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Pepper is a powerful vine of healing: he grows tall and strong and can reach up to 32 feet! His use as medicine dates back as far as 2000 BCE and for centuries before our modern time he was considered as valuable as silver and gold. This is because of the priceless gifts he provides for human kind. You can see his documented use as medicine from Chinese to Indian cultures for thousands of years. He is now welcomed and used by most cultures for holistic health with vast success.

Study after study has shown Pepper’s positive and helpful effect on the human body and mind. When used medicinally, he goes in there and gets things done! He has been proven to ease muscle aches and spasms, lower blood pressure, aid digestion, and detoxify the body. He has strong anti-viral properties and has been shown to be anti-cancer.

Pepper is fire energy in a calming way, but he for sure is warming! He’s a stimulant and this means he works as a means to stimulate appetite, and also as an aphrodisiac (hubba, hubba!). He also, in his true spicy ways, helps fight depression encouraging you to get up and move. He is known to curve cravings for things that are bad for your body and mind. Specifically, he is a great friend to have when trying to quit smoking cigarettes (or other dangerous or unhealthy addictions). He will tell you to “Stop it.” There has been great success in him being used for smokers trying to quit. If you smoke and want to quit, sprinkle a few shakes of him in your on your cigarette box!

All this healing and these benefits are because, Pepper is your big brother. He is here to protect you and bring out what is good for you that lives within you while protecting you from all that is bad. He works in a potent and strong way: his energy is fire but he will not burn you. Like a true big brother, he looks out for you, will stand up for you and will teach you the ways to live a life full of peace and harmony.

When we talk about more masculine or firy energies in plants we don’t often see them as having a calming effect. Pepper is special in this way. He provides a deep, grounding, calming energy. His medicine is made from the sun dried fruit of the pepper vine that is then distilled into essence. He holds the inspiring energy of the sun and karmic energy of fruit (completion and celebration). This works as nervine to calm the brain.

Pepper has been known to energetically bring protection: he is said to help protect you from the negativity of others specifically including those who may be jealous of you. Jealousy can hurt the soul and Pepper has no room for it. He will teach you how to compassionately understand jealous feelings thrown your way to not cause blockages to yourself or others or bring you down to a lower vibration.

When you feel like you need big brotherly love, turn to your Pepper, or spend some time with the energy of him and his best friend, Salt


I like to meditate with Salt and Pepper (and most of us throughout the world get a tasting of those amazing, soulmate-duo in our meals, regularly or semi regularly. Physically we know the benefits of using these spices together not only in flavor combination but nutritional health, but the energetic match of Salt and Pepper is quite a love story. Think about it: have you seen a salt shaker without the pepper shaker? It is rare: if one is missing from the table, people notice. Most recipes will call for both salt and pepper. They are great together. :

The thing about Salt and Pepper---like all power relationships--- is that they are awesome alone: individually, they provide great healing benefits to the world in their own way. In fact, there is a whole book written on just Salt’s healing properties. When they come to together, they amplify what is good about each other and help each other out: where one is lacking the other comes through. These vibrations teach the energy of true partnership.

The vibration also teaches hope and faith: the two comes from two (literally) complete different worlds: Salt from the mineral kingdom and Pepper from the plant kingdom: they originated and thrive in different parts of the world too: logically and literally (without man’s intervention), the two’s paths should have never crossed, yet two things, so unrelated from different kingdoms have come together and not only bring great balance but inspiration. Salt and pepper are the yin and the yang: they are the perfect duo---soul mates---that balance each other out. Salt can be white and pepper can be black (but salt can also be black and pepper also can be white and they both can be pink)! They are a healing team. Alone they teach us to see the light or dark in things, and mixed together they show us how to appreciate the grey.

Energetically, what is also interesting, is that both have a lot in common. They are both protectors. Salt takes it from a place of white energy: there to work as a means to cleanse you and to protect you from lower vibrations. Pepper works in the place of black energy as a block or shield not letting darkness in.

Food is our medicine so we are lucky to have the power of pepper (and salt) in our regular life and because it is so regular and accepted, you can be sure it is what humanity needs right now.

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