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*The Soulmate Flower*

Rhododendron, the sacred vibration she is, enters your life just when you need her. Since you are reading about her today, she is here to serve you in just the way you need. She is a sacred flower whose medicine is made from her flower and leaves. She holds great spiritual gifts and is known to attract us to our soul’s friends: mates of ours that bring peace and love into our life.

By using her (a few drops a day, drinking her in your water or making a spray of her (a few drops added into water) and spritzing her on you and your belongings, she is said to unite you with those souls that help align you to your soul’s purpose and make your life better. What does this mean? Simply put, she helps lead you down the path that introduces you (or reintroduces you) to your soulmate(s).

A mate of your soul from this energetic perspective does not have to be the traditional V-day card description of “your one and only true love”, although it is one of many definitions of soul mate she will help with. Rhododendron, will first and foremost, help you construct your definition of soulmate: speaking directly to your heart. Sit with her, breathe her in and let her speak to you in the language that you understand. Love, partnership, relationships, people and connecting can be difficult and confusing. She helps with this and will talk right to your soul.

Rhododendron teaches you the difference between the sometimes confusing feelings of being alone and being lonely. We can feel lonely, but she reminds us, if we look deep within our soul, we are never alone and deep within in us is our true soulmate: the sacred part of the self that never leaves us.

She has taught me to unwrite the conditioned fairytales and fantasy that storybooks showed me as a little girl and breathe in the beautiful reality of soulmates. She has shown me how this definition is even better than a Prince Charming coming to save the day. She will teach you your own definition in a way that serves you and she will hold and support you in rewriting these definitions as you grow and change in love.

Rhododendron helps attract the individuals, places, groups and things that:

  • make your life better

  • make your true self feel safe and easy to express itself

  • make your feel “home”

  • teach you the definition of unconditional love

  • help you feel understood and part of something bigger than yourself

  • remind you of your purpose

  • remind you of parts of you you’ve always been

  • bring out the best of you

  • enhance your life

Rhododendron helps direct you to things that make you feel like a better version of you by remembering you and all you have come from. She reminds you of all the places and dances your soul has done with various beautiful vibrations all for the sake of enlightenment, evolvement and love.

Rhododendron told me, soulmates are anything that makes your soul feel home. I am able to recognize my soulmates through a feeling inside of me that makes me say “Oh, there you are! I’ve been waiting for you.” (Side note, Rhododendron will also rewrite that feeling of waiting/lusting/hoping/yearning for missing pieces in your life and also teach you contentment with who and what is in front of your life in the moment in how it is serving your soul.) From here you are able to chill out, make heart-centered decisions and also not be needy using your heart and energy wisely.

Soulmates are people (and things/places/any vibration) who allow you to laugh a laugh you didn’t know you had, smile a smile you didn’t think you could smile, think in new ways that allow you to expand further than the moon...often our family, beloved, children, friends, teachers, pets are our soul mates.

How does she do it?

Rhododendron is known to physically help maintain the liver, spleen and kidney. Emotionally this means she helps maintain our anger, ability to process and accept and our level of fear. She is a detoxifier and she also known to bring calm and focus to the brain. She is a visionary and will help the mind be clear-headed and be able to visualize all it wants. From these healthy places of alignment, your vibration changes. We are mirrors of what is in our life: when our mirror is blurry due to toxic behaviors, conditions and old patterns we may attract the opposite of what we want. As we begin to detox, open the heart, and think in clarity, like a magnet, we begin to attract or start to see who we already have attracted and bring deep appreciation and celebration for these special souls that bless our life.

Use Rhodondren if you are single, looking for your soulmate. Use Rhodnredron if you are yearning for your tribe: a group of people that are in alignment with where you are and bring exactly your soul’s needs into tangible form. I particularly like Rhododendron to be used when you are looking to expand your spirituality and be around like-minded beings and I often anoint her on my students during certification and training programs. Use Rhododendron to continue to expand your definition of soul love and respect and connectedness to all vibrations and all things in your life that your soul comes in contact with: using her will allow the conscious to grow bigger on this topic. Use her if you feel lonely. Use her to remind you of where you belong. The answers and expressions to these feelings are deeply spiritual and will change you/expand you in a powerful way.

What if you already have your soulmate/s? If you’re thinking, “I’ve been married for a long time, I have my friends and family, I am good.” Rhododendron still has things to give and provide. If Rhododendron was a person in this conversation, she’d loving say: “Why is there a cap on how many mates your soul has? You deserve connection all of the time. Your soul deserves to remember and feel at home always and there are many ways this can happen.” Rhondrerdon teaches us abundance of inspirational connection is limitless and the happiness, joy and connection your soul can feel also cannot be bound. She will also help nurture and teach you to hold deep reverence for your beloved, soulmate and your family/tribe. From here only more connectedness and unconditional love can be experienced from the people you are already connected with. She is the flower of compassion, hope, and love bringing ease to the heart, mind and soul. Use her if some of your relationships need a little mending.

For business owners, Rhododendron is a sweet gift as she helps attract employees and clients, too, who are on your vibration and from this stress and confusing becomes less.

Rhododendron also opens your eyes: if you have been complaining or just not grateful for all of the beautiful souls and energy around you she will help you notice. Sometimes what we need (and dream about) is right in front of our face.

She is also really brilliant in the way she will speak to you/come to you in your life. She sends her little winks from the universe in the most amazing way. When I was little I lived in a home that was surrounded by Rhododendron bushes in which I played inside of with my cousins and sisters. A funny thing happened when my parents got divorced and my mom, sister and myself moved out of our childhood home and my stepmom moved in with her daughter. My dad decided to cut down all but a few of the Rhododendron bushes (of course at the time I didn’t know the spiritual meaning of this)t. My mom has lived in a few homes since the divorse and each home had at least one rehondredron bush. I feel it is the way Rhododendron speaks to me, that at the time in space when my parents and sisters and I lived all together we were safe in tribe and although life has changed and we all have gone in different directions connecting with other soul mates in different relationships the Rhododendron is still there in a smaller but equally as powerful way in both homes my parents live in and I visit throughout the year.

Surrender to Rhododendron,. You can trust she will help take out and bring in exactly who and what you need. Keep your eyes peeled for a Rhododendron as they do grow throughout the USA. May your soul always be connected you to all of your mates.

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