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Black Cumin

Black cumin is a flower unlike an other. Her beauty is that of almost another world. Look at her and your mind will be blown as her intricacies, colors and sacred geometry that provide layer after layer of astonishment. I was in awe the first time I saw her. Her outsides match her insides and all that she offers to us.

Black cumin seeds come from the flower, and the seeds are where the potent medicine comes from. She has been nicknamed as “blessed seed.” She is said to be a powerful heal-all and a blessed gift from above for the Earth’s people and animals.

Black Cumin has been used for over 3,000 years and in the Middle East has been held in the highest regard. She was used by the personal doctors of the pharaoh who offered her seeds as a digestive aid and medicine for colds, heachaches, toothaches, and infections. In the grave of King Tut was a bottle of Black Cumin Oil: to “prepare him for life after death.”

Black Cumin’s personality is that in relation to the world’s most impressive healer. If she were a person, she’d be a doctor and the line to her clinic would be around the block. Her waitlist for patients would be years long. She’d have every award in medical history.

Her potency and ability to heal has been recognized and respected through the ages. In the bible, the Prophet Muhammad stated that Black Cumin Oil “cures every illness except death.” Today, in modern times, she is extensively studied by doctors, scientists and researchers. They have been astonished by her findings (many of which have proved she works better and more effective than many modern day drugs.) In fact, in the last forty years, over 200 studies have been done providing her potency and ability as a “cure all” in various medicine journals.

More studies and uses for her are found every day. There is an impressive book, Black Cumin: The Magical Egyptian Herb, written by two doctors: Peter Schleicher MD and Mohamed Saleh, MD that discusses various studies and proven results of this plant medicine. I highly suggest this book. In it shows fact after fact that plant medicine really works.

This is because Black Cumin is an extremely complex substance containing more than one hundred ingredients. It provides 21% protein and is a must-have for those on a vegetarian/vegan diet. Ingest a few drops of her every day. The rest of her is 35% oil, 38% carbohydrates and 6% of her ingredients are still unknown to scientists and researchers: what does this mean? She is auspicious and heals us in ways we cannot yet pinpoint or fathom. What she is, what she gives and how she helps, we, as humans, are not ready to understand. That is her strength (and that is why if she were human, she would win the award “Doctor of the Millenia”).

Study after study have proven her effects on the immune system are large, vast and very real. She works to strengthen the immune system and works to effectively treat allergies, hay fever, bronchitis, coughs, colds, flus, asthma, numerous forms of rheumatoid arthritis, fibrosis of the lungs, various forms of hepatitis, cirrhosis of the liver, kidney problems, MS, nervousness, epilepsy, diabetes, chronic fatigue syndrome, ear infections and earaches, parasites, psoriaas, tumors, wounds, eye strain, digestive problems fungal infections, gallbladder problems, gum infections, headaches, hemorrhoids, high blood pressure, impotence, vein health,,insect bites, insomnia, intestinal ailments, joint pains, kidney stones, PMS, and eczema.

There are records of doctors and researchers saying Black Cumin works better than radiation and chemotherapy to fight and beat cancer. This statement is made point blank by physicians. She is also recommended over chemotherapy and radiation by doctors because she has no side effects and this is also true for other ailments mentioned in the paragraph above.

This tiny black seed holds great potency, and the respect that should be given due to all she can do for us is felt through those who do not typically turn to holistic medicine first. Meditate on that, as Black Cumin is serious.

There was a study done on mice at the Cancer Immun-Biology Laboratory in South Carolina with Black Cumin Oil. It found that two-thirds of the mice treated with black cumin oil were still alive thirty days after being infected while all of the mice that did not receive the black cumin died in that time.

Another study, this time done, in humans showed a 250% increase if bone marrow and almost 50 percent reduction of the growth of tumor cells directly attributed to the effects of black cumin oil.

She has been proven to be ideal for fighting cancer and also for cancer prevention. It is said to use here every day as she as been proven to:

  • Stimulate production of bone marrow cells

  • Increase production of immune cells

  • Destroy tumors

  • Protect the body’s cells against damaging influences

  • Increase the number of B-cells that produce antibodies

Black Cumin is also great medicine for our brain. She helps improve our concentration and become clear-headed.

She is also known for beauty which is no surprise as a beautiful flowers bring beautiful seeds and from this vibration beauty arises. She helps keep our cells beautiful which affects our hair, nails and skin. When using a few drops of her she is soft. She is amazing to keep the skin healthy and clear: she fights acne and is known to be a “secret weapon” against skin problems. When ingested, she also is known to bring healthy, strong nails and healthy, shiny, repaired, strengthened hair.

The physical effects come down to the energetics of the plant. Energetically, she is sacred as her ability to rid of us of dark energy and plant healthy seeds to blossom into beauty and love. From here, only good can grow and miracles can happen. Her tiny black seeds turn into an exotic flower of the highest beauty. She vibrates the lesson of cause and effect. The medicine comes from the seeds, not the flower, and so she teaches to start a foundation rid of darkness. From here magic can grow. She balances all the chakras (and secret chakras) specifically blessing and feeding the root and Earth Star allowing us to be present and live a life of connectedness while nurturing the heart inviting love and compassion, the third eye for trust, and the crown, and casual chakras bringing enlightenment, aspiration, and hope.

It is important, when using Black Cumin medicinally, to use Black Cumin that is properly harvested and distilled. You see the way she is made into medicine makes her level of potency real and it is very important to use a high quality Black Cumin oil or none of the effects discussed above will be true (Please honor that this is true for all essential oils). Do your research. You are looking for black cumin that is only cold pressed as this the only method that preserves its active ingredients. She must be only from Egypt (extensive studies from various doctors have said “Use only Black Cumin from Egypt for healing purposes. Other type such as Turkish Black Cumin have little significance as healing and one type of Black Cumin (Nigella garidella) is even poisonous. Why Egypt? It grows best in hot, dry climate and sandy soils and it has been proven that Egyptian Black Cumin provides the most effective oil because there is no environment unlike its.

Come in to the studio this week to try a sample (or put in a order of) Black Cumin.

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