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We all have an energy level: a symbolic battery inside of us all that dictates the amount of energy we have to give. This battery shows the amount of life we have inside of us and the moments, in return, we are able to enjoy energized in a harmonious way on a daily basis. This inner battery is a reflection of our life-force and our livelihood. Just as a real battery, our inner battery can be charged and should be taken good care of so it does not need to be replaced. In Chinese medicine, the “batteries” of our body are our kidneys, and fear is the main element that drains this battery.

Take a moment to reflect on your inner battery: is it strong not often needing charging? Is it weak with little to no lifeforce? Do you constantly need to be charged to have energy to make it through the day? If you were a cell phone, what would your battery level look like in terms of energy? Half charged? Completely charged? Completely depleted? Would you need to be plugged in throughout the day to get a solid charge and be able to perform?

Reflect inward: how is your energy? Do you feel like you need a battery replacement?

Many of us are lacking energy and vitality and we turn to different stimulants or dependencies to give us a quick boost to help us get through our day (like coffee, processed food, cigarettes, other free radicals). These “quick battery charges” don’t fill us up in a sustainable way. As a result, many of us are left overtired. Our bodies take beaten as a result of this lack of energy.

Our vitality is everything. It brings us vibrancy and this vibrancy emits out to the world and affects others. Having healthy energy-- a strong battery--brings great health and well being to our mind, body and spirit and this vibration helps the world in return as it lifts the vibration of the other and inspires others. We are made of energy and so healthy energy is very, very important.

If you are suffering from lack of energy, fatigue or feeling worn out (and constantly looking for ways to feel energized) or if you are feeling sensitive to the energies that exist in the world (as an empath), Yarrow is the ultimate battery charger. She is the plant medicine of life force providing the inner recharge we need to keep our energy level healthy while also working as protection for those who are sensitive to energies. She is, in my opinion, so important for those people who have their energy often jeopardize because of life’s daily activities.

Yarrow works to help restore our energy, but she always brings us wisdom on where our battery is being used incorrectly. You see, it is our birthright to feel alive because we are alive! It is our responsibility to work hard to keep our body full of life. A form of healthy living is being wise with our energy levels and not letting our things take this from us. We are in charge of what conversations we have, where we go, what we do….Yarrow helps direct us to what actually fills us up and helps us identify what depletes us

Many things can steal our energy: for example, how many times a day do you check your cell phone? Do you know the average American checks their cell phone 150 times a day which is equivalent to three hours a day. More so, studies show that the typical American spends a minimum of 5 hours a day in front of a screen: this is 150 hours a month (which is equivalent to a full time job). TV, cell phones, microwaves, cars….all objects that emit positive ions are negative for our body and affect our energy level. Although computers and cell phones are a way of life (and bring us great benefits, as I sat in front of a screen for an hour writing this blog, and as you are sitting in front of a screen right now reading this information), it sometimes seem unavoidable, so in a society that is dictated by the screen yet hurting in terms of vitality, what are we to do? Yarrow is a plant medicine that helps maintain our energy level and combat the free radicals and positive ions put our by negative energy sources playing a part on the health of our mind and body. If you find yourself in front of a screen (for any amount of time), Yarrow is a plant medicine that should be used daily.

Yarrow’s healing powers have been documented to be used since the 1600s and the in the Greek mythology, Achilles (the most handsome, strongest, bravest warrior of all!) turned to use Yarrow to help him with his wounds. If a warrior chooses her, that says a lot for her energy and what she has to give!

Yarrow does more than just counteract the negative pull of energy from our internal battery provided by technology: she does this with all other forms of negative energy may it be negative people, places or things or negative feelings and thoughts within us that steal our energy. If Yarrow was a person, she’d be your sweet bodyguard: a warrior standing up for your energy body and all it comes in contact with in your life. Aside from helping restore our energy, she brings priceless wisdom teaching us to not give away our energy so freely and showing us how to use wisdom to keep our inner battery charged and healthy. She’ll say “Do you really need to go into that store? Do you really need to have that conversation? Do you really need to have that thought? Is this job the best for your energy and well being? She help pose questions to make you examine your life and where you are spreading out your “battery juices” so you are using your energy wisely.

Yarrow is the flower of protection and for hundreds of years people have carried her around as a means of warding off negative energies. She will teach you how to be wise with your energy levels and where you choose to share your energy so you are not left depleted. She will show you how to make positive changes in your life that respect and honor your energy level so you can make the decisions that are best for your internal energy and vitality. She is a power-charge in a bottle.

I also strongly believe that Yarrow is a must-have for energy workers, energy healers, Reiki healers and lightworkers. If you work with energy medicine, she is important to have in your tool box. This is because she helps restore our energy, connect us with energy, and also protect us (like a shield) of the low vibrations that are released in energy healing sessions. She is also a rich, deep blue color so she stimulants the third eye and helps with channeling and trusting intuition. She helps us see the difference between ego and the inner knowing mind’s eye. Her blue vibration is said to call inArchangel Michael, the angel of protection bringing safety and security while protecting the energy bodies of all for whatever reason is needed.

Aside from all this magic, Yarrow teaches the power of how when we are protected and aware of our own inner battery and take care of ourselves, we don’t deplete others. How many times have you been feeling low and so you complained, acted needy, get unreasonably mad, or hurt another because your inner battery way low? You, too, then were stealing the battery level of a loved one or respected one. We are here on Earth to support and serve one another: not wear each other out and Yarrow reminds us when we are doing this to others, and teaches us how to not be this way. This is because Yarrow takes care of herself and in return she takes care of the Earth: as the white tiny flowers with thousands of mineral rich leaves she is and her deep running roots prevent soil erosion and loss of nutrients in the soul so she recharges the Earth. She is also a great companion plant attracting pests that hurt other plants (many want her energy around them) and she is a favorite for butterflies!

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