses. When you smell her almost licorice-like smell it will do something to you. When you see her bright, tall flower body, your senses will be affected again too. When you taste her seeds in a food or a tea, your senses are deeply touched. She is sensory medicine for human kind. She teaches us to use our senses in a keen and clear way to really understand the world. From this perspective, she is very healing medicine for our eyes, our mouths and our noses.


Physically, emotionally, mentally, energetically and spiritually, Fennels helps improve our sight. She will help you see better….and this is in all ways. Physically, she is great medicine for our eyes. She helps improve night blindness, helping rid eye floaters, and if your vision is good, she works as preventative medicine to keep your physical eyesight keen. She along with Frankincense and Saffron are two of my favorites for physical eye health because of their potent eye healing properties. Mentally, she opens our eyes to perspective and to bring clarity to a situation. Emotionally, she encourages us to see with the heart instead of ego.. Spiritually, she encourages us to see the bigger picture of all that there is. Energetically, she teaches us to see the potential in all things and see confidence and accomplishment in our lives. In all ways she will open your eyes to truly see all that is around you and all that you are in the clearest way.


Fennel allows us to take in more prana (air) through bringing healing properties to our nose. Physically, she is particularly healing for our sinuses. Energetically, emotionally, spiritually and mentally, she allows to understand life force and all it is. Breathe her in and feel her lessons.


Fennel can be eaten: her taste is sweet. She is known for oral and gum health. I like to mix some of her with baking soda and peroxide to make my own, healthy, toothpaste. Her sweet, yet powerful taste will vibrational teach you to be the same with your words as you speak. She is great to bless the mouth with for energetic, spiritual and emotional health. Try swishing her around in water and saying the mantra: “My words sweetly and powerfully affect the world.”

Seeds and Potential:

The Fennel Flower is a beautiful vibration of awe, but all things must come from a seed. Fennel essence is typically made from seed. Her seeds are tiny but hold big things. Energetically, the essence, made primarily from seeds, holds the energy of potential. Fennel, in its grown up form, is beautiful, vibrate, providing force. Her root and leaves/stems can be eaten, her seeds provide a potent tea, and her flower, so full of vibrant life, if could talk, would simply say, YAY! I AM HERE and I DID IT. All of this beauty, nurturing, inspirational energy lays in the seed and that medicine is waiting for you. Use Fennel essence as means to feel motivated, inspired, and to help you start (and stick to) your goals. She will show you your potential and give you the burst of energy needed to grow into something people will notice. I specifically like to use Fennel during New Moon, New Year or any time in my life when I am embarking on new beginnings. As she, as the seed, is right there with you and will provide guidance to grow and complete the task at hand.


Fennel has been known as the “queen of digestion.” She is pure third chakra healing medicine. She brings healing to the gut. She helps with most digestion issues on a physical level including bloating, gass, IBS, and stomaches and spasms. Moreso, she helps you digest: that is take in and process your life. If you are having problems accepting or understanding all that your life is from an emotional, mental or spiritual perspective, Sweet Fennel will bring ease. She is one of three seeds found in an ancient Ayurvedic tea used in Indian medicine for thousands of years (still today) for digestive health.

Diabetes and Blood Sugar:

Fennel speaks to our blood. The blood is the alchemy of all that we are in this physical body. She is known to bring balance to the blood: she teaches it to live in harmony. Harmonized blood means a harmonized mind and body. A harmonized mind and body means a harmonized life. One more harmonized life in the world brings us one step closer to world harmonization. Physically, she is known for facilitating and helping blood sugar equalizer. The Egyptians used this extensively to balance blood sugar.

Hormone Balancer:

In men and woman, Fennel works as a means to balance hormones. Wherever the imbalance is (and wherever it is coming from), she will take the lead in helping you come into harmony. Use her to balance estrogen, and to regulate hormones. She is super potent and has been proven to help promote milk lactation during breastfeeding and help issues with the prostate, and she easily helps balance hormonal effects that lead us feeling sensitive or moody.

Fennel, the sweetheart:

Some plants are mothering and gentle like Lavender. Others are spicy and push you to the point quickly like Ginger. Fenne is a sweetheart. She is strong and will let her presence be known to help you, yet she does it in a way full of sweetness. She gets you to pay attention to her teachings while making it pleasure to learn and grow together. Ancient times in India referred to Fennel as auspicious. If you are yearning to feel brightness, be encouraged, see our potential and connect with optimism and hope, Fennel is good medicine for toy. She is promising and heartening and will help shift bleak, dark, gloomy, and dreary perspectives to one of upbeat celebration.

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